Senna Cosmetics review

Senna Cosmetics review

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My goal when I put on makeup, is to look fresh and natural. And to highlight, rather than hide. Senna Cosmetics aims to do just that. And I can tell you, their Barely Base – Sheer Mineral Makeup, a very light foundation with a SPF 20, succeeds. I fell in love with this product!

But before we delve into the products, a bit about the line. Eugenia Weston, the founder of Senna Cosmetics, is an Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist and has been a driving force in the cosmetics industry for decades. Quite an accomplishment in the fickle world of beauty!

Ms. Weston created her makeup style by mixing her own colors; they were an instant hit with her friends and ultimately beauty insiders, including the top fashion photographers, and Senna Cosmetics was born. A self-professed “obsessive” over eye brows, she also broke new ground with her brow tweezing services at her Senna Studio. Then after noticing that “the majority of women either ignore or over-tweeze their brows, (she) designed the first-ever brow stencil kit, Form-A-Brow so that every woman had the tools be a brow guru too. (Our tester Erin received this kit and will be sharing her results in the comments).

Today, Ms. Weston’s Senna Cosmetics fans include top celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston, and the Senna line can be seen on the sets of many television shows. But her most glowing recommendation may be that she was often cited as a “muse” to one of wht’s most beloved makeup artists’ Kevyn Aucoin.

Senna Studios sent the review team some products that will help everyday women like us, look like stars ourselves. The packaging may not grab your eye because it’s pretty basic. Don’t let that deter you, the products have been getting rave reviews, and are featured in many magazines and beauty blogs. Most mention Senna’s light and long lasting formulas, which to me are the most important things when it comes to makeup.

Senna has given us an array of their products to try, including:

Barely Base – Sheer Mineral Makeup SPF 20 – A sheer mineral makeup for “casual, sports, and those who don’t like to wear foundation!” This basic tube of tinted moisturizer works to even skintone, without heaviness, and thanks to light diffusing pigments hides fine lines and flaws while adding a subtle glow to your complexion. As a bonus this mineral makeup is loaded with good stuff – botanicals, antioxidants and Vitamins E and C – to protect and replenish skin.

I have extremely dry skin and most foundation feels really thick and makes my face feel even drier, so I usually opt for a tinted moisturizer. The downside is that many tinted moisturizers leave me feeling naked with all my flaws exposed. But the barely there Barely Base gives me full coverage while feeling and looking light.

Totally Transforming Eye Shadow Primer – This brilliant product combines the coverage of a neutral eye primer with an eye cream packed with the latest in the fight against aging. It contains a “potent vegetable ogliopeptide from natural hibiscus that functions in much the same way that Botox injections do, but without the pain and loss of facial expression!” I can’t wait to hear what our tester has to say about this eye primer touted as a must have, especially for those over 30.

Sheer Lipstick SPF 15 – These lipsticks have a super sheer consistency – just right for summer. The glistening shades also contain an SPF 15 to guard against the sun as well as jojoba and avocado to keep lips moist and smooth. Check out the punchy new shade – Bellini (a pure peach tint) for this seasons hottest shade in the sheerest of lipsticks.

That’s just the tip of this beautifully hued, high-quality line. We’ve got even more to discuss! Don’t forget to check the comments for the we heart this review team’s thoughts and experiences with Senna Cosmetics.

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

13 thoughts on “Senna Cosmetics review”

  1. I tried the Double Dose blush in Sunshine. And I LOVE it. Love, love the shimmery peach on the left side of the compact. It goes on so smoothly and just highlights my natural cheekbones. The overall effect is natural and youthful. Love, seriously. My only complaint is that the colors don’t come separately – only in the duo. And there isn’t that much product in the duo so I would really like to see a full size in the shimmery peach.

    5 stars!

  2. I got to try a Double Dose blush too. I don’t remember the name at the moment (stargazer maybe?) I love the shades and blend easily. I usually do not go for shimmery blushes because I have really high cheekbones; shimmer tends to highlight them and I prefer highlighting my eyes. I like to use this when I’m not doing anything special on my eyes.

    My one complaint is the darn compact is not big enough for my fluffy blush brush! I have to switch to a foundation-like brush. Foundation brushes are meant to apply a more opaque coverage of a foundation than your hands can while depositing foundation evenly and are mainly synthetic (synthetic doesn’t soak up liquids like natural hairs). They aren’t meant to blend out products like blush.

