Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion review

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Welcome to another Green Monday readers! If your skin is anything like mine, it is at its driest, itchiest, reddest, most sensitive state during the dead of winter. I admit since most of my skin is covered, I spend less time nourishing it during the coldest season. Sadly, this is the time I should be lavishing the most attention on my parched skin.

Enter Skin MD Natural and their remarkable Sheilding Lotion. A no-nonsense, all-green solution to dry winter skin and the accompanying woes, that can (and will) be used by everyone in your home.

After a full year of reviews, this lotion was the first product I had to stash away from my housemate Eric, to ensure I had enough product to properly review it. As the pickiest, yet straightest gay guy I know, that’s saying a lot! When I asked Eric for his review of the Shielding Lotion he succinctly replied, “It’s not greasy, the scent isn’t over whelming…and it really works.”

That, my friends, is a five star review from our Eric! And I agree; this one of a kind lotion is one of the most effective I’ve ever used and it’s utilitarian simplicity will appeal to both sexes and people of any age. And, the best news of all? This all natural formula is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and fragrance and colorant free so it works with (rather then against) those with sensitive skin. The Shielding Lotion has even been effective in improving the condition of skin suffering from eczema, psoriasis and thyroid conditions. (As always, consult with your physician before using any product).

So, what makes the Skin MD Natural Sheilding Lotion so different and so effective? Daily exposure of your skin to cleansers, soaps and the elements all combine to strip away your skin’s natural protective layer. (When you feel that telltale itching and stinging, it’s a warning sign that it needs some attention). This Shielding Lotion bonds with the outer layer of your skin and that helps to keep irritants out and moisture in.

The barrier that is formed is pretty amazing. After I apply my Shielding Lotion, it vanishes into my skin faster then any lotion on the market. Yet that one application can withstand a few hand washes too. You won’t feel an oily residue rinse away (and down the drain) from the top of your skin, (leaving it bare and dry yet again). My skin feels protected for hours and with regular use, my poor hands have greatly improved. The skin texture is clearer, the redness is almost gone, and the flakes, tightness and itchiness have vanished!

Granted, I’ve used more “luxurious” products; ones with sweeter, heavier scents, thicker consistencies and prettier bottles. But I’ve yet to find one that heals and protects my skin, most notably my hands, better then the Sheilding Lotion. I’m more then willing to overlook the sparse packaging and simple scent for the incredible results. I think this lotion would be great for anyone that uses and washes their hands all day long – moms, nurses, teachers, office workers, etc.

But don’t take my word for it! Skin MD Natural is a company that truly stands behind its products. Each and every item sold is unconditionally guaranteed. They also offer FREE SAMPLES for all. Bloggers are encouraged to conduct their own reviews. Plus there are multiple options for everyone to receive free samples. The folks at Skin MD Natural think (and I agree) that once you try this long lasting, healing lotion, you will be back for more!

So, wht review team, did Skin MD Natural’s Shielding Lotion have you believing “less is more?” Let’s hear how your skin bonded with the Shielding Lotion!

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  1. Tyna, I just could not agree more with every word you said about this lotion. I love what it DOESN’T contain the most, and what it DOES contain…whoa. It’s amazing that this product can cost so little when the benefits are ten-fold. I’ve been using it for over a month now (in addition to the samples you sent, they actually sent me an additional sample for review on my blog) and I swear to you, I KNOW I will be repurchasing when I run out. The almost-watery, gel-like consistency might make you think it’s not going to do much at first (compared to a thicker cream) but you soon discover that the texture is extremely deceiving! It absorbs into the skin so effortlessly and I swear every single morning when I wake up my skin just feels so hydrated and soft. And then when i apply it again before I put on my makeup, it gives me the perfect foundation to make my makeup last all day and never look cakey or settle into fine lines. I swear it makes my foundation (especially when I use powder foundation) glide on my skin with ease. And of course I love it for my dry, scary winter hands as well. It’s such an amazing all-purpose product, I could go on and on. A very enthusiastic 5 stars from me!

