SensiClear acne kit review

SensiclearKit-copyWhat is the one word that can strike fear in adolescences and adults alike? Let me give you a hint, it has many different names and usually “pops” up when you have a special occasion the next day. Did you say “Zit, Acne, Blackhead, Blemish, Bump, Goober, Goophead, or Whitehead?” If you did, then you are correct! For many of us, when we get a zit, we freak out and try the silliest things to get rid of them. Am I the only one that has tried toothpaste as a remedy? Come on, I know you have too, don’t deny it. And the worst thing we could do is pick at it because it actually becomes uglier and nastier than what it ever was to begin with. If you are anything like me, you end up picking away, piling on the makeup and dread going anywhere that a camera may come into contact with your face.

This is where SensiClear comes in, a wonderful and nonabrasive face cleanser and acne treatment system. SensiClear has a new ingredient that many other acne treatments don’t have, Retextra, pronounced (Ree-tex-tra) which, “penetrates immediately to unclog pores, while simultaneously smoothing and softening the skin to create a healthy, radiant and acne-free complexion.” Now you may be asking yourself, what is Retextra? And will it burn my face? Retextra is a patent-pending ingredient that, when combined with salicylic acid, eliminates excess oil, unclogs pores and helps promote cell renewal to create a clear and smooth complexion. And, speaking from experience, it doesn’t burn your face!

The SensiClear system contains the Purifying Cleanser, Balancing Toner, Acne Treatment Lotion and an Acne Spot Treatment Cream available in kits of two sizes (a 30 day trial or 60 days for the already converted). When you use all four of these products together you can see results in just a few days. Best of all it won’t dry out your skin like other products because it doesn’t contain Benzoyl Peroxide, the usual culprit in acne products that that dries and irritates most people’s skin. However, you might experience a breakout, but don’t worry, this is called a purging of your pores. SensiClear is basically unclogging your pores to promote cleaner and healthier skin.

I have been using all four products in the system for a few weeks now and have seen SensiClear work its magic. I usually get break outs during that time of month, and last month was nothing different. Normally, I have a horrible time convincing myself to just let them be and tend to pick with vigor. So I was happy to see what SensiClear could do, even with my sensitive skin. At the beginning I was a little nervous to look in the mirror in the mornings because I didn’t know if my skin would react in a negative way (like it usually does). I’m very happy to report that I woke up with no splotchy marks, rashes, or dry, flaky skin. And the pimples had gone down a bit. They were still there, but less red and prominent than the night before. I did experience a small break out on my chin in the first week. However, with continued use my skin is now smooth and acne free.

I really like this product, how did the rest of the testers fare with the SensiClear system?

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7 thoughts on “SensiClear acne kit review”

  1. Cori

    Like I said in the post, I really liked this product because it didn’t dry my skin out more than it already is and it help to clear up my complexion.

  2. stef

    Ugh, I’ve had such a pimpley summer! Between oily skin, heat, new bangs (my poor forehead!) and stress; I guess I was just doomed. When this arrived to review I really couldn’t get home fast enough. It’s a real no nonsense kit, no fancy packaging, good smells or pretty bottles. But utilitarian is kind of what I needed. Besides, the box said something very important on it “see results in 72 hours”. Oh, thank god!

    And lo and behold, 72 hours later and my skin looks great. They just cleared up, poof! There was no additional outbreaks from the pore clearing, the pimples just went away. Without the drying that usually comes with acne products too. And I only used 3 steps of the system (I skipped the Spot Treatment). Which leads to my only real complaint, I really don’t like buying kits. I’d rather choose just the items that I want. I’m sure the company would tell me that you have to use them all in conjunction, but I guess I’m a rebel. Still, for results like these, I’d consider buying the kit again.

    .-= stef´s last blog ..Ojon Tawaka Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating cleanser and conditioner =-.

  3. Rebecca Z

    Like Stef, I have also been suffering through an extra pimply summer (womp womp) and the SensiClear kit arrived just in time! I regularly used all four products included in the kit (cleanser, toner, lotion, & treatment) for several weeks.

    As promised by SensiClear, my skin started clearing up within the first three days. And unlike so many other products, my skin didn’t dry up and start flaking off. I enjoyed the lightly lavender scented lotion and appreciated that it was light and not greasy.

    Unfortunately, my monthly break-out proved to be much too beastly for SensiClear. I had a horrible break-out and even though I continued to use all four products, they didn’t seem to do anything for my face. Also, going into the third week, I noticed that my skin had become a lot oilier than it had ever been before. Luckily, that was a problem that could be solved with blotting paper (while dry, flaky skin can’t be solved with anything).

    I also used SensiClear on my chest and shoulders and had more consistent results. These areas also cleared up in three days, but they stayed clear all three weeks. This leads me to believe that SensiClear is most effective on more sensitive skin and slight to moderate acne.

  4. suzan

    I wanted my 14 year old nephew to give this a whirl since he has a severe case of acne but he was recently put on perscription acne mess and we didn’t want to counter any of it’s ingrediants or have him break out more. I like my mom and sisters have the blessing of adult skin issues. My pores are visable from Mars, I get cystic acne and I have black heads. I’m not one who glistens with oil but I do carry blotting papers year round. The heat and humidity in PA don’t help my skin issues either. So I gave the kit a test myself. As I’ve said in other posts I’m not a huge fan of scented facial products but this was very light and I didn’t mind it. I agree with Stef about no frills packaging for this stuff. The thing is, for face scrubs, peels & serums I don’t mind the no frills. I actually prefer it. I feel like it’s medicinal and extra powerful or something when they don’t need fancy labels or boxes. I used this entire kit for the first 5 days. I did as promised notice a change in my skin, my pores appeared less noticeable and no pimples in sight. After 5 days though I had he same issue as Rebecca with some oily zones around my nose. I cut back to just using the clenser and I’ve had no issues. I am extra happy that I can use the cleanser with my Clarisonic! I would buy the cleanser again but for my skin type I could do without the treatment lotion. I also am biased toward toners since I found Kiehls but this one is very nice. I want to stress again that the scent is very mild, think St Ives green mud mask scent. Overall I’m going 4 stars for the cleanser, 3 for the toner, 2 for the lotion and 4 for the spot treatment.

  5. When i first received the kit i didn’t think i’d be able to use it. My skin is fairly normal but if something i use dries it out, it really dries it out so i was a little nervous using this product from what i know about other acne treatments. I started with only 3 of the 4 products. Like Stef, i’m not a huge fan of kits. Do you guys remember the first “kit” that everyone had was Clinique! So 80’s! Anyway, back to SensiClear. I started with the cleanser obviously which i liked, my skin felt really clean, but i can tell right away this wasn’t something i could use as an everyday wash. Second was the toner, which felt great going on, but a little too strong for me to use daily. Unlike with the other toner i’ve been using, this felt dry right away on my skin. The lotion was good it absorded right away, but it felt to mediciny. But overall, the results were much better then i expected. Funny thing is my face felt drier then it looked, it wasn’t making my skin flaky, i guess it was my skin tightening, which is always a good thing. I think i will keep this on hand when my face does break out, for the most part it doesn’t but i have my spells. It felt really good now because the air in los angeles has been horrible and i needed a good cleaning! i will use the spot treatment the next time i get a zit and see how it works.

  6. Great post! Thanks for sharing the info on SensiClear. It’s nice to know we have choices. I especially like the idea it can be used on sensitive skin – sensitive skin can be so fussy! Also like the idea of using more than just one product. Acne products seem to work better when using more than one.
    Warm Regards
    .-= Kim (Have Younger Skin) Hartley´s last blog ..Mature Skin Care =-.

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