Saffron...Great for Paella AND Your Hair!

Saffron…Great for Paella AND Your Hair!

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In the summer, when a heavy cloud of humidity settles over the east coast, I don’t even bother trying to blow dry my hair into any semblance of sleekness. In the cold months, when the air is drier, my hair is too. Which also isn’t very good on the “sleek” front!

So I must admit, I secretly rolled my eyes at the promises made by the beautiful bottle of Saffron Secret Saffron Hair Oil, Style & Shine (2.0oz $62.95). The box assured me that my hair would be “sleek, smooth, shiny and styled to perfection.” How could this be possible? I’ll tell you how…saffron!

You’ve probably heard that it’s the world’s most expensive spice. (Editor’s note: It’s also the product that Stef searched for when she ran the Big Sweep on Supermarket Sweep. But that’s a story for another time…) That’s the only thing I knew about it, so I did a little digging and was stunned by the colorful history of this “king of spices.” Literally colorful, I mean. The name Saffron comes from “zafaran,” the Arabic word for yellow. In India, saffron yellow is the official color of Buddhist robes because the fabric is dyed by boiling it in spices. But the very best-of-the-best saffron has a deep red hue, and that’s the color of the visible strands of spice hovering in my bottle of Saffron Hair Oil.

The organic saffron in Saffron Secret’s haircare line is grown especially for the company on the Iberian Peninsula of Spain, in the Ebro Valley. It takes 100,000 Crocus flowers, aka saffron roses, for each pound of saffron. The flower blooms in late October, then is harvested by hand… with a thumbnail, to be exact! Within 12 hours of harvest, the flowers are hand-peeled and toasted, then carefully stored in an intricate process. All this elaborate preparation ends at the Saffron Secret formularies, where their hair and skincare products are created.

The Saffron Hair Oil I tested is extremely concentrated; my hair is long, but I use just one drop of oil after washing. A blowout takes less time, and the sleek results seem to last much longer. I experimented with air drying my hair, and ended up with defined waves rather than an explosion of frizz. The scent is heady (ha). The oil nourishes follicles with concentrated Vitamin B2.

It’s pretty much a hairdo miracle!

Saffron Hair Oil multitasks as a leave-in conditioner, styling product, serum and shine spray. I even like a tiny bit on dry hair to smooth random wildness and add shine.

I love how lightweight this oil is and how easily just a tiny bit coats my hair. It makes my hair feel soft, look shiny, and smell amazing. Saffron Secret Saffron Hair Oil really does give me “saffron sleek hair” even on the most humid or most dry days.

Made in the USA, cruelty free, paraben free, made with 100% organic saffron. Maybe this unique ingredient is truly effective, or maybe it’s the oil itself, but whatever the case, my hair has never looked this good!

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