Sebamed Eczema & Sensitive Skin Care System review

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Curious about Sebamed and the popular Sebamed moisturizing cream? In this Sebamed review we’ll spill all the details!

Sebamed Eczema & Sensitive Skin Care System I am always on a quest for skincare.

Change is good after all, if you keep doing the same things you will get the same results and then you may never improve.

Winston Churchill said “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” I found a company that has been around for decades and it has made me re-think everything I do.

Let me introduce you to Sebamed, a German skincare company developed by a dermatologist.

This company believes that products should aim to maintain a neutral 5.5 ph to keep the skin happy and healthy so it can heal itself. There are 150 studies to confirm that their philosophy works.

You may be asking “what’s ph?” This site explains it well, but basically it’s a scale that measures how acidic something is.

Pure water is neutral, with a pH of 7.0. Less than 7 is acidic.

Sebamed is a pH of 5.5 to match the hydrolipid film (called the acid mantle) on the surface of the skin which is slightly acidic (pH 5.5).

I will be honest, their philosophy had me a bit mystified because I have been self-diagnosing my skin for years based on how my skin is reacting in various climates – and have a rainbow of products to prove it.

Could I have been sabotaging myself all of this time?

It is unusual for me to devote myself to an entire “system” for an extended period of time and lock out everything else.

I usually use a variety of brands for a bunch of different uses since I have combination skin.

You name a product I can probably give you my rationale of WHY I have used it. But, I really wanted to give these products a fair shake and see overall if trying to maintain my skin at a 5.5 pH had an effect.

Sebamed Review

We Heart This shares a Sebamed Eczema & Sensitive Skin Care System review. Check it out to see if these Sebamed products are for you.

The Eczema & Sensitive Skin Care System is made especially for sensitive “special needs” skin that is red, itchy, flaky or dry and includes four products, the Liquid Face & Body Wash, the Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream, a Hand & Nail balm and the Moisturizing Body Lotion.

I have told everyone before, I love a good multitasker product because it simplifies my life.

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash Review

I found the gentle Liquid Face & Body Wash had a very positive effect and seemed to bring everything into balance.

This stuff may smell like nothing you have ever smelled before, I found it is sort of herbal medicinal.

Best of all, this wash has a ton of uses – I found it to be superior as a makeup remover, shaving cream, body wash and face wash.

I even have used it to clean makeup brushes.

Who would not like one bottle for six possible uses?

It also worked great with my Clarisonic.

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash with Pump, 400ml, 2 Pack
  • Size: 400ml / each
  • Includes: 2 Sebamed liquid face & body wash with pump
  • No parabens; 100% soap & alkali-free

Sebamed Moisturizing Cream Review

The Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream is very concentrated. A very small amount goes a very long way.

It also reminded me of a very high-end facial moisturizer.

This was a bit too moisturizing for me to use morning and night, so I used it as needed.

I also used this as my eye cream during this test period twice a day with no irritation.

Sebamed Moisturizing Face Cream Dermatologist Recommended for Sensitive Skin with Vitamin E 2.6...
  • Size: 2.6oz/75g each
  • pH value of 5.5 for healthy skin
  • For sensitive normal to oily skin

Sebamed Hand And Nail Balm Review

I was a bit skeptical if the Hand and Nail Balm would really work.

I am hard on my hands as an avid gardener and my nails are not usually in great condition as a result. The quality of my nails really did improve.

Sebamed Hand & Nail Balm, 2.6 oz(75ml), 2 Pack
  • Size: 2.6oz. / 75ml. (each)
  • Ph value of 5.5 for healthy skin
  • Quickly absorbs, no color additives

Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion Review

This balm and the Moisturizing Body Lotion worked amazingly well in harmony.

Both products nourished well and soaked in quickly but were not greasy. And overall (and all over) my skin does feel healthier, smoother and best of all no dry sensitive itchy areas.

Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion pH 5.5 for Sensitive Skin Dermatologist Recommended Moisturizer...
  • Active moisturizing complex nourishes and preserves the natural moisture balance of the skin
  • Camomile extract and allantoin soothe the skin making it soft and supple
  • Supports and protects the acid mantle of the skin. With the pH value of 5.5 of healthy skin.

