Senna Cosmetics Bronzelite Collection – Swatches & Review

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Keep your summer glow all year round!

Senna Bronzelite Collection 

Just because summer is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean you have to give up that golden, sun-kissed glow. With Senna Cosmetics eight piece Bronzelite collection, you can channel your inner beach bunny well into the fall. I will admit that I’m normally not a fan of bronzers or earth tones, but this collection is supremely wearable and flattering.

The packaging is glorious. Think sleek and elegant, mostly black with a black or grey paisley pattern gracing the compacts and tubes. I love the fact that Senna Cosmetics provided a massive mirror with the bronzer. The packaging screams “luxury” to me.

Senna Brilliant Bronze Baked Mineral Bronzer

Let’s start by discussing the Brilliant Bronze Baked Mineral Bronzer & Highlighter ($42). Available in two color palettes, I tried out Dawn, a pink-based bronze duo with tawny bronzer and shell pink highlighter.

Senna Brilliant Bronze Baked Mineral Bronzer

This is a gorgeous bronzeing compact, but sadly (as with 99.9% of bronzers), it didn’t really work on my super (super!) pale self as a straight-up bronzer. So I chose to apply this as a blush instead, which I highly recommend. It gave my cheeks just enough warmth. I believe both the bronzer and highlighter will work on most other tones and give a soft and subtle sun-kissed look.

Senna Brilliant Bronze Baked Mineral Bronzer swatch Brilliant Bronze Baked Mineral Bronzer & Highlighter in Dawn

I was impressed with Senna Cosmetics finely milled formula. Over the course of six hours, this slowly faded to only a slight hint of shimmer. I really liked that this baked compact contains mineral pigments and pearl powder and doesn’t contain oil, talc, parabens, or fragrance. I have sensitive skin and this didn’t irritate me at all.

Senna Rose Gold Eye Color

The Eye Color Glow in Rose Gold ($18) is a shimmery pinkish gold with a hint of camel. On my lids it reads less pink and more camel shimmer. I liked the subtle shimmer, but the color barely showed on my lids. The peachy-pink tone faded almost completely after a few hours of wear. If you’re looking into trying Senna Cosmetics, I would suggest a more vivid color – they have some dazzling shadow shades.

Senna ultra brown eyeliner

Senna’s Ultra Last Eyeliner ($20) is available in two shades; Ultra Brown and Ultra Black. Ultra Brown is the darkest brown you can wear without it being black, perfect for daytime wear if you feel like a black liner is too heavy.

Senna Rose Gold Eye Color swatchEye Color Glow in Rose Gold and Ultra Last Eyeliner in Ultra Brown

The creamy retractable pencil glides on smoothly, smudges, and then stays put. I didn’t have transfer onto my oily eyelids for about 4 hours, which for this type of formulation is pretty darn good. I love the rubberized grip for a more controlled application and the staying power has made this my current go-to liner. Love it!

Senna Cream Lipstick Down to Earth

The Cream Lipstick in Down to Earth ($20) is a chocolate shade with a hint of pink. It’s a perfect pairing to the Dawn bronzer.

Meanwhile, the Cream Lipstick in Midas ($20) is a pure golden yellow shimmer. This is a lipstick that works best when layered on top of another color. I found a sheer coat of this over Down to Earth or a dark berry stain looked amazing. This is a lipstick that transforms other lipsticks.

Senna lip lacquer Sunstone swatchLipsticks: Midas, Down to Earth, Midas over Down to Earth; Lip Lacquer: Sunstone

The Cream Lipstick formula contains shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and hyaluronic filling spheres, so your lips are well conditioned and plumped to perfection. I also enjoyed the very slightest hint of vanilla scent – not too overpowering, just nice.

Senna lip lacquer Sunstone

Senna’s Lip Lacquer in Sunstone ($20) is a light peachy bronze with gold flecks of shimmer, and looks gorgeous in the clear, sleek tube. On my lips, this was pretty much a clear gloss with a slight gold cast and a little shimmer.

The formula contains several good-for-you ingredients like vitamins A, C, & E, shea butter, grape seed, jojoba seed, and mango seed oils, so lips are left feeling plumped, soft, and shiny. I’m going to have to try a more visible shade because I enjoyed the gloss itself, but I require a more noticeable color payoff.

Senna Bronzelite swatchesSenna’s Bronzelite Collection

If you’re a bronzed goddess, I think you will love Senna’s Bronzelite collection – it will enhance and enrich your coloring. If you’re a pale porcelain princess, you might need to tweak this collection to suit your coloring, but the end results are worth it.

we heartsters – Do you consider bronzer to be a staple or a seasonal type of makeup?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

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  1. I didn’t really wear a lot of bronzer til a makeup artist at the MAC counter put some on me… and since then I’ve been a little obsessed, especially since it’s a limited edition shade! I know there’s a gazillion bronzers, but I loooove this one. I look healthier and my face has more dimension.

  2. I just reviewed the Emerald Isle collection (review coming soon!) and agree that Senna’s products are superb. My one point of contention is that eyeliner (I tried Ultra Last in Ultra Black). Mine didn’t go on smoothly at all. As a matter of fact, it was like lining my eyes with a Crayola crayon. Then, after making mistakes, it was nearly impossible to remove! Anyway, I was wondering if my liner may have dried out a little bit. Yours wasn’t pulling and dragging at all? If this is the case, I’m going to have to rethink my rebuffing this liner!

  3. @sherrishera – Mine went on less smoothly than some, but definitely not like a crayon. It’s definitely a richer formula than the eye liners that glide on quickly–I went slow and steady with this. This did best when I kept it tight to my upper lash line. I applied to one eye, smudged it with my pinky finger and then did the next eye. This did set very quickly, which made me happy because the staying power was grrrrrreat *said like Tony the Tiger*.

  4. Ooh so bronzey! Reminds me of an indian summer sunset. I love that eyeshadow, it probably goes with everything :)

  5. Bronzers are usually just a summer thing for me, but this pretty collection is making me question my logic. Why not hold onto summer a little longer? The lip products in particular sound really intriguing– hint of vanilla, yum! You have my attention, @krista !

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