My #SkinnyCowSecret - I eat ice cream in the tub

My #SkinnyCowSecret – I eat ice cream in the tub

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“How are things with you?” asks my friend.
“BUSY!” I say.

That’s pretty much how most of my conversations with friends start (though I would imagine that it sounds familiar to you too.) Between work, family and life in general, it seems my to-do list is never blank. Honestly, there are items on there that get transferred from old list to new list for months on end. Hall closet, I swear I will get to you one of these days. I see your teetering piles, I do…

But it’s important to try and steal some time for yourself when you can, to do things that are not even close to being on a to-do list. These are the things that help you to unwind and recharge, both of which are equally important to help you to tackle anything that comes your way.

As much as I love elaborate indulgences (like a spa day) it’s the little rewards that add up and keep me consistently happy and feeling good. One of my favorite ways to treat myself is to take a bath. But I’m not talking a “quick splash to get ready for the next day” sort of bath. I’m talking “apply a mask, load up the bubbles and grab an ice cream bar” sort of bath.


That’s right, I said ice cream! I’m not sure what it is, but eating something sweet in the tub makes me feel like I don’t have a care in the world. It takes relaxing to a whole new level.

Best of all, my family now knows if I head into the bathroom with an ice cream bar that they should leave me alone. No knocking, whatever it is can totally wait, she needs a minute…

Skinny-Cow-ice-cream-stickAll that remains of my #SkinnyCowSecret – with lipstick ring evidence

My ice cream bar of choice is Skinny Cow Double Caramel Swirl. It has a rich chocolate coating over low fat caramel ice cream and caramel swirls. Something about the crunch of biting into a chocolate shell, it’s definitely my favorite ice cream accessory. The creamy caramel ice cream and the swirls are a great counterpart too. This is a majorly delicious treat.


Of course, if ice cream isn’t your thing, Skinny Cow has other equally yummy options. Prefer to indulge with candy? The Divine Filled Chocolates are squares filled with silky caramel. Or maybe coffee is what floats your boat? Newest to the Skinny Cow family is their Iced Coffee in three flavors: Vanilla Latte, Mocha Latte and Creamy Cappuccino. I declare all to be tub-worthy.

So go ahead and indulge. It’s good for you. And equally good for those around you!

Do you have a #SkinnyCowSecret that helps you recharge? Find out HERE how you can share it on Twitter with @TheSkinnyCow for a sweet treat!

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5 thoughts on “My #SkinnyCowSecret – I eat ice cream in the tub”

  1. You give me ideas. I do the same with a glass of wine! But Ice cream, that’s taking it to a whole different level of enjoyment in the bath.. LOL! Skinny Cow is YUMMY too! I’ve had Skinny Cow’s Double Caramel Swirl and the Divine Filled Chocolates squares filled with silky caramel. Yeah, they’re good alright!
    I like ice coffee, so I’ll be looking to check that out next!

  2. How adorable are you in that pic? And my husband loves Skinny Cow–we’re definitely going to have to track down that iced coffee ASAP.

  3. Skinny Cow iced coffee?! I had no idea such a wonderful thing existed! I do love Skinny Cow, but I’ve never thought to sneak one into the bath. You’re full of great ideas, @stef!

  4. Awww…look at your cute, little face! You are adorkable! Yes, I combined adorable with dork. Whose gonna stop me? Bwahahahahaha…

    I love Skinny Cow’s ice cream sandwiches–they are so stupidly good it should be illegal.

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