Secret Outlast Clear Gel Review

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Never have a deodorant “white marks fail” moment again!

Secret Outlast Clear Gel Review

If you took a peek inside my closet the first thing you would notice is the (ever-growing) row of black tank tops. I’m a little obsessed with them! From plain cotton tanks to fancy sparkly ones and everything in between – I’ve got one for every occasion. Unfortunately, my favorite top has a big downfall – they always fall victim to white smudges from my deodorant. Happily, Secret has an answer to all of our “white mark fails” with their new Secret Outlast Clear Gel.

Secret Outlast Clear Gel

The Outlast Clear Gel formula promises 48 hours of protection from both odor and wetness and to never, ever leave those tell-tale white marks on your clothes. I’ve been testing Outlast in the ‘Completely Clean’ scent for the last few weeks and I can say that it delivers on those promises! I wish I had discovered this gem years ago, as it would have saved me from many embarrassing “white marks fail” moments.

Like the New Year’s Eve when I spent over a hundred bucks on a beautiful and sexy black tank. It had a bit of sparkle around the deeply plunging neckline and looked fabulous with a pair of jeans and knee-high boots. On the big night, I did the “deo dance” (demonstrated in the funny video above – bet you all know that dance!) as I pulled the skin-tight shirt over my head, hoping to avoid those white smudges. I finished my makeup and hair and joined my friends in my living room for a few cocktails before we hit the town.

On the way out the door I did a quick mirror check up, and that’s when I saw it – not only did I have white marks under my arms, but all down the sides of my shirt! I tried to wipe it off with a damp washcloth to no avail. Sadly, I had to change out of my fabulous new top before we even left the house.

Secret Outlast Clear Gel

The deo dance and last-minute outfit changes are a thing of the past with Secret’s Outlast Clear Gel. The gel formula applies smoothly, dries in a few seconds and what you see, is what you get – nothing. No white marks on your clothes or armpits and no flaking.

Secret Outlast Clear Gel swatch

Plus, this deodorant does the job. The sun has started to shine and the temperatures are rising here in Los Angeles, but I never break a sweat. This deodorant has been keeping me dry and I haven’t had a need to worry over sweat marks. Finally, the “Completely Clean’ scent, is just that – a light, just out of the shower scent that fades after a few hours and never clashes with my perfume.

With Secret Outlast on my vanity, I’m free to grab my favorite black tank and get out the door without having to worry about a “white marks fail” moment.

we heartsters – do you have an embarrassing “white marks fail” story? Share them in the comments!

Secret Outlast Clear Gel logoIf you’re not using Secret Outlast Clear Gel, you’ve likely experienced a White Marks Fail moment of your own. Tweet your #WhiteMarksFail at @SecretDeodorant and try Secret Outlast Clear Gel for 48 hour odor and wetness protection – and no white marks.

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  1. I don’t have any truly funny stories about “white marks fail”, but I sooooo relate to this. There are those times when I’m definitely twisting myself like a contortionist and am SURE I’ve avoided any smears, only to look down at all those damned white marks. If Secret has solved this problem, I’m all for it.

  2. @tyna, I’ve used clear antiperspirants forever because of “white mark” horror stories. A company sent this to me to review recently and I absolutely loved it. The horror story here? My husband stole it from me!

  3. I’m still a lover of solids, but I do understand wiggling not to get white marks. I like Secret’s Mineral one, especially the scents!

  4. I’ve gotten the “white marks” a million times. Although I don’t usually go for a gel formula, this one really seems to be a good deodorant/antiperspirant, so I might try it!

  5. I’ve been mislead a lot by “gel” deodorants that claim to not leave marks and they still do! what’s going on with that!? anyways, this sounds like a great option. It’s hot as heck here and I need something that’s going to work and not ruin my dark clothes!

  6. I also typically don’t use gels but there are certain outfits that I need an invisible deodorant because white marks get everywhere. I’ll check this one out at my local drug store!

  7. Oh gosh, too late now but if ever faced with this dilema again try using the foam from a hanger from the dry cleaners and rub over the stain. That always does the trick for me. Or dryer sheets…those work, too.

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