Nail Polish That's Full of Heart

Nail Polish That’s Full of Heart

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Serum No. 5 Nail Lacquer – Swatches and Review

Being kind is not only good for others, but good for you too. Not only for the warm rush of happiness, but studies have shown that people who are kind to other suffer less stress and often lead more fulfilling lives. And donation is easier than ever, with the rise of programs like AmazonSmile, Kickstarter or Kiva, as well as being able to spread info about worthy causes through social media. But what if you could do good while looking good?

Serum No. 5 began as a love of nails and nail art, but has branched into an altruistic, artisan nail polish brand. For every polish purchased, Serum No. 5 donates 20% of sales to a charitable cause.


From large organizations like American Heart Association to a fellow blogger who suffered the loss of a child, Serum No. 5 shows that beauty has a heart. Charities are chosen monthly, usually based on the significance of the month, such as Susan G. Komen in October, or significant events, such as a donation to the Red Cross after the Boston Marathon bombing.

The polishes I was given for review were part of a Mother’s Day Trio, but you’ll love them whether you have tiny humans or fur babies (or neither). Make sure to check out their holiday collections to try out a few shades at a discount all year long.



Blushed and Flushed ($12) is a baby pink crelly packed with silver and fuchsia glitter. This polish needs a delicate hand to avoid dragging, but I was able to get nearly opaque coverage in two coats.




Luxe So Good ($13) is a silver scattered holo. This shining beauty sets FAST so you definitely want to let it fully dry between coats to avoid drag, but is also is opaque in one coat. (I know! I was shocked too.)




Total Mom-Sense ($12) is a white lilac-toned, crelly glitter bomb – full of tiny pink, blue and purple glitter. Best of all, it also glows in the dark!


The glow pigments cause it to dry matte, and need to be charged with either sunlight or a black light, but a nice top coat will give it shine and won’t dim the cool blue glow.

All three Serum No. 5 polishes wore really well, but Luxe So Good was especially hardy and long-wearing, which is good because you’ll want to spend days looking at it’s holo-y goodness.

With a wide and varied 3-free line, including nail art supplies and nail care products, Serum No. 5 is very good polish for very good causes. Check out their site for gorgeous nail colors and to help spread some good kharma.

we heartsters – Which Serum No. 5 polish moves you? Do you have a favorite charity near and dear to your heart?

photos: Alyssa for we heart this

7 thoughts on “Nail Polish That’s Full of Heart”

  1. I didn’t mention it in the review, but that photo of Total Mom-Sense is directly after I charged my manicure and bottle with a black light. Like all glow in the dark polishes, the glow fades after a while without recharging, but the effect lasts for hours!

  2. What a neat concept! I love when companies have some built-in charitable work in their philosophy! These are some pretty polishes! And while I love the idea of glow in the dark nail polish, I have to say my favorite of these three lacquers is Blushed and Flushed. I am a sucker for pale pink polishes – and the added bits of glitter gives this a unique look (and helps me feel better about lemming over yet another pretty pink polish!)

  3. The glow in the dark effect is SO cool! If that isn’t an incentive to grow some great claws I don’t know what is. Love the charitable element on top of these great colors too!

  4. I remember the first time I used a glow in the dark polish. It was startling the first night I went to sleep with it on, my radioactive fingers!

    And I loooooove me a good holo – and Luxe So Good is just that. I swatched this too, and @lyssachelle is not kidding; it dries in a flash. It’s also the kind of polish that gets me in trouble for daydreaming. I find holos so mesmerizing.

    Bravo to a company that gives back too. This is a great brand that I look forward to getting to know better.

  5. These are all so pretty, but I’d have to try Total Mom-Sense first. Glow in the dark? Yes, please!
    I love that the company gives to charity. Thanks for the introduction!

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