Sabon Love Beyond Words Valentine’s Gift Collection

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Sabon’s Valentine to You

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I’ve got a backlog of rarely and never-used perfumes clogging up my bathroom shelves. Gifts received, even liked, but just not used. Perfumes are a tricky thing. Bath products on the other hand, fly off my walls. I can’t get enough. I use every cream, every lotion, every soap, scrub and cleanser I receive. I use them because they are practical. And usually they smell really nice. In fact, after using all these soaps and lotions, I don’t need perfume. This is the cycle, and this is why I must absolutely recommend this Valentine’s gift set from Sabon ($69). The packaging is pretty, the scent is clean and romantic, and 100% of these will assuredly be used in their entirety. That, my friends, is Love Beyond Words.


I had been unfamiliar with Sabon until my Valentine arrived. The heart-shaped tin box touched my recycling soul. I’m always on the lookout for a pretty vessel to stash odd and ends, clutter of all sorts, or maybe even for storing or gifting fresh baked cookies. Yes, the heart-shaped tin was a very nice introduction. Sabon had me at “Hello.”

Before I tell you about what’s inside, let me touch upon the company of Sabon. Sabon originated in 1997 in Tel Aviv, Israel, with just two people making soap in their home. Soon their products, made with the legendarily miraculous Dead Sea salts along with natural oils, herbs and botanicals, begat a worldwide operation. Their products are constantly evolving, reflecting their customers’ input. Sabon cares about their product, and they care about their consumers. It shows.

Inside my Love Beyond Words collection’s heart-shaped box were three lovely products, all with a Lavender Apple Scent: Body Lotion (200 ML), Shower Oil (500 ML) and Body Scrub (200 G). The scent of these is distinctly floral, with the apple adding a bit of sweetness. I promise that you will smell like neither an apple martini nor granny’s drawer sachet. The resulting scent is divine—well balanced and distinctive, still wildly romantic.


The Body Scrub utilizes the Dead Sea salt, known to be ultra rich in minerals and healing properties. Add to that Vitamin E, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Borage Oil, this is really a cocktail for your skin. After using this, my skin was ridiculously soft and polished. Usually, I don’t use body scrubs on my face, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. Yeah, it did a great job there, too, reducing redness while increasing softness.


The Shower Oil is lovely as well. Highly moisturizing, it’s recommended for all skin types from dry to normal, from oily to sensitive. The shower oil contains essential oils as well as olive, avocado, jojoba and wheat germ oils that maintain the PH levels of your skin. It lathers abundantly yet, like all Sabon’s products, is free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and parabens. My only wish is that the bottle were a little more shower-friendly. The bottle itself is made of recycled glass which is quite beautiful, but heavy to handle with its screw top lid. I saw the individually sold shower oils include a pump. I’m not sure whether my pump was missing, or whether it doesn’t come with the gift set. In any case, a pump would solve that problem, as I adore the glass.


The Body Lotion contains all the oils found in the Shower Oil, making it rich in Omega 3,6,7, and 9 as well as vitamins A and E. The lotion is thick and rich enough to be a cream. In fact, I’ve been using it as my go-to winter hand cream (though Sabon makes those, too!)

Sabon’s retro recycled packaging is a green dream. The quality of the goods is top-notch, and the scent is grown up and dreamy. I’m over the moon with Sabon, a love that really is beyond words.


Check out Love Beyond Words and all of Sabon’s gift sets HERE.

we heartsters, do you use fancy bath products as often as I? Is this the kind of Valentine you heart?


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  1. I love fancy bath products and this set is going on my wishlist! I do have the Sabon lavender-patchouli scrub because I read about it on We Heart This, was in NYC and didn’t have time to go to the store, but my SIL heard me talking about it and got it for me for Christmas!

    1. Oh, so glad to hear we influenced a purchase! We love to enable. Do you like the scrub and the patchouli lavender vanilla scent?

  2. I am a sucker for a tin! So useful, I collect them in all sizes and have everything from sewing supplies to memories in them.

    I also love that this is an unexpected scent combo for Valentine’s Day. But it’s still floral and romantic.

    Sabon can just do no wrong!

  3. Ooh, I just got to know Sabon too, and let me tell you, I am ALL about this set! I love the scrub I’m using from them and really want to try their other scents. This set is so sweet and I really like that they use glass and such quality packaging.

  4. Oh, yes! I would LOVE to receive this! The body polish sounds like pure heaven & I’m really curious about the scent. Thanks for adding yet another item to my Must Have List

  5. These are almost too pretty to use! I am extremely intrigued by the fragrance–a blend of lavender and apple sounds amazing! I will buy anything mixed with apple :D

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