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The business of beauty is clearly one that interests us all. I mean, you’re here, aren’t you? We all want to look good and be healthy. What products do we love for our skin? Our hair? You can find our opinions right here on we heart this.

But where do we find all those products we love? Where do we find new products to try? Where do we learn more? We all can find things new, or tried and true—as well as learn a thing or two—at

Sure we live in an era where cosmetic superstores are found in every shopping mall. I’m like everyone I know—I can’t walk away without an armload of spontaneous purchases every trip. The spontaneity of these big store beauty purchases means that I usually don’t do much research.

Due to my work for we heart this, I have some solid beauty groundwork but I still fall prey to all those bells and whistles. Maybe it sounds good. Maybe the package is sleek. Maybe the salesperson was effusive with praise. Maybe after an impromptu makeover I felt obligated. Just today I was in one of these stores to pick up some foundation. I came home with that—and a lipgloss, a highlighter, hair color and a mascara with a limited edition Swavorski crusted handle. Sigh.

These mall-centered cosmetic superstores do have their online equivalents that I take advantage of when I run low on a favorite product and plan ahead for its replacement. I do still browse and buy with compulsion. But what if there was a place to buy the best products—the ones you know, the ones you need—but also find the best advice for everything else? What if there were a way to channel this compulsive need to beautify effectively yet spend efficiently? This, my friends, is where SkinStore has the market cornered.


SkinStore has all my tried and true favorites: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, Beauty Blender sponges, Erno Lazlo cleansers, Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue, Juara moisturizers, Clarisonic replacement heads… the list goes on. But there’s a blog, too, edited by beauty, makeup and skincare specialists, as well as a resident pharmacist.

In the blog you can see such things as top picks for foundations, along with ingredients to look for in your skincare, or beauty products that enhance your life and fitness. Of course, those favorite products are all made available on the site. is a finely curated yet expansive collection of beauty products with a team that is dedicated to educating us about what we need

After reading some of the posts, the thing I most want to try is Mio Skincare Your Fit Skin For Life Kit ($33). This kit contains Boob Tube and Multi-Action Bust Cream (for wrinkles in the chest region), The Activist Active Body Oil (filled with antioxidants and nutrients to keep the skin fit and hydrated) and The Workout Wonder Muscle Gel (a natural gel of herbs and extracts to smooth your muscles post workout). I seriously wanted to hit the gym after reading about these! (Wait…who am I?)

Actually, my work is quite physical and I do need to try that muscle gel. My wrinkly boobs expressed particular interest in the bust cream, and with winter approaching, that body oil could be put to good work. And this trio is sold together. Talk about thoughtful selection! I don’t need another lipgloss—I need boob wrinkle cream, body oil and muscle gel. Really.

The bottom line is that is a finely curated yet expansive collection of beauty products with a team that is dedicated to educating us, the consumer, about what we need, while making the products that supply those needs readily available and easily accessible.

How do you we heartsters feel about spontaneous beauty splurges? Would you be more inclined to buy your products from a site that lets you learn and spend in the same place? Do you tend to splurge more in the brick and mortar store or online?


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  1. I love the idea of the Skinstore, and specifically educating yourself and buying what’s really necessary. I am definitely prone to splurging online AND in store, sigh.

  2. I have been buying from the skinstore for quite sometime. They have a lot of high end brands that you may only be able to get at a medical spa. Personally, I am more likely to buy more line especially if there are incentives because I am always short on time. The Skinstore is open 24/7 for shopping!

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