Sadick Dermatology Park Avenue Prescription Kit review

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I plan on aging gracefully. No surgery to alter my face, no botox for wrinkles. However I’m quite open to using as many lovely cremes and serums to help me along the way. At 31 years old, I’m beginning to keep an eye out for anti-aging products that can slow down time and keep my skin beautiful. Sadick Dermatology Group gives me a great starting point with their Park Avenue Prescription kit ($70).

Sadick Dermatology Group was developed through their Park Avenue dermatology office. Why is this a bonus? Would you rather purchase an anti-aging system from a major cosmetics brand with tons of products, or something researched and developed by doctors? Sadick has tons of positive reviews from magazines like Women’s Health, Nylon, Natural Health and Harper’s Bazaar.

Let’s move on to the products themselves. The Park Avenue Prescription kit includes 3 steps; protection, reversal, and rejuvenation. I love kits, everything all in one place and working with each other.

The first step is the Protection Cream with SPF 20 UVA/UVB protection. This cream boasts hydration, free-radical “scavengers” and anti-oxidants to keep my skin protected against the elements. The cream also includes Active-Glow which claims to provide light diffusing pigments and barrier protectants to improve skin tone texture.

The Reversal Serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles by boosting natural collagen. Dermaplex contains peptides and retinol to strengthen skin and reverse signs of aging.

Rejuvenation Cream, the final step, reduces uneven pigmentation and redness. This cream is touted to help with rosacea, irritation, age spots, and discoloration. It also helps reduce pore size.

The Protection Cream goes on the morning, before stepping out into the sun for the day. At the end of a long day just cleanse your face as usual and apply the Reversal Serum. Layer the Rejuvenation Cream and allow it all to sink in while you sleep.

So how do these hefty claims actually work on my skin? Beautifully! The Protection Cream is hydrating without the heaviness that I find with a lot of SPF lotions. My skin is usually dry and definitely needs this level of hydration. The Serum and Rejuvenation Cream follows through on it’s claims to even redness and reduce pore size. I usually have some level of pinkness to my cheeks but using this system it has decreased to a more natural blush. And my larger pores are definitely less noticeable.

Overall, I love this kit and what it has done to my skin. My face looks even, smooth in texture and hydrated. I have no issues going out in public with just a brush of powder. That’s a big thing for me since it’s summer, and once the humidity hits I hate wearing foundation.

The only downside I have noticed have been some small blemishes while using the Park Avenue Prescription. This may or may not be related but if you’re highly acne prone you may want to request a free sample from their website to try out first.

Protection cream is lightweight with 20 SPF.
Reduces redness, evens tone and reduces pores.
Easy to use kits with pumps and simple steps.

Price is steep for one-month supply (each bottle is only. 5 oz).
May cause blemishes to acne prone individuals.
Could not locate animal-testing information.

Update: We heard from Adam Dinkes, president of the Sadick Dermatology Group regarding animal testing. “Just wanted to drop a note to let you and her know that we do not do any animal testing. In the future, we intend to include this on our packaging.” So no worries animal lovers, this kit is a go!

One other lucky tester got to try the Park Avenue Prescription kit. Meet me in the comments to see what she thought of this uptown kit as well!

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  1. I didn’t get to try the line, but I totally agree – if a line has a Doctor behind it, I’m a goner!

    1. @stef – I am with you. It could be perception, the quality always seems to be a bit higher when a MD is behind it. I think the marketing people know it helps to reel us skin care lovers in.

    2. Yep, a line created by a doctor always gets my attention, too. This sounds like a good one, @lucylemonade !

  2. Aging gracefully is on my list and has been for years. It’s one of the keys to aging happily and having certain products like Sadick Dermatology Park Avenue Prescription Kit can definitely help keep you on track. I noticed that this kit worked extremely well together by keeping it protected from the onslaught of our sometimes not so wonderful environment. Its cream was super- but the only problem I had was the pump broke first use. I was really not happy about that. So I had to manually get some out of the jar with a q-tip and it seemed to run out rater quickly that way. The PM serum also is nice and felt great on followed by the nourishing cream which I think really helped some of my redness calm and lighten a few of my dark spots. I also liked the cleanness of the packaging. Very “doctor like” if you will. I thought the price was a little steep for the small amount of product but it is great stuff and I would get this again. I give these 4 stars.

  3. The price and the possible blemishes probably makes this kit a no-no for me. But otherwise it sounds great! I will recommend it to friends who would benefit more from it then myself. Great review! :)

  4. I’m so glad the company was nice enough to update on the cruelty-free factor. I’ve tried several “kits” and this is the best one I’ve found.

  5. What about breakouts?
    I’m 38 and and if the cream is to oily I break out. Is it?

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