Senna Cosmetics – Summer 2011 review

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It’s not over yet ~ hold on to summer with Senna Cosmetics.

photos: we heart this

If there’s one thing that our overabundance of torrential rain in the spring and scorching heat in the summer has brought us this year, it’s gorgeous foliage and bright blooms of summer flowers everywhere right now. Even if you don’t have a green thumb in the garden, it’s still possible to borrow a little from from Mother Nature in your style.

You can keep your summer beauty blooming with the bright and bold meets fresh and innocent spring/summer 2011 collection from Senna Cosmetics.

This sweet, up and coming line is the creation of Emmy nominated makeup artist, Eugenia Weston and is renowned for their smart color selection and flattering cosmetics. According to Ms. Weston, this collection is full of “bright and vivacious color balanced by muted tones and soft illumination…to make your own unique beauty flourish“.

Amen to that! Like everything we’ve seen from Senna, this is a fresh and lovely line:

The we heart this team recently got a look at four of the latest products (as seen above, right to left) from Senna:

Bohemian Eye Color ($16.50) – a rich golden bronze metallic eye shadow
Forget-Me-Not Eye Color ($16.50) – a pale matte violet eye shadow
Lip Sync Lipstick and Lipgloss Duo ($24) – in Pink Mink, a Brilliant pink cream and a Gold flecked pink ~ which can also be mixed into a third shade
Light Tricks Highlight Duo ($22) – a two-sided creamy pencil highlighter

First up, let’s talk about the eye shadows. With all the fuss I’ve heard about this line, I was eager to start testing out the Bohemian Eye Color. Happily, Senna did not disappoint. This shadow is saturated with a gorgeous, rich, warm, bronzy brown.

One swipe spreads over my entire lid with ease and without fallout. It’s long lasting and does not end up in my crease. It also has a decent dose of shimmer, but it’s the pretty adult kind, not the chunky teenage kind.

Bohemian and Forget-Me-Not Eye Color

Best of all to me right now, while Bohemian the shade is officially part of the spring/summer line, I can see wearing this shade (and Forget-Me-Not as well) right through fall…and then some.

I also had the pleasure of testing the Light Tricks Highlight Duo – and what a pleasure it is! I never knew I wanted or needed a highlighter like this, and now I am thrilled to have it in my makeup arsenal. This little gem is a two-sided creamy pencil highlighter used to accent the brow arch, inner eye, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow. It’s long lasting, smudge proof and waterproof, yet has a gentle Vitamin E enriched formula.

As Eugenia Weston herself says, “Highlighting can make the difference between looking just average and looking sensational.” She designed this unique pencil with ease and speed in mind – and it really works.

You use the wider, creamy champagne colored tip to highlight the brow arch, inner eye, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow of the lips. No brush is required – you just easily blend it in with your fingertips. There’s a beautiful shimmer to this side that catches the light perfectly.

You use the thinner matte vanilla tip to line the inside lower eyelid. Now being a contact lens wearer with fairly sensitive eyes, I have never once tried to line my lower eyelids – not once. I’m glad I’m a thorough tester though – because wow, I’ve been missing out! It is incredibly easy to use, causes no irritation, and immediately wakes up my eyes, making them look brighter and refreshed. I found that if I put on a few layers, it stays put all day – only one swipe, just a couple hours.

Finally, our local lip product fiend Stef had a chance to test the ingenious Pink Mink Lip Sync Lipstick and Lipgloss Duo, which finally combines a lipgloss and a lipstick in to one single product.

This duel ended product contains a brilliant pink cream lipstick and gold-flecked pink gloss in one handy stick. Both formulas contain a collagen stimulating plumping gloss that’s infused with shea butter, sweet almond oil, green tea, and vitamins.

from left: blended, gloss alone, lipstick alone

So, what do you think, Ladies? Is your beauty in bloom with the sensational Senna summer collection?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. Thank you for this post!
    I have been hearing about this line and now I know why! I love versatility in products I buy and Senna fits the bill. I am obsessing over the Light Tricks Highlight Duo and the lip duo!

  2. OMG, I love the duo’s here Mel! Great review- I love the colors too. I think they’re calling my name! The Light Tricks Highlight Duo really looks rich and creamy! Nice for summer and Indian Summer! Very purdy!

  3. I’m going to jump on the Light Tricks Highlight Duo bandwagon. I don’t have anything like it and now , thanks to your post, @melinda , I feel like I need to own it. The lip duo is so pretty, too.

  4. The duos are where it’s at! That lip duo looks gorgeous – and I’m still loving the highlight duo, too. The champagne side is shimmery, so I feel I should go light with it for work. It looks great indoors no matter how heavy, but when I go outside it’s very bright in the sun. Perfect for when you want to show off your glow but go light for daytime subtlety, when needed. I’m a big fan of the eyeshadow, too. It’s a great formula on it’s own and with an eyeshadow primer, it really packs a punch with color and length of wear. I think these are priced on par with department store cosmetics too, so 5 stars for both products I tested!

  5. I love lipstick&gloss duos, it takes out all the guessing! (Of course I still love mixing and matching, haha.) Not to mention it makes it easier to throw in a bag without losing half. Great review @melinda !

  6. I love the taupey-gold color and the lip colors are to die for! I’m not overwhelmed by the violet shade, which is weird for me because I LOVE anything within the violet range! It just sort of makes me go “Eh, I don’t really need that.” Nearly everything purple makes me go, “I NEED! I NEED! I NEED!” Maybe I’m having a purple meltdown…or that color is one of those “only interesting in person” colors.

  7. I tested the Forget Me Not eyeshadow. And I loved it!! But I was very surprised! I don’t always have great luck with matte eyeshadow. But this is simply delightful. It glides on like a dream, blends well, and has virtually no fall out. It works very well on its own or accompanying another color. This color is just so flattering. It makes my brown eyes pop! This is high quality shadow. I am now a fan. 5 Stars from me!

  8. Ooh, I want the highlight duo! reminds me of MAC shadesticks which are sometimes drying. I’d love to try this out one day.

  9. I was powerless over the Pink Mink Lip Sync, it had to be mine. 100 other lip products in my vanity be damned! I don’t wear a lot of pinks, as I tend to gravitate to warm peaches and corals. But I am a sucker for a gold flecked gloss. And the gloss side of this duo is a beautiful example of that. It absolutely shimmer on your lips. Combining it with the medium pink lipstick, you get this gorgeous natural looking lip that looks so amazing with a smoky eye. And it’s really neutral, not too warm, not too cool. It’s the baby bear of pink lipcolor!

    I love that I only need to grab one product that can yield 3 looks. And both the lipstick and the gloss have a smooth consistency and a slight caramel scent to them (nothing overpowering).

    I have to say, I’m kind of addicted to the Lip Syncs now, I can’t wait to try more. 5 stars!

  10. Wow, the Lip Sync Duo looks amazing. I love the color combination and I really like the quality of Senna’s products… great review Mel!

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