Smashbox Reign, Fall 09 collection – review

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I don’t know about all of you, but it seems to me that something has been missing from the makeup collections as of late. Maybe it’s the recession (boo) or a lack of creativity that is to blame, but too many new collections just don’t excite me very much. Their packaging is blah, their colors are blah, the products are standard palette colors that are renamed and repackaged together again and again, but we, the consumer, are expected to plunk down our hard-earned cash for these stale collections because they are billed as “NEW”. It seems that Smashbox has heard our cry for something more luxurious, something more indulgent, something that’s actually worthy of our lust.

Smashbox’s new Reign Collection is billed as “luxe, sexy, and indulgently sensorial.” The new collection takes its inspiration from the court of the English Tudors and is truly fit for a queen…or six queens if we’re striving for historical accuracy. Even the cardboard boxes the collection is packaged in are visually stunning in bronze burgundy hues with quilting details (dotted with tiny crowns and “s” patterns) and a gold Smashbox coat of arms on the front. The palettes in the collection look like they are padded with rich, bronze-burgundy leather and contain large, generous mirrors, perfect for applying on the go. The single lip gloss of the set sports a gold charm on the cap, proof that attention to every detail was made. Aside from the gorgeous packaging, the colors inside are a balance of matte and shimmer, dramatic and subtle, and so divinely wearable that one could potentially lose their head over them (Puns! Ha!)

Contained in this collection and quite possibly your deepest fantasies:

The eye shadow palettes each contain three generously-sized, baked shadows containing dual matte/shimmer shadows, the center of the pan being matte and the outer circle having shimmer, so you get two different looks from one shade, three looks if you swirl them together. The Majesty palette contains champagne, plum, and black. This is a must have for those of you with blue or green eyes. The Monarch palette contains soft gold, copper, and the most perfect shade of deep brown ever. This is a must have for those of you with brown or hazel eyes. I have hazel eyes and this palette when combined with the Jet Set liner palette makes my eyes look downright sultry.

The Jet Set palette contains 4 shades of cream eye liner and a mini arced liner brush, which makes application ridiculously easy. The shades inside are matte black and matte dark brown on one side and metallic gold and metallic brown on the other side and are kept fresh with inner air-tight lids. The metallic gold liner is especially gorgeous when lined on inner eyes and under bottom lashes and I had the chance to test these liners in almost 100 degree heat and they did not budge even the slightest. I am in love.

Lash DNA Mascara in Plum, a shimmering black plum shade that with its proprietary complex of proteins and amino acids, richly lengthens, conditions, and strengthens.

Fusion Blush in Regal, a blush made up of one side matte peach nude and one side shimmery peach nude that are so stunning when swirled together and give a really natural flush of color, especially when applied with a big, fluffy brush.

Doubletake Lip Color, a dual sided lip pencil and creamy lip color pencil, in Currant, a matte, deep berry, and Amaretto, a matte peachy pink. I have the Amaretto shade and while I typically can’t get away with nude shades because they make dark-haired, fair-complected me look washed out, this shade did not. It just made my lips look natural, but so much better.

Lip Gloss in Crowned, a shimmery, pale peachy pink that looks lovely alone or slicked on top of Amaretto.

Review Team—anybody else out there bowing and curtsying to the majesty that is Smashbox’s Reign Collection?


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  1. I tested the Fusion Blush in Regal. First off, I’ll comment on the packaging. LOVE IT! It looks like a leather wallet, but when you open it up the most beautiful peach colored blush is contained inside. The top is even cushioned! You definitely feel regal pulling this out of your purse or makeup bag.

    Next on to the blush. At first, I thought there was no way this color would show up on me. I’m pretty olive and tan easily. I thought it would blend right into my skin tone and disappear. Boy was I wrong. It’s packed full of pigment and goes on the most amazing peach colored hue. Best of all, the color is really natural looking. This is quickly becoming my favorite blush and I find myself reaching for it on a daily basis.

    Once again, Smashbox doesn’t disappoint. I would love to add other items from this collection to my arsenal. I’m coveting the Jet Set and Monarch palettes. I give this blush 5 stars and can’t wait to try more from this collection.

  2. Oh, this collection! It’s just gorgeous. Krista, I hear you with the boring collections. I think it may be that I’m just sick of summer collections. One more sand and sea look and I was going to get seasick!

    Reign is so absolutely Fall, rich, decadent Fall! It’s a site to be seen. I chose the Majesty palette, I just had to make one of the e/s palettes mine (but I couldn’t have gone wrong with either one).

    As Krista and Tiff have said (and you’ll be hearing it again!) the packaging is beautiful, very luxe indeed. The size of the mirror in the palette is enormous. I was excited to get my hands on the champagne and black shadows, the plum had me hesitate a bit (purples never work for me). But this is really more burgundy than purple, and it does make my blue eyes really pop. I love when I get something new in my color line up!

    The real genius is the shimmer/matte combo. Each shade has a matte circle of shadow, outlined with a shimmer version of the same shade. This creates so many options, I’ve been having fun trying them all.

    Hands down, this is a solid 5 stars. Just beautiful. And I’ve got the blush and lip gloss on my mental shopping list too!

  3. I was so excited to get the Jet Set Palette because I don’t know about you, but when I see something for $48 and it’s “only liner”, I really do hesitate and think, “I don’t need this”, but for once I was wrong. This palette is worth it. Every, single color in it is wearable. It contains 2 basic cream liners and then 2 colors that add so much oompf it should be illegal. I do wish it was a few dollars less because I worry that some poor girl out there is going to pass it up, but trust me when I say that all 4 shades in the palette are colors that you will actually use and the brush is high quality, so you will actually USE everything in this palette.
    Tiffany—you so need the Monarch palette. When I was in Sephora looking at these, I totally was trying to talk