Say it loud and proud – i love my muff!

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Lucky members of the we heart this review team get boxes of products to test to help you, our beloved readers, make informed retail choices. You can imagine my response to opening a box and taking out a little kit of products labeled ‘i love my muff’. Say what? So, being a fairly educated woman, I deduced that these products are geared towards my womanly parts.

While testing this product, and in the name of science, of course, I found over 60 different slang words for a lady’s bits. I couldn’t let research like that just go to waste, so I tried to use the ones that wouldn’t alienate the prudish or that appeared in hard core rap songs in my wht review of the i love my muff kit.

(Talk about dedication! And can I just say, while I didn’t test ‘i love my muff’, I adore the fact that they hold no punches with their bold name. No playing coy here, or feeling the need to bury this purchase at the bottom of your cart. All ladies have their parts and sometimes we’re compelled to practice a few beauty rituals on them – i love my muff wants to help. ~Tyna)

Founded by Ritz Clinging, a Vancouver native, i love my muff is the latest in premium feminine care products. According to their website, “with the promise to provide daily love and care for down there, i love my muff products have been developed with an uncompromising commitment to mildness, biodegradability, non-toxicity, cleansing ability, moisturizing ability and luxurious feel.”

i love my muff offers the following goods for your goodies:

Clean Wash, a gentle gel wash for your lady business ($18)

Soft Lotion, an all natural moisturizer for your madam ($18)

Pure Spray, a spritz for your bits ($18)

Fresh Wipes, pre-packaged moist towelettes for the hooha-on-the-go ($22)

Other things you may want to know? i love my muff products are free of parabens, SLS, synthetic colors and synthetic fragrances. They are handmade in Canada using only natural ingredients of the best quality, including beneficial essential oils. All products are vegan and suitable for all skin types.

All four products come in two scents: Green and Blue. Green, “means ‘go’ and this sweet blend will help get you there. With an irresistible fusion of vanilla, grapefruit and ylang ylang there’s no telling where it will take you”. I don’t know if I want my muff going anywhere, but I imagine if it smells like vanilla, it’ll probably go anywhere it wants to. Hello, world *insert creepy pageant wave here*!

I received the i love my muff kit, containing mini bottles of the wash, spray and lotion, plus 10 fresh wipes ($38) in the blue scent. Blue, which promises to “elevate your mood with its invigorating blend of lavender, clary sage and patchouli”. Well, thank goodness. My mood was downright mopey over my non-lavender-scented vajayjay, but now, bearing the scent of an English botanical garden, I can now face the world with pride!

My impressions: I’m a low-maintenance girl and this is a lot of maintenance for something that’s supposed to self-maintain. That being said, the Clean Wash cleaned, which is always a good thing, and I like the idea that it contains no chemicals–I’m kind of protective of my body and careful about what I use on it, and that is especially true of my most delicate parts. The Soft Lotion would be great on those of you who do some ladyscaping and would probably help with ingrown hairs from waxing or shaving and with keeping new growth soft. The Pure Spray is nice if you are one of the millions of ladies that are self-conscious about the air down there.

Out of everything, my personal favorite from this line is the Fresh Wipes. They do not smell like lavender and instead have a slightly fruity scent, which is refreshing. I’m a 2 shower-a-day person, so I’m all about feeling clean and fresh and these portable packs deliver anywhere, anytime. You can pop them in your purse and go.

So, does anybody else out there love their muffs? If you are a male reader, kindly disregard that question…thanks…

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. The 12 year old inside of me thinks that this is a hilarious name! I am so juvenile. And how cute and clever is the pic with the kitty? I suspect that it is the work of @Stef.

  2. I giggled through this whole post, not because of the subject, but because of the subtly funny way @Krista wrote it! Great job!

    And while it’s got a funny name, this is serious business for some people. I went through a spell where I was sensitive to EVERYTHING, even using scented laundry detergent or fabric softener irritated my lady bits and gave me the dreaded YI. I wish this had been around then!
    I’m loving the idea of the Green scent, just the description makes me want to see where it takes me! :-)

  3. I think it’s high time the word “muff” becomes socially acceptable. It’s such a friendly, happy word with only positive connotations, and I’m glad these enterprising people chose it for their product line!

    Thanks for making me smile with your clever post, @krista!

  4. @turboterp – I agree – muff is a fun word!

    @lyssachelle – I went through a similar phase, and on my derms offhand remark (he suggested avoiding scented detergents and softners for sensitive skin and added he recs the same thing for people suffering from body acne -especially effective for backne and the chest area – and for woman that get frequent yeast infections), I went scent free – my skin feels better, I get less body pimples and my lady bits are happier.

    And I’m 12 too – I giggle every time I read ‘hoo-ha on the go’ – heh. But those wipes sound great for after a visit to the gym, after a dip in the ocean and especially camping.

  5. Hehe… Muff…

    I’m never a big fan of products made that (I feel) perpetuate the myth that ladies are too dirty “down there” and we need products to fix it, but I can see the benefits of the wipes. Sometimes you just need a little freshening, like after a plane ride or long car trip.

    But in all seriousness ladies, our lady bits are self-cleaning and it’s not normal to smell like roses (or, in this case, lavender). If it makes you feel more secure then okay, go for it, but I promise you- your coochie is fine just the way it is!