  2. I received Skin MD, Natural – Shielding lotion to test. I must mention that it quickly found its way into my husbands’ hands. I told him about it because of how much it calmed my sensitive skin down. I went on to tell him about its ingredients and that’s all she wrote! “Where’s my lotion”? It travels with us now, wherever we go. “Do you have that lotion I like?”, “Yes, I have it!” You get the picture. This stuff is great all around for my skin.. It’s super healing and it lasts for hours. Ideal for right after showering because the shielding lotion is locked in. I’m am impressed with what’s in this non assuming bottle.. One of my favorite skin treatments has always been Arnica Montana, but this also has the famed Aloe Vera, Comfrey, Chamomile, and Yarrow. While checking out this product on line, MD Natural has a moisturizing factor of at least 6 times greater than glycerin. I noticed right away that my skin liked this product. However, just a few days after I used this I really noticed its benefits. I’m happy to give this great product 5 stars!

  3. I’m going to say ditto to everything both of you said, this stuff is amazing. My skin is on the dry side anyway and during the winter with a gas heater my skin is begging for moisture. I have tried so many things, that do the trick but either smell disgusting, or make my face look like an oil well, so when I tried this I was amazed. The smell is so light it’s barely there, the consistency is light as well and once you put it on, your skin drinks it up and is left looking smooth, not greasy!! I’ve used it on my dry hands, and face and I give it 5 super loving stars. It’s really helped my skin, I find I only have to use it every few days and it still does the thats saying something!! If you have dry this quick! Your skin will thank you! :)

  4. Tyna and I probably disagree more on this product than any other we’ve reviewed! Usually we’re pretty close in our opinions. But where she loves this (and I mean, LOVES!) it sadly doesn’t really do much for me.

    I prefer the heavy and scented types of lotions she refers to above. This has an almost wintergreen scent when you first apply it that doesn’t work for me (although it dissipates quickly). And I’m not fond of the thin texture.

    Now, if you truly have problem skin, I think based on the raves I heard from the testers, you should def. give this a try. But for me, who doesn’t have dry or sensitive skin, and prefers a girlier lotion – this wasn’t really quite up my alley.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Packaging inspiration- Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura =-.

  5. Sorry Steph, I agree with Tyna. This stuff is no-nonsense and it DOES work. The bottle says its for “Face, Hand & Body.” Usually when a lotion makes that claim, I don’t believe the “face” part. In the interests of science and an accurate review, I took the face challenge. My result: a thoroughly moisturizing, yet totally non-greasy, soothing face lotion.
    I didn’t get to use it much since my man, Greg, used much of it for himself (I empathize with you, Tyna). In fact, this was gone the first week we had it because it’s just too good for too many skin issues: the red flush on my chest and neck, Greg’s dry hands, feet and elbows, daily face moisturizer…the list goes on.
    My metrosexual doesn’t usually let a pretty “for women only-type” packaging deter him from good product, but I could tell he felt better about using this straightforward lotion (as evidenced by his “this stuff is for guys, too” comment made upon first getting his hands on it). I’ll have to get some more of this ‘guy stuff’ for both of us.

  6. Hilarious! This ended up in MY Greg’s hands, too! I love how he makes fun of my “girlie makeup website” but many more of the products than he’d ever admit to using, do end up getting used by him, and very enthusiastically. Just last night I heard “Where’s my lotion?!” when he couldn’t find it in it’s usual place!

    Since the day this arrived I was excited to write this review. It’s just that good, and I had a feeling it would be just from how the bottle’s written, ie, it tells you to apply every 2-8 hours until moisture level improves, then just once every 12-24 hours…something about that just spoke serious medical dry skin care to me – not frilly girlie lotion! And it absolutely worked just like that. My hands have been much less dry and uncomfortable this season – and I attribute it in large part to this lotion. I love that it’s unscented – I don’t like any extra scents on my hands, etc that conflict with my perfume! And, it is like it’s leaving an invisible layer of moisture that doesn’t come off easily. I keep it in the cupholder of my car to get the maximum use out of it, and find myself using it every to every other day – but I think it really does such a good job that that’s all I have to use it now – most winters I’m applying lotion several times per day – and still getting dry, itchy skin. I love this stuff and wish I could give it more than 5 stars – I will undoubtedly buy this again – it wins hands down over all the other unscented, dry skin lotions on the market that I’ve tried – because it’s not greasy or too thick, it spreads easily, doesn’t come off, makes my hands soft, and it just plain does what it says – cures my dry skin!

