Should You Wax at Home?

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Wax at home if you choose Parissa!

Hair is such a complicated thing. Think about it: is there anything that you simultaneously want more of AND less of? A thick head of hair on top of your head. Yes please! But a unibrow? No thanks. (You can swap that out with legs, bikini line, moustache…just about any other body part.)

Beauty lovers are very particular about the type of products we use on our hair. You probably have a favorite brand and I bet you even have a few “must-haves.” But what about the hair that falls in the unwanted category? If you’re anything like me, you grab whatever product is on sale and hope it works without issue. But here’s the thing, there’s always an issue.

Best case scenario is that you’re repeating it again in a day or two. Worst case is you end up with razor burn or ingrown hairs. All of which leave you in a position that’s more unsightly than what you started with!

I think it’s time we all treat our unwanted hair with the same respect as we do our manes. Choose the best products that you can for the job. That means choosing Parissa.

Parissa eyebrow waxing pen

Parissa brings over 35 years’ experience to hair removal. This female-founded company produced Canada’s first all-natural hair removal product. And to this day it still produces products using only ingredients that are safe, gentle and from natural, sustainable sources. Ingredients like tree resin, cane sugar, beeswax, vegetable oils and plant extracts. Even their packaging is sustainable and ethically sourced.

But beyond all those good reasons for choosing Parissa, you might be wondering the big question: why wax at home? Easy answer: it’s quick, effective and affordable! When you add to that the fact that waxing produces longer lasting results than shaving, it’s an easy choice.

But there’s one more question remaining. There’s lot of reasons why I should, but CAN I wax at home? (Meaning, is it easy and/or will I chicken out?) And I’m happy to report: you totally got this.

Parissa eyebrow waxing pen

For my first at home waxing experience I chose the Parissa Precision Waxing Pen ($12) from their list of products to tackle the stray hairs that have been popping up above my lip over the past few years. I like to think of them as lost eyebrows! And although I always welcome a stray of the animal variety, these strays are not welcome.

You’ll find everything you need in the box: wax pre-packaged in a pen, small cotton strips and azulene oil for post waxing, which comes with all Parissa waxing kits. It’s an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that soothes and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

They call it a pen, but lipgloss fans will find the Parissa eyebrow waxing pen similar to click applicators often used for gloss packaging. It works well to allow for a small, precise amount of product to be distributed. But it also takes a while to get the product moving through the applicator, so be careful not to go click-crazy!

Parissa eyebrow waxing pen

To get started, they recommend a patch-test for allergies and sensitivity. Once that’s complete, you don’t want to wash your face prior to usage, as your skin’s natural oils will act as a buffer between the wax and your skin.

It takes just one minute to warm and liquefy the wax for use. You can use your hair dryer or place the pen tip up in hot water. I found a cup of water microwaved to just under boiling worked best.

A blonde woman holding a Parissa eyebrow waxing pen

Then, apply a paper thin layer of wax to a small section the skin in the direction of your hair growth. Really, the less wax the better. Immediately after, press on a cotton strip with enough of the strip extending beyond the wax so you can get a good hold of it. Hold your skin taut and in one quick movement, zip off the strip in the opposite direction of your hair growth, pulling along your skin (not straight up.)

Apply the azulene oil to remove any excess wax and to calm your skin, then marvel at your hair-free body part!

While there are things I’d rather do (like eating an ice cream cone or petting a puppy, perhaps!) waxing really doesn’t hurt that much. It smarts, but at the same time you’re about to say “ouch” it’s already over! And the results are well worth it.

There’s a new name on your must-have haircare list, and it’s Parissa. Check out their waxing products and see which one is right for you.



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  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve tried this at home, but this product sounds like it works well, and I like the pen idea, so that the wax is less messy and contained.

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