Sabon Butter Scrub and Body Cream review

Sabon Butter Scrub and Body Cream review

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Our editor-in-chief Stef has been raving about Sabon for years. So, I was looking forward to my very first experience with the line and their wonderful variety of bath products in equally amazing scents.


What I was immediately impressed with is Sabon’s quality packaging. All products come in beautiful GLASS jars with heavy tops and gorgeous labeling. There is just something about a solid glass jar that makes me immediately want to open it up and dig in. I really appreciate when companies take the time to house their products in good packaging, because it tells me they believe in their product and it deserves to be put in something special. I LOVE these jars and was very pleased with their quality and sense of nostalgia they brought to how products used to be packaged in old apothecaries.


First up is the Sabon Butter Scrub ($35 for 200 ml) in Patchouli Lavender Vanilla. I was wowed by the scent, which was expected since I’m normally drawn to anything with lavender and vanilla in it. It’s a wonderful mix of the three and while it was somewhat strong initially, post bath I was left with a soft lingering scent that was divine.


And now for the butter scrub itself….WOW, seriously that’s all I can say, wow. It has to be one of the best scrubs I have ever used, hands down. A cross between a body butter and body scrub, as the name would imply: this is buttery. An entirely different consistency than any scrub I’ve ever used. The wet, buttery texture with natural dead sea salt provides amazing exfoliation. But what I loved the most was the soft feeling that was left as soon as I began to rinse.

…one of the best scrubs I have ever used…

All Sabon’s scrubs contain a variety of natural oils including Vitamin E, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Borage Oil. I don’t know if it’s this combination of oils or how many there are, but not only could I feel them in the shower, but for DAYS after my skin was noticeably softer. So much so, that I found my toddler constantly rubbing my arm and neck for comfort. (The fact that my skin rivaled his blankie is huge!) If you haven’t tried a Sabon scrub yet you NEED to.


The Sabon Butter Cream ($26) was a similar experience in that it is a thick, rich, luxurious cream that works. Made with olive oil, wheat germ oil and shea butter (all which provide powerful anti-aging protection) it soaks right in and left my skin feeling really moisturized. My only qualm about the cream was the scent, Amber, that I found to be a little too overpowering and musky for me. But they have other scents, and I will for sure be checking out the Ginger Orange and Lavender Apple.


My first experience with Sabon was a fabulous one. With prices that aren’t over the top, I love that I can get high quality bath products in gorgeous glass jars that add a little bit of pampering to my daily routine.

Be sure to sign up for Sabon’s emails, too. They send great deals (like free products with purchase) every week.

Any other Sabon fans out there? Tell us your favorite product?

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5 thoughts on “Sabon Butter Scrub and Body Cream review”

  1. I received a little sample packet of cream in the Patchouli Lavender Vanilla scent, and you’re not exaggerating about how great it smells, @spitfire77! I’m intrigued by the scrub now that I know how amazing it is!

  2. Oh, boy, how did I miss this post? I love Sabon Butter Scrub and what I wouldn’t do for the Patchouli Lavender Vanilla. I just was saying how I’m on a Lavender kick.. I want this soooo bad! I sounds so wonderful with the three scents! Yep, I am oooooing and aweing over this!

  3. I love Sabon’s Shower Oils and scrubs. However, their shipping is so expensive unless you spend enough to get free. I know I could stock up so I could get the free shipping, but I don’t like spending all my monthly beauty allowance in one place. I wish I could get this closer to home. Sabon, come to Los Angeles!

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