Say Goodbye to Skincare Blues with Schique Intuitive Restoration Mask

Say Goodbye to Skincare Blues with Schique Intuitive Restoration Mask

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And say hello to a fun blue mask!

It’s fall, when my face routine needs a boost and I prepare for the inevitable cold and dry weather that always takes a toll on my skin. Just in time, I’ve been introduced to new face mask and an amazing brand, Schique skincare.

Schique is a natural, anti-aging line developed by a doctor, Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer, who was inspired after her mom was diagnosed with skin cancer to create a line sans harsh ingredients. Through her research she found that the daisy family (specifically the Dandelion) has natural protective and healing properties which she then incorporated into the entire line.  In addition, by combining natural ingredients like fruit and plant extracts, peptides and antioxidant Vitamins C and E, this line is not only safe, but also very effective. It’s virtually free of everything… no parabens, no sulfate, no gluten, no silicone. It’s even vegan!

Let me tell you, there are some amazing ingredients that I’ve never seen in skincare before. Not only does it have Apple, Apricot and Turmeric, but also Eggplant fruit; which has anti-inflammatory properties, Basil; which helps to detox, and Lentil Seed; which helps control oil and build collagen.  I love how science meets nature in this line!

The Schique Intuitive Restoration Mask ($48) is meant to remove toxins while firming and toning, as well as brighten and nourish the skin.  For best results, they recommend using it twice a week.

The shift to bright blue!

I lathered it on, until the ingridients blended and turned blue, (yes, I looked like a Smurf and my kids were ecstatic), waited the 20 minutes and then washed off. I LOVE this mask! For me, I could feel and see results after one use. My skin felt soft and hydrated and looked visibly brighter and healthy. Since then, I’ve used it 3 more times, and have been really happy with how well it works.

Sometimes after using rich masks I tend to get overly oily. But with this mask my face looked good, not oily at all, even hours later. Another bonus point, the beautiful jar it’s packaged in!

I also tried the Insightful Contour Eye Cream ($64) and while a bit pricier, it is another win for me.  It tightens and makes my eyes much less puffy and the skin around them felt so soft. It’s got a super fine gold shimmer to it which blends then instantly brightens. I was honestly surprised how well it worked! I love that it’s packaged in a squeeze tube with a metal tip that feels cool on the skin.

Schique has definitely won me over. I’m excited to have a mask and eye cream I can rely on going into fall and beyond, at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.

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