Shop MAC, Cook MAC: eyes, nails and cheeks – review, photos & swatches

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MAC knows what girls like, MAC knows what girls want…

Shop MAC and Cook MAC collectionphotos: we heart this

The latest MEGA launch from MAC seem to be a tongue in cheek simplification of what women spend their time doing: shopping and cooking! Shop MAC and Cook MAC are a far more interesting idea than what I really do with most of my time (Email MAC or Commute MAC just aren’t quite as fun). The quirky and colorful 32 piece dual collection is like a spring daydream. Look at the packaging alone…

Shop MAC and Cook MAC collection

Like a designer’s Easter Basket! And happily, the products within are just as fun. This post concentrates on the eye products with a dash of nails and a pinch of cheeks (lip products will be up next week).

Al Fredo, Salad Dressed, Kid Orange shades of MAC Nail lacquersAl Fredo, Salad Dressed, Kid Orange

Behold the Nail Lacquers of Cook MAC. If Kid Orange was a bit lighter, that would be the we heart this palette! So, as you can guess I’m a bit obsessed.

A hand with Al Fredo, Salad Dressed shade nail lacquerAl Fredo, Salad Dressed – a we heart this manicure!

Al Fredo is the exact color of an egg yolk. MAC calls it “bright acid green”. I do see a tiny bit of green in the bottle, but on; I have an incredible urge for dippy eggs (and props to you who know what I mean by that!) It’s a bit streaky and took three coats to look good, but I prefer this to crayon yellow type polishes that never look good on me.

Salad Dressed is a beautiful medium turquoise creme. Two coats and it was good to go.

A hand with a nail polish of bright reddish orange creme shadeKid Orange

Kid Orange is a bright reddish orange creme. I love shades like this, not quite as “Hey look at me, I got my nails did!” as red is, but just as fabulous.

But enough of my rambling, let’s look at eyes, shall we?

MAC palette collectionpick a pocket full of palettes

MAC palette Colour AddedColour Added

MAC Palettes have been getting a bad rap lately. Seems that more often than not, they include stubborn colors that require extra work and just make people mad. If you’ve been one of those people, the palettes of Shop MAC are going to make you VERY happy.

Oh, how I love the Colour Added palette! It’s got an unexpected color combo that is very wearable and beautifully pigmented. Laundry Daze is a shimmery white with a hint of yellow. This was the least pigmented for me, but still gave decent color and is a nice highlight shade with a satin finish. Colour Added is a bright shimmery yellow with gorgeous pigment. I love that it doesn’t have any gold in it, just pure yellow with a veluxe pearl finish. Pre-Packaged is a metallic medium blue with a beautiful depth to it. It has a veluxe pearl finish. Self-Serve is a medium charcoal grey with a slight sheen and a satin finish.

MAC Colour Added palette - Laundry Daze, Colour Added, Pre-Packaged, Self-Serve swatchesColour Added palette – Laundry Daze, Colour Added, Pre-Packaged, Self-Serve

Call Me Bubbles palette Call Me Bubbles

The Call Me Bubbles palette is warm, but without a brown in sight! Seriously, do you really NEED another brown (ok, I do too, but still). It’s namesake, Call me Bubbles is a sheer, shimmery champagne with a satin finish. Sadly, it kind of disappeared on me. Fresh Daily is an orange apricot with a frost finish that’s hardly frosty. It’s a neutral shade, but with enough oompf to be different. Full of Flavour is a medium pink with a matte finish. Brash is very copper, think melted penny kind of copper. It has a beautiful veluxe pearl finish.

MAC Call Me Bubbles palette - Call Me Bubbles, Fresh Daily, Full of Flavour, Brash swatchesCall Me Bubbles palette – Call Me Bubbles, Fresh Daily, Full of Flavour, Brash

MAC Shop & Drop palette Shop & Drop

The Shop & Drop palette will please a purple person to no end. Sugar Snack continues a trend set with the lightest shades in the other two palettes, it practically disappears on me. It’s a light matte pink. Hypnotizing is a lavender taupe with lots of shimmer. It has a frost finish and is really stunning. Power Boosted is a magenta violet with a veluxe pearl finish. I imagine this would be a gorgeous pop of color. Shop & Drop is a drop dead stunner; a deep, charcoal blue with violet sheen and a satin finish.

MAC Shop & Drop palette - Sugar Snack, Hypnotizing, Power Boosted, Shop & Drop swatchesShop & Drop palette – Sugar Snack, Hypnotizing, Power Boosted, Shop & Drop

Whew, I feel like I need a cigarette after those sexy beasts.