    5 stars all the way!! Great product Skin MD!!

  7. I think it’s funny how our men are digging this product! Stef, just wait until you young skin gets older and drier! You will look for THIS!!!

  8. I have to agree with the majority of everyone else. I have really bad eczema breaks outs on my hand. They get so bad that they turn bright red and feel like they are on fire and I can’t stop scratching. I wasn’t sure this lotion would do much for me because it looked a little watery and I didn’t think that it would help at all. But I was very wrong! The lotion felt great on my skin! It cooled my irritated hands right down and took the itch away almost instantly. It also absorbed right into my skin. Even while I washed my hands I could feel a “protective barrier” almost, keeping the lotion locked in. I still put more on after washing my hands, just to give them more nourishment.

    I continued to use this for the past month, while it has helped hugely, I still have some break outs and redness, but I plan to continue to use it because of the way it takes the sting away so easily. Great product for a great price!

  9. I received a Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion to review and I loved it. It is rare the lotion that I can use on my face AND my body. Usually body lotion is too heavy for my facial skin, causing breakouts. Although it felt thin, it was a surprisingly rich lotion. It was soft and silky, and blended right into my face. My face felt softer. I didn’t do multiple applications on my hands throughout the day because I wanted to make it stretch as long as possible for my face. It is a wonderful lotion.

  10. I too am with Tyna on this product, i love it! I used this product awhile back and loved it so was so excited to review it. Besides having great results, i love the fact more then anything is that is absorbs so fast! its light but has a heavy cream effect. I also love that the scent is light and barely there in my opinion. Yeah, the packaging needs a little help because i don’t think it properly represents what a fantastic product is inside.

  11. I tried this at Walgreens and loved it as much as my Aveeno. What’s better is that it’s nearly $8 cheaper at Walgreens than on the online store ($9.99!).

    The only reason why I didn’t buy it (and still don’t) is because $10 for 4 oz. is a hefty price. My 18 oz. of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is $11.00 at Jewel Osco. I love both equally, but I choose the 14 extra ounces for the same price. I need to get the SPF version. I keep forgetting! : slaps hand onto head :

  12. I’m with you on this one, Stef! At least when this lotion is used on your body. I will say that this is a great lotion, especially if you have problem skin. It’s thin, yet it gets the job done. It’s very functional, if that makes sense. It’s definitely a no frills product. I, however, love frills! I am a fan of strongly scented creams and lotions and love a lotion to be thicker and smell all girly. I don’t want to use something my husband is going to swipe (What is it with those men and their klepto tendencies???). Don’t get me wrong, this lotion works very well. I have a tiny patch of dry skin on my side that I’ve had pretty much since the dawn of time that no cream or lotion will make softer and this lotion made it almost completely disappear, which is fantastic, but as an all-over product, I’d probably pass on it, and just stick to spot treatments.
    As a face lotion, I don’t mind this product in that capacity b/c I prefer my face creams/lotions to be unscented/nearly unscented, so that was fine. This isn’t too rich and plumps skin up a little bit without making it oily. I used this whenever I wasn’t going out for the day (no spf) and I thought this did a nice job–no breakouts, but no WOW results, either. Just a nice, basic face lotion.
    Thanks to the miraculous disappearance of that dry patch, though, I have to recommend it to those of you with severely dry/problem skin. 4 stars!

  13. Well, it looks like we will finally have to hold a wht dance-off to solve this. I’m willing to hit the floor for this one – Actually, maybe I’ll send Eric in my place – he can do the running man like nobody’s business.

    I love the Shielding Lotion – so effective and fast/easy to use. It’s all green and sold at a reasonable price – what’s not to love?

    And ladies – they do make this lotion with an SPF15 in it!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Etsy 4 for Friday – hoodies =-.

  14. Oh – I need this for sure! Winter has done my skin in and it is almost time for the reveal! Ahhh!

  15. I used this too and it is the most amazing and must have for me in winter! It is not greasy yet it is moisturizing enough to prevent my skin from flaking.

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