Seoul Mamas Revitalizing Mask review

Seoul Mamas Revitalizing Mask review

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It’s a rare day in toddlerland that mama gets time to use a face mask. So, let me tell you my face was ready for the Seoul Mamas Revitalizing Mask! Most masks I’ve used in the past follow this pattern: slop some on, it dries into a face tightening mummy and then I spend quite a long time trying to scrap every last bit of it off (including from in my hair).

When I pulled out Seoul Mamas facial sheet mask (the sheet is made entirely of bamboo!) I was very intrigued. Not only was it not a paste, but a real actual mask. And a gooey, saturated one at that! It takes some maneuvering to get the eyes, nose and mouth holes arranged just so, but once you do, you can smooth it down and let the magic begin…

For anyone not familiar with sheet masks, the craze originated in South Korea. They’re actual wet masks with ingredients that will get delivered directly to your face for deep hydration. In the case of the Seoul Mamas Revitalizing Mask, those ingredients are caviar extract which contains antioxidants, wild apple and cherry extracts with vitamin C that help to brighten skin and chamomile flower extract to help reduce dark spots from sun damage. The mask is literally soaked in these. It’s dripping wet when you first take it out. While it’s a little messy at first, it’s nice to have the extra serum to massage on top of the mask to make sure you’re getting every last spot, or to pat into your skin after you take the mask off for maximum benefit.

The Revitalizing Mask is good for all skin types and felt gentle and non-irritating. You wear it for 10-20 minutes and during that time it never dries (no more removal struggle!) I loved the effects. My face felt soft and moisturized, and my skin was actually glowing.

I suggest it’s best to use at night. I did feel like I needed a good rinse after using the mask since it was a tad on the sticky side. But it was fine at night to let all of that goodness soak in to my skin, uninterrupted. Here’s Stef demonstrating another good practice when applying a mask; pairing it with a nice glass of pinot grigio! Seriously, use this time to relax and take some “me time.” It’s the perfect excuse.

Side note: they would also be great to travel with as they are light and compact.

The best part of all? You can buy these masks individually for only $8 each or in a pack of 5 for $35. You can even order a subscription to have them sent periodically. And Seoul Mamas donates 5% to non profits that support at-risk women and children.

I am loving the Seoul Mamas Revitalizing Mask and with such a great price, I will definitely be investing in more. All and all, I’m very impressed.

we heartsters – what’s your favorite sheet mask? Share in the comments!

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