MAC Fluidlines with medium charcoal gray packed with silver shimmer shade and blackened brown shadeFluidlines – Midnight Snack and Wholesome

Fluidlines, like Paint Pots, have a cult like following. And with good (and similar) reason. They’re creamy and wear forever – what more do you want from a creme liner?

Midnight Snack is medium charcoal gray packed with silver shimmer. Wholesome is called a blackened brown, but it reads soft black to me. Six or a half dozen, I suppose…

Fluidlines Midnight Snack and Wholesome swatchesMidnight Snack and Wholesome

Cremeblend blush with berry plum shade Restores Dazzle!

Finally, the lone Cremeblend blush we got to try, Restores Dazzle! I have one word written in my notes (in CAPS, no less. I never use all caps!) The word is BEAUTIFUL. It’s a berry plum that appears pretty dark in the pan, but can be tapped on or blended out for a lighter look. I can’t wait to hear what our tester thought of this beauty.

Cremeblend Blush Restores Dazzle swatch Cremeblend Blush – Restores Dazzle!

How about it – are you shopping this launch, then cooking up some looks? (see how I did that?) And be sure to check back next week for a look at the lovely lip products in Shop/Cook.


Eye Shadow x4
$38.00 U.S./$45.00 CDN

Shop & Drop
Hypnotizing – Frosted greyed mauve (frost)
Sugar Snack – Light pink (matte)
Power Boosted – Violet (veluxe pearl)
Shop & Drop – Deep blue (satin)

Call Me Bubbles
Call Me Bubbles – Light tan (satin)
Fresh Daily – Orange (frost)
Brash – Frosty reddish copper (veluxe pearl)
Full of Flavour – Coral (matte)

Colour Added
Laundry Daze – Light yellow (satin)
Colour Added – Bright yellow (veluxe pearl)
Self-Serve – Deep grey (satin)
Pre-Packaged – Muted turquoise (veluxe pearl)

Cremeblend Blush
Optimistic Orange – Bright coral
Florida Bright coral
Restores Dazzle! – Rich plum
$20.00 U.S./$24.00 CDN

Midnight Snack – Soft black
Wholesome – Blackened brown
Added Goodness – Blackened mauve
$15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN

Nail Lacquer
Al Fredo – Bright acid green (creme)
Salad Dressed – Midtone dirty aqua (creme)
Kid Orange – Coral (creme)
$16.00 U.S./$19.00 CDN

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I got Restores Dazzle!!! In the pan, it does look pretty dark, but actually on my face it is LOVELY. I prefer to use my fingers (germaphobes just died a little, I know, but it works so well!) and I do a little tapping motion on the pan and then tap along the apples of my cheeks. A little blending later and I have a nice glow that looks like I’ve just worked out! I didn’t think a plum like that would give just that bare hint of flush, but it’s PERFECT. I’m super impressed.

    The Cremeblend formula is rich so it’s a teeny bit tougher to blend, but that also gives it staying power. I’m actually going to go out on a limb here and say I prefer this over my previous love, Tarte cheek stain. Also? The amount of product is MASSIVE. You need so little of this product that there’s no way I will hit pan before I need to toss this due to an expiration date.

    As for the rest of the collection, I’m going to have to check out Call Me Bubbles. It looks unassuming in the palette, but the above swatches made me go “Oooo!” :-)

    1. I tell you, if my skintone was just a tad darker, you would have never seen it! I’m with you, I loved the formula too – rich and creamy. I’m so glad you liked it!

  2. It’s the Colour Added palette and all three nail polishes that have me excited about this collection. Your nails are like pretty little Easter eggs, @stef ! The Midnight Snack liner is intriguing, too. I love the sparkle!

  3. I’m obsessed with the packaging–it’s so cute! I wish it weren’t just on the cardboard boxes :( Initially I wasn’t that excited about the collection… until I got to test out the Shop & Drop palette! It’s a fun, versatile palette that can be toned down for work, or amped up for a dramatic look. The matte light pink (Sugar Snack) is really disappointing–it just disappears, even when I try and pack it on. But it’s not wasted–I use it on the browbone, and it’s probably a good thing to have a color so neutral in this palette. Hypnotizing (frosty lavender taupe) is my favorite of the bunch–it’s gorgeous and versatile. The pigmentation is fabulous and it’s really smooth in texture. Power Boost (veluxe pearl magenta) is a really fun and unique color. I tried it in the crease, and also on my lower lash line for a pop of color. Just be careful, because if you go overboard with it, you might end up looking a little like Effie Trinket! Shop and Drop (satin dark blue) is a nice outer-V color that has buildable pigmentation. You could also use an eyeliner brush and apply it wet. Overall, I feel like the colors in this palette work really well together, and you get your money’s worth, even though the one shade is a bit of a dud. I LOVE MAC, but haven’t really fallen in love with their palettes until now. This one is great. The plastic MAC palette that it comes in is sturdy, and I like that the lids are transparent and allow me to see the colors inside. I’m giving it 5 stars!