Sebamed Skincare Pros & Cons

Products are extremely mild and soap-free
Great Value
Environmentally conscious -Nearly 100% Biodegradable
The quality of my skin (face and body) did improve with less redness and sensitivity

Scent may not be for everyone

Now, let me answer the question . . . Have I been self-sabotaging when I have been using my rainbow of products for combination skin?

In truth, I probably have . . . going from acne to combination to dry skin products had to have had a very poor effect on my skin’s protective barrier.

I am now a die-hard neutral pH convert.

Have you ever used products from Sebamed? 

You can now find Sebamed at your local CVS – or here on Amazon to order online!

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I’ve never heard of Sebamed before, so I read your review with great interest, @hao9703 . I have eczema on my hands that flares up in the spring, so I’m excited to see that Sebamed Hand and Nail Balm is available separately, too! I’ll be picking it up for sure. Thanks!

  2. Oh this sounds great. I get eczema off and on and this would help with my flare ups.

  3. I really love Sebamed. The neutral PH totally works for me –especially in winter when my skin tends to be a bit more dry. (Infact, as a devoted double cleansing member–I have not strayed from this in over a year!)

    I give this line 5 stars based on the quality of the product, accessiblity and affordablity.

  4. I received Sebamed’s Eczema & Sensitive Skin Care System to test.. The ladies who run this show now I have sensitive skin and It’s also, pretty dry. Even though I take care of it as best I can, often times than not, it doesn’t matter what I use, it just is sensitive at times! My first exposure to this line was at CostCo.. I took home samples then and ever since I learned about its pH 5.5 line I really was interested in it. I like that this line is made with people with my issues in mind.. I guess we are not alone! First, I’m glad its price is not outrageous as some skincare lines can be. It is a great deal if you buy items alone but I think the best deal it to get this entire package and try it as a system. I like the smell of this line.. It smells clean to me, the liquid face and body wash has a pleasant smell and some have no smell at all.. I actually liked the body lotion’s smell a lot!
    • 200mL Face & Body Wash – I really liked this because it actually cleaned my skin without drying it out.. I also have used it to clean my makeup brushes too! Only a little bit is needed when used. I have had my bottle for quite some time now and it barley seems like I made a dent in it!

    • Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream- I have to admit.. I’ve been spoiled with facial creams and good ones at that. I was excited to try this because of my sensitive skin.. and I was happy with the results.. just a small amount again is needed and it is quickly absorbs immediately after applying. It left my face and neck feeling refreshed and most important, calm.
    • Hand & Nail balm – This one was really nice. I used it once and was sold.. It is deeply moisturizing and again, quickly absorbs right away into your hands. I love that it is loaded with vitamins because I am soooo hard on my hands and nails, if you can call them that! I work in our garden on a daily basis and have a hard time putting gloves on.. I’m trying hard to get used to wearing them but you know how it is.. Nothing better than feeling things without a barrier!
    • 200mL Moisturizing Body Lotion- My husband stole this one from me! He loved it.. Probably cause it works so well and he doesn’t smell like a rose after putting on my stuff! This one smells wonderful to me.. clean. It goes on so nicely. It’s not too thick and it’s not too thin. It has perfect consistency, meaning it absorbs right into your skin.. leaving it feeling so healthy and not itchy! By the way I took back my lotion! I will share it though, and he can get his own bottle!
    I’m interested in the cleansing bar.. I love a good bar of soap! Has anyone tried that? I’d love to hear what you think.
    Five STARS!

    1. @irene –Yes! I am an avid veggie and flower gardener. Plus, like you when I have a real chore to do I do not like my garden gloves. I feel like they hold me back in some way.

  5. I keep seeing this in Costco in the uk, an always walk past and pick up cetaphil. Might give them a go next time. They were more expensive than cetaphil if I remember right, so may wait for an offer.

  6. I’ve over looked Sebamed for a long time, mostly because of their HORRIBLE commercials. (Heh, I assume that if the commercial looks that bad the product must be bad as well!) Maybe I should give ’em a chance.
    With my new position in the office and the added stress that goes with it, my eczema has been creeping onto my temples, I could use another weapon in the fight against combination skin! Thanks for showing me the error of my ways@hao9703 !

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