  6. I’m happy to hear I entertained some of y’all with my witty cooter banter.
    In my quest for knowledge and slang terms, I got a nasty computer virus writing this post. Or, if you base it on what I was looking at, a computer STD. The things I do for you ladies…
    You’re welcome *said in a poignant whisper*.

    Hey, does anybody else remember when “muff” refered to those giant Chinese finger-cuff-like hand warmers that seemed to go with every girl child’s coat back in the 80’s? I swear, every winter coat I had growing up came with one that hung from a strap around my neck and I remember thinking, “Why the heck can’t I just have gloves???” Stupid muffs.

  7. @kellie76 – I do believe getting Giles, the black kitty, involved with this shoot was @tyna‘s idea!

    @mandaleem – I knew you wouldn’t like the idea of this product! (I actually thought specifically of you when I started our newest forum post!)

    Personally, I like “madam” specific products (oh, @krista – how can I ever thank you for bringing that term into my life?!) I buy the Summer’s Eve wipes. They’re great for that not so fresh feeling! But I bet i love my muff’s would smell a lot nicer. Summer’s Eve have that tell tale “feminine product” smell. I’ve bought lady-bits wash before too. But when I’m trying to save money, that and shaving cream are the first things that don’t get refilled (because I can use other products for both, not because I let myself get stinky and hairy!)

    I don’t know, I know people tell me that a cooter is supposed to be self maintaining, but I think a bit of freshening does my hooha good!

  8. I’m officially on the fence about products for my ladybits. In general not a fan of sprays and cleaners, but these products left out a lot of what scares me off (chemicals and synthetic scents). I’m more of a warm water is all I need type, but I make an exception for the wipes. Those babies can come in handy.

    And getting Giles the black cat into the pictures was pretty much Giles’ idea! He loves mailing day almost as much as I do – so many boxes and bags to explore and they are all filled with crinkly packing materials and shiny plastic things that look like kitty toys! He insisted on inspecting the i love my muff kit.

  9. While these products look cute, and have an awesome name, I would agree with @mandaleem about the use of products to infer that lady bits are dirty and need special cleansers. A shave cream would probably be better for this line to try.

  10. So I take it that nobody had any averse reactions to i love my muff? I had a bout with sensitivity so I switched to Dove unscented beauty bars and (out of fear) haven’t strayed since. I would love to try the wipes though!

  11. Yeah speaking of going neutral with the lady bits (that one’s my favorite – although I’d never heard of madam either and quite like that one!), I’ve used only Ivory soap down there for years! I do know that messing with pH and using too many scented products down there is unnecessary and can cause problems with our “friendly bacteria.” A little scent is probably fine, especially on the outside, but definitely refrain from too much on the inside!

  12. @friendofpyrex — I can only speak for myself, but I had no issues w/ the wash or the moisturizer. The wipes were also great. The spray, however, kinda burned. I wondered why and on the ingredient list is tea tree oil, which I am sensitive to. I have to say, I was a little concerned about the tea tree oil in the spray b/c it is an anti-bacterial and your madam (This wasn’t with the slang words I found, but I needed an “m” word for the line about the moisturizer and I liked the sound of “madam”—maybe it’ll become a popular term now??? Did I just start a trend???) needs its good bacteria (as @melinda noted)…also, wherever I went I could smell lavender. Like all day…and I hate the smell of lavender. The Green scent is probably more up my alley…wow, that just gave me an inappropriate visual…

  13. Oh Giles you are so witty! Glad to know your sense of humor is as good as you moms! You sure know a photo op when you see one!
    Krista – Tea Tree Oil is actually recommended for treatment of BV and YI’s. They say to soak a tampon in it. Because we need good and bad bacteria apparently that is what creates the PH balance. When a madam is overwhelmed with either the good or the bad the PH is off hence creating the symptoms of those dreaded curses of being a woman.
    I am a unscented Dove girl too for my southern hemisphere. I’ve had bad reactions with bodywahses and scented soaps.

  14. @suzan —So the tea tree oil only kills the bad bacteria??? How’d it get so smart??? Eh, regardless, I’m not putting it near my “southern hemisphere” (love that, btw) b/c of the burning reaction. Girl parts+burning=day ruiner. :)

  15. I loved this review @Krista! I think “hoo-ha on the go” and “creepy pageant wave” part were particular favorites. :D

    i’m also a little weirded out by putting a lot of scented stuff on my nether-regions but the wipes do sound nice and quite useful.

  16. Giggling like Beavis…yea…hhee heeheee!

    Though it’s a cute idea and all, I don’t want to think I need ‘special’ products for my ‘special’ area. I ‘puff my muff’ with Shower to Shower and I’m good.

  17. A tea tree oil tampon sounds awful burn-y! Though I do believe TT oil can solve all, so I wouldn’t be above giving it a try…

  18. If it gets in contact with your outer parts yes I imagine that would be very burning but I’d sooner go for the natural TTO instead of those harsh chemical laden items they sell at the drug store.

  19. I am too, too, too silly to even respond to this post in a mature way in any form or fashion. Thank you for your dedication and research, Krista. :)

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