    Since I got paid today, I’m totally going to buy those Fluidlines before they’re gone! I strongly advise everyone to do the same :) They’re gorgeous alternatives to black liner without being over the top. I’ve seen these in person at the MAC store and am in love. I wish MAC didn’t make almost all of their Fluidlines limited edition colors :(

    1. I’m glad you liked Shop & Drop @lipglossandspandex – it was a bit cooler than what normally works for me but I really loved the colors.

  4. What a fortuitous nail color combination for you! Looks awesomely springy!

    1. Right? You know I put it on for photos but proudly wore it all week and got a lot of compliments!

  5. Squee – love the manicure! I had to add it to our Pinterest Mani board right now!

    I have not seen anything from these collections yet but I’m loving the packaging – gingham is always cute. And the colors are divine – so spring like and fresh. Loving the Call Me Bubbles palette – reminds me of my beloved Bubble from Ab Fab. The colors look a little orange-y to me in the palette but the swatches look like a nice change from my boring browns.

  6. I love the nail polish Kid Orange on you @stef! I really looks quite nice! I would wear that in a NY minute! The packaging on the collection is cool too!

  7. Surprisingly, I’m really digging the Wholesome Fluidline. I admit it, I tend to shy away from true black eyeliner during the day- it just tends to look too harsh on me. But Wholesome? It’s perfectly muted, not quite black, but dark enough to look like a real grown-up eyeliner. Love it!

  8. Love the quad colors, I want them all! Those nail colors are so cool too, I’m digging the dual colors…it screams spring!

  9. @stef – Your nails always look so pretty and nice! When I paint my nails, it looks like a hyper chimpanzee gave me a manicure. It’s just plain sad.

    I got to test out the Call me Bubbles palette. The colors are very pretty in the pan (they remind me of sherbet), but pretty wrong on me. My skin tone is weird–I’m super pale, but anything too orange or pink/red around my eyes makes me look diseased. I’m typically fairly neutral, but eyeshadow-wise, orange brings out the yellow in my skin and the pink/red tones bring out the ruddiness. I also have green/yellow hazel eyes, so orange and darker pink/red shades pull out a lot of the yellow, so I look a little bit “off” (hubby calls them vampire or zombie eyes–they’re not attractive).

    It’s weird, I can get away with pretty much any blush or lip shade (as long as the lip isn’t too pale and blends with my skin), but with eyeshadow, I just can’t pull off the shades in this palette, except for the truly neutral champagne shade, Call Me Bubbles. I really tried, too. I tried mixing and matching and got varying degrees of “WTF” from my significant other. He actually thought I’d been crying or had been sick when I tried the first look using the Full of Flavour pink shade (the color is too dark pink to look right on me). When I did a look using Fresh Daily (tangerine), he said it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good. When I ended with a look using the Brash shade (penny), he just laughed and said “Give it up.” I even tried mixing these with other shadows from different palettes and the colors in this palette were so bold, that the colors dominated anything I paired them with. This palette just doesn’t work on me. Bummer :(

    So, that being said, as with all MAC shadows, the quality on these are fantastic. The finishes on these shadows are dreamy, even if the colors aren’t me. I will say that I don’t know who this would be a neutral palette on–I think it would probably work best on darker skin tones so the colors aren’t as overwhelming. If you are in doubt, you will probably want to check it out in person to see if it will work for you.

    The rest of this collection looks like it wants to be mine. I now pretty much need to get that Fluidline in Midnight Snack and the Retores Dazzle cream blush… :)

  10. I do not know what it is but, Kid Orange really speaks to me. I LOVE THIS COLOR! I want to paint my nails this color and buy anything else I can in this hue.

    The fluidlines are also great in this collection and I really want to get at least one. However, they do not speak to me as loudly as KID ORANGE!

  11. I received Midnight Snack Fluidline which is gorgeous by the way and a great break from a super black eyeliner. Receiving this brought back my love for Fluidlines. Not only does it have an awesome name but it’s so versatile and for more than just lining. And these stay on and glide on so well. If you haven’t hopped on the fluidline train you better do so! This collection has the cutest packaging and the best photoshoot. Love it!

  12. OMG-I have been waiting for Hypnotizing to come back for so long!! I am dying to get my hands on the Shop & Drop Palette. Hypnotizing was first MAC shadow and my favorite! I am so excited!! Yay!!!

  13. The Shop and Drop palette has been on my to buy list! So pretty. Love the packaging, too.

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