September Magazines: from the pages to your closet

September Magazines: from the pages to your closet

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Since it is September issue season in the magazine world, I thought I’d talk about how to best use these issues to refresh and prep your wardrobe for the fall. I have to admit, August is my favorite month of the year. And yes, it is my birthday month but really it is because of all the exciting, often gigantic, September issues of magazines (and my birthday).

I remember getting Seventeen, Sassy and any other teen magazine I could get my hands on every August to get inspiration for my back to school wardrobe. I still get a bit giddy and am impatient waiting for my September issues to arrive. Except these days I’m no longer checking my mailbox. Instead I’m waiting for a push notification to alert me that they’re available for download to my iPad. You have to love technology.

Going through all the September magazines can be a bit overwhelming, but if you just use them as your inspiration board, you’ll soon be making purchases of only the things you love and not impulse buys.

Here are my tips on how to use the September issues to inspire a wardrobe update:

Trends come and go, style is forever:
What does that mean? Well, I’m 5 foot 4 inches tall and I have a butt and hips – many trends are not made for me. Instead I go with what works best for my shape and what works with what I’ve got.

Yes, I think some women look great in rompers – I am not one of those women. What I do look great in are full skirts, fitted tops, structured jackets and deeper necklines and that’s exactly what I buy. But I don’t discount the ‘trends’ that are out there and instead of the romper, I might pick up on the silk fabric or the rich jewel tones that are also featured on that spread in a magazine.

I also look at all the accessories, because I could wear the same black skirt and white scoop neck top every day, but as long as I changed up the accessories you wouldn’t notice. Know what flatters you, don’t get caught up in only going with the trends and cultivate your personal style by taking inspiration from the magazines.

Take notes, get inspired and assess your wardrobe:
Start an inspiration board – I pull out pages, capture screen shots of digital magazines and create a visual style board of my favorite magazine layouts and pieces. I look at the photography and think about the color palettes, the makeup, even the hair!

I take notes and then I go back to my closet to see what I already have. I’ll discover a few pieces that I can use to recreate something that I’m in love this fall. Next, I’ll write a list of items I think would complement the wardrobe I already have.

I like to create these lists so that when I am ready to go shopping, I have a plan and budget and I can stick to it. If I don’t have a list, I’ll get caught up and buy something sparkly and shiny that I don’t need. Having a plan means I’ll get wear (and my moneys worth) from my fall purchases.

Assess what you have, purge – then update:
That means your wardrobe, accessories and makeup. Can’t find that matching earring? Let it go, find a new bolder pair and add that to your list. Need to get soles replaced, heel guards or just a good shoe shine? Take this time to take your shoes to get refreshed and repaired. Feeling like your look has taken a more retro, Mad Men vibe? Then maybe you’d be better off with a gel liner in navy blue than the bright green pencil you haven’t used in months – purge it!

Use this as an opportunity to play dress up:
I’ll be the first to admit that I hate trying on clothes in the store, but it’s a necessary evil at times. In August/September I pick a weekend and thoroughly go through my fall wardrobe. I wear proper undergarments and then try on everything. What is too tight, too big, too old, needs repair or needs to be ironed?

And then I mix and match combinations that I haven’t normally worn and write them down or take a quick photo to remember them later. Try new color combinations that you spotted and loved in Vogue. Layer on tons of jewelry like you saw in Lucky. Just try something different and you minght find a new favorite wardrobe staple.

The September issues are full of great clothes, but they also give you great ideas for new beauty looks, hair and ways to upgrade your accessories. Get creative, be open to trying something new and find a new inspiration.

So what September issues is everyone looking forward to?

DWJ is an accessories and beauty blogger for The Art of Accessories and is also sharing her love of cooking on Crumbs & Creativity.

13 thoughts on “September Magazines: from the pages to your closet”

  1. My husband hates my magazine collection/buying (and he doesn’t like my makeup/fashion blog obsession much more!) but the September issues cannot be missed. It’s total eye candy!
    I think this weekend would be a great time for a closet purge of my own. I have so many things that I just don’t wear, but I feel guilty about the money I spent on them so I feel like I should keep them. Time for that to end! The items, and the guilt that goes with it, has to go. Thanks for the inspiration @Dwj1 !

  2. I love getting magazines any month–I’m always compulsively checking the mailbox just in case! :P Another piece of advice while shopping for clothes–if you’re shopping for something very specific–like jeans to wear with heel–bring heels! Otherwise, I wear a dress and sandals that are easy to get on and off, so I don’t have to fuss with my clothes too much.

    Also, I’ve started looking forward to purging my wardrobe and makeup, because I let my friends rummage through my giveaways! It’s fun to see them get excited about their “new” things :)

  3. My mailman hates me in September, but I look forward to these issues all year long.

    I love your advice about assessing and purging, @dwj1 . Actually doing this is another story, but you’ve given me a little spark of inspiration, so who knows? Great post!

  4. @dwj1 Aside from my Prevention Magazine that I have been getting since, I often stand at Eastern Newsstand and wait for the next shipment of magazines to hit the stands! You need to have your own mag! Thanks for sharing your fashion tips with us- You always deliver the best information!

  5. Is Vimio the only app to read the best/popular mags? It’s a great app, just always wondering if there are more :)

    And purging is something I need to apply to my life like, everyday. haha :(

    1. Zinio is my favorite magazine app for iPad but I also get Glamour, Allure, Self, Elle and Marie Claire have individual apps and if you subscribe in print you get the digital edition free. And download Google Catalogs, it lets you browse all the fashion and beauty catalogs on your iPad too!

  6. @dwj1, I should have commented the day I read this, but I was so inspired to do this to my own closet that I immediately took pen to paper and starting make a list for this weekend! (I’m a rabid list-maker. List accomplisher, nah; but at making lists I’m excellent…)
    I, and my poor closet and outdated wardrobe, thank you! :-)

  7. I’m sorry, but, I couldn’t help but crack up on the typo in the title “Take notes, get inspired and asses your wardrobe”.

    Great article!

    1. No Ally, that’s what we meant – ass your wardrobe! Not really, glad we made you laugh and thanks for catching the typo.

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