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I have been a long-time fan of vintage clothing and accessories. When I was a kid, I would obsessively try to copy the looks from “Dirty Dancing”. The early 1960’s summertime looks in the film were a beautiful and interesting juxtaposition between innocence and sex appeal. In my efforts to recreate this, I would scour my parents’ closet and thrift stores for anything from denim cutoff shorts and men’s white button-down shirts to cardigans and empire-waisted dresses with full skirts.

As an adult, I now find myself coveting the crisp, tailored outfits from “Mad Men”. I adore the classy, grown-up 1960’s looks featured on the show. The vivid hues of the clothing are stunning. The accessories are simple and yet unique. I am always on the hunt for pieces to help me recreate the sexy and classic ensembles from the show.

Sadly, I have little time these days to seek out vintage gems in thrift stores. And even when I do find myself in a store, my asthma and allergies prevent me from staying long. So how’s a girl supposed to get her vintage fix with all of these inconveniences? Luckily, I found just the solution when I visited the fantastic site (and wht sponsor) Blue Velvet Vintage.

Theresa Campbell McKee has always had a passion for the past. An early career in the culinary arts led her to travel a great deal, both nationally and internationally. It was during these travels that she began to extensively collect vintage clothing and acessories. It was only a natural fit for her to want to share her passion with others. She began by selling her finds part-time and soon Theresa decided to make her part-time dream a full-time reality by establishing the Blue Velvet Vintage website in 2002.

Blue Velvet Vintage allows modern day women the opportunity to incorporate classic vintage pieces into their everyday wardrobes. Or, if the mood strikes them, to create full-on vintage ensembles. The site carries a wide variety of authentic vintage pieces, along with a line of beautiful retro-inspired pieces.

Blue Velvet Vintage truly takes the guess work out of vintage shopping. It is a beautifully categorized shop, with a well-priced and diverse selection of clothing and accessories. And each piece is photographed from multiple angles (front and back) in close-up and full length. The authentic vintage offerings are well cleaned and repaired. When you place an order you will receive a flawless or nearly-so piece that is ready to wear. The condition and measurements of each item are well represented on the site.

Here are a few of my favorites as seen above:

• This Champagne Satin Draped Prom Gown/Wedding Dress is just so dreamy. It reminds me of a gown a Kennedy would wear. Simply stunning and a deal at $119.99 (imagine what wedding stuff you could spend your money on, when paying $120 for a wedding gown!~Tyna)

• This White Full Skirt Summer Sun Dress with embroidery totally evokes the innocence of Frances “Baby” Houseman during the summer of 1963. And at a mere $52, you can soon be having “the time of your life”.

• This Bettie Page 50’s style Red Pencil Dress with silver embroidered accents looks to be straight out of Mad Men. It looks like I can now be one step closer to fulfilling my not-so-secret dream of being Joan Holloway, all for a very reasonable $119.99.

Blue Velvet Vintage also offers a very unique service. They offer a free personal shopping and styling service. They will ensure that you are able to put together a look that is perfect for you. And if they don’t have that exact piece you are searching for, no worries. They will attempt to hunt it down for you.

If you are looking for high quality vintage pieces, easy shopping, and a great selection, look no further. Try on Blue Velvet Vintage!

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  1. I am having so much fun shopping at Blue Velvet Vintage. It is really so tough for me to shop for vintage with my asthma and allergies. So it is perfect for me to do it while in my pajamas from home. Yay! I am also really loving their beautiful collection of jewelery. There was so much good stuff that I couldn’t mention it all.

  2. Ooo, these are stunning. I could spent hours browsing….

  3. Wow, I just had to look at the Red Dress and I immediately thought “that’s so Joan!”

    They’ve got gorgeous stuff, so reasonably priced too!

  4. Love the idea of a BloggerProm @japl! A chance to wear a fabulous spectacle of a dress – the prom-ier the better.

    And I can’t say how much I love the detailed photos of all the pieces on the Blue Velvet site. Back and side views showing details and full length? Genius. Decent prices too, for a well vetted piece.

    We have the best sponsors ever – thanks BVV!

  5. I went over to Blue Velvet Vintage like an hour ago, thinking I was going to take a fast look around. Hah! Great site, wonderful selection! I love the jewelry, shoes, everything!

  6. What a site!!! Thanks @kellie76! As soon as I know my Madmen party is a for sure, I’m going to get that Red Pencil Dress!!

  7. Thanks for the review Kellie! Loving the site so far and happy to see the pieces are reasonably priced. I’m always looking to add a few vintage pieces to my wardrobe so this is a great place to start!

  8. Thanks for reviewing!

    These pieces are beautiful, but so expensive! I’m a college student so this site is really only if I find something I really like. Yikes!

  9. I would kill for that red pencil dress. Yowza!

  10. Yes, I too so love that red pencil dress. Unfortunately, it’s only available in small and I’m built a lot like Joan…

  11. I love the Champagne Satin Draped Prom Gown/Wedding Dress. The price is quite reasonable if only I had somewhere to wear it!

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