  3. I tried the sheer lipstick in Glint, a nudish dusty rose. The color must be universally flattering (nudes with a slight pinky shade always seem more flattering than yellow-beige ones, I think). The color is similar to a natural lip tone. If Angelina Jolie is a Senna customer as said above, I’ll bet it’s this shade that she’s always wearing. Everyone should have this color in their makeup essentials box.
    The SPF make this sheer a nice beachy alternative to a simple balm (but this would also be a great nighttime pick with a smokey eye). The texture is smooth, and there is no discernable scent. A little self-tanner, waterproof mascara and this shade from Senna should be all your summer face requires.

  4. Edit: The double dose blush I got is, indeed, Stargazer. I finally dug it out and checked the label. Unlike Sunshine, Stargazer has a golden pink highlighter on one side and a pink blush. If you’re more cool-toned and fair, Stargazer is the shade you should look for.

  5. A long time ago, I received a tube of Senna primer that I loved. (It was the first time I was introduced to primer.) Since then, I’ve had fond memories of Senna. When I saw the Double Effect Creamline Powder Duo in Black Magic in my box, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

    I feel I’m one of the few women who find it easier to line her eyes using a brush and powder than with a pencil, and I was happy to add this to my arsenal. The cream side went on smoothly and lasted all day. The powder side had a slight shimmery that would be perfect for a night out (but I wore it in the day time too).

    If you’re feeling daring, you could line the shimmery powder over the long lasting cream liner for a very sexy eye.

    I usually eschew from wearing eyeliner in the summer months, but I will return to using this again in the fall. It is $20, but considering you’re getting two products it is a steal.

  6. I tried the Totally Transforming Eye Shadow Primer and am loving it! It totally erases everything! It makes my eye shadow and liner last all day, without budging and it helps the color appear more even. I’ve been using it solid for weeks and can say it’s the best eye primer/concealer I’ve ever tried. It definitely smooths the whole eye area and makes the eyes look awake and smooth…even when I’m tired, I don’t look it.. than you Senna! This is the first product of theirs I’ve tried and I am officially hooked. This primer is $22 but let me tell you it will LAST!! It’ is well worth it, and it helps in the anti-aging dept. to boot.. what more could you ask for?! 5 Stars from me!

  7. I received a Linear Lip Liner in Purr, a cool toned medium plummy pink. It’s a great basic color and works in lots of combos; plums, pinks, even nudes. It’s one of those “your lips, but better” kind of shades. I found it slightly drying, but the trade off was that it wore for a really long time.

    Ok, I’m going to be a packaging snob for a moment though. I think Senna is due for some revamping. The Harlequin clown logo is really dated, and from what I’ve seen of the line, the packaging is kind of low-end looking. Seeing as most of the testers really seemed to like their products, I think the packaging brings them down a bit. Sorry, but I notice that kind of stuff. I hate to see a good product in a package that doesn’t reflect it…

  8. I had the pleasure of testing the Form A Brow Kit, which is awesome. The first thing I loved about this kit is that it’s powder based. I have the worst time with brow pencils, because they make my brows look to harsh. I have been using Clinique’s brow powder for years now and love the subtle, natural amount of color it gives me. The Form A Brow, I was delighted to find, is very simliar to this. It comes in a compact of 3 shades that you can use togther or alone to match your brow color. The other really cool thing is this kit also comes with plastic cutouts of brows that you can hold up to your own, to figure out how to shape them, which was really helpful. My only complaint is the application brush. It looks like a mascara wand and it was a little bit hard to get a lot of precision with it. I would prefer an angled, bristle brush, much like the one in my previous brow compact, to apply with. I found myself using my old brush with this compact and achieved great results. The powders are highly pigmented and created a beautiful brow! Give brow powder a try…I haven’t used a brow pencil since!

  9. Sorry i’m so late on this, I don’t have internet at home right now.

    But like I said, I fell in love with this line! It is light and bold, not to mention long lasting. I’m glad everyone else was as happy as i was.

  10. Sorry I’m late to the party–I’ve been having computer issues :(
    I got to try out the Totally Transforming Concealer in Warm Light. The color is a little off for my pale self–it’s a little too dark and too warm (According to their website, I’m probably a Cool Light, which is for fairest skins. Seriously, I’m THIS close to being an albino…)–however, the pigmentation is incredible and this stuff really stays put. It’s a tube concealer with a sponge tip applicator- the texture is very creamy and thick, but it blends very easily. I loved how this didn’t settle into my fine lines and it covered any blemish or dark spot completely–it was really great on the redness I’ve been getting at the sides of my nose and mouth ever since I hit 30. The key is to use the teensiest bit. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of this concealer before because it’s staying power is probably the best I’ve seen since the mythical, but discontinued Maybelline Great Wear Concealer (high praise, folks). 5 stars!

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