Sigma Beauty – Flat Kabuki Brush Review

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Anything is possible with a good makeup brush!

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These days, it seems like many of us feel an undeniable pressure to measure up to unrealistic standards of perfection. The burden of this pressure extends to our families, jobs, homes and of course our physical beauty. Ultimately, we need to give ourselves a break and realize that perfection rarely exists.

I have, however, found that there are ways to give the illusion of perfection. You know, the “fake it until you make it” approach. Sigma Beauty showed me that with the right tools, we have the potential to at least create the illusion of perfection on our faces.

Sigma was founded in 2008 by a Brazilian couple, Rene, a civil engineer, and his wife Simone, a researcher with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. The duo combined their knowledge of engineering and scientific research and put it to use in the beauty industry to create this line of affordable and high-quality beauty products. The company currently seems to emphasize their dynamic and extensive line of cosmetic brushes.

Flat Kabuki (F80) Brush

I was able to test a few Sigma items, and the real gem for me was their Flat Kabuki (F80) Brush. It comes from their new Synthetic Kabuki line which is vegan and made with their signature Sigmax fibers. According to the company, the Sigmax fibers are uniquely designed to apply powder, cream, and liquid products without absorption into the bristles.

Flat Kabuki (F80) Brush

I was very pleased with this brush. It is incredibly soft, dense, and does not shed. Their claims about absorption were true. I was able to smoothly and evenly apply powder, liquid and cream without losing much product to the brush itself. The brush also made it easier to reach the weird contours of my face, like the corners of my nose that are usually so tricky.

This brush really made it possible for me to actually buff on my foundation and really gave me that illusion of flawless skin. This is absolutely a unique brush, offered at an excellent price point of $16. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Closer look of Flat Kabuki (F80) Brush handle or body

In addition to brushes, Sigma offers storage and travel accessories, skin care tools, and a collection of eye shadow palettes. The entire catalog seems to be relatively affordable, with brushes starting at $9. Even better, the company also appears to frequently send free gifts with purchases. Woot.

Along with the Flat Kubiki Brush I received three eyeshadow samplers to explore:

Grasp, a peach shimmer from the Dare Palette

Grasp, a peach shimmer from the Dare Palette

Shine, an intense black sparkle from the Bare palette

Shine, an intense black sparkle from the Bare palette

Crush, a smoky grey found in the Flare palette

Crush, a smoky grey found in the Flare palette

Grasp, Shine, Crush swatchesGrasp, Shine, Crush

The shadows were a nice variety of subtle and intense. I experienced no fallout and the application was nice and smooth. After trying these free gifts, I would definitely consider giving their palettes a try.

With quality products and a great price point, Sigma Beauty may be a new kid on the block in the beauty world, but they are certainly worth getting to know.

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  1. First off, that kabuki brush is fantastic. The synthentic fibers are quite soft so that it almost feels like feathers tickling your face. Best part is that there is absolutely no shedding (I can’t stand little stray brush hairs on my face). While it did a good job buffing my mineral foundation, I found this brush most useful for applying and blending bronzer. In fact, I’ve made bronzer blending the kabuki brush’s sole purpose in my makeup drawer, even though in can clearly handle more.
    I was impressed with the sample eyeshadows, too. I received Grasp and Shine. The shimmery peach of Grasp is silky and well pigmented, the color a nice, neutral for a bare-eyed look, or a great highlighter. I used this on the top of my cheek and the bridge of my ose, too.
    Shine is awesome in its intensity. The texture is a little grainy because the glitter is heavy but the impact is awesome. Because this is such a heavily pigmented charcoal color, a carful hand is needed when applying. On that note, have fun using this as an eyeliner, crease color, or full-on lid color for that heavy metal-look.
    Brush, 5 stars, shadows 4.

  2. I don’t think I own anything quite like the kabuki brush, and at this price, I need to get one now, @kellie76 ! No shedding, no absorption and the perfect shape, too… sounds perfect!

  3. That brush sounds amazing, especially for only $16!! I neeeeed it noooooooow!

    I tried out Shine. It has great pigmentation and is a fabulous color if you want an intense black with glitter. The little magnetic closure is nice, as is the paper/cardboard casing. Very impressive. Five stars.

  4. Great Review Kellie76 !!! I found the Kabuki Brush to be quite versatile. It is great for foundation, bronzer, blushes and even SPF. (I like powder SPF.)
    I want to confirm that I did not have any shedding.

    I unexpectedly fell in love with grasp! It really highlighed my hazel eyes and is just one of those perfect colors for me for me.

    Five Stars.

  5. Sigma’s Grasp, Shine, Crush eye shadow samples were and are really fun for me to test.. I happen to like all the colors and each one looked great on my lids and matched my skintone rather nicely. I love the little magnetic closures too.. I used them more than I thougth I would too and carry them in my pocketbook when going out.. Just adorable! I also was really happy with the Flat Kabuki Brush as it works soooo well blending my liquid makeup.. it’s also great as a Kabuki! I used my mineral makeup and loved the soft bristles.. not one has been left behind.. Great products and for a VERY nice price! I give them all Five Stars!

  6. The kabuki brush is amazing. I have started using it as my face mineral powder brush. It applies so evenly and is so soft and just wonderful. Clearly, I love it. I also have been using the grasp and crush eye colors on a regular basis. They last all day and have just the right amount of shimmer without being gaudy. I also love, love, love to use the black shine color as an eye liner. I am so happy to say I am a huge fan of sigma and will definitley be buying more of their products!

  7. I own this brush in my own personal collection, and I must say that it’s a great brush! Their other brushes are great too if you are considering replenishing your eyeshadow brushes.

  8. Ooohh – I’m jealous of all the ladies that tested the Kabuki Brush! Sounds pretty fantastic – and 16 bucks for a good face brush is a great price.

    I tested the Crush eye shadow, and as mentioned by the others, it’s got some cute packaging (especially the little magnetic closure) for a sample item. I’ve found the color – which to me looks like a mash up of khaki, grey and brown – works for me both day and night. I use it sparingly in the crease of my eyes during the day for a bit of drama (compared to my usual daytime nudes and tans) and with a bit more of a heavy hand, for the night. Crush is my first Sigma product, and now I’m excited to see more.

  9. @kellie76 Have you tried the Elf brush flat blush brush? Or the new UD Naked brush they released with their foundation? If you have, how would you compare them to the flat kabuki brush? I have the ELF one and I like it…but I don’t know that I would call it my HG brush of that style. I love it for buffing on foundation or BB cream…it gives such a nice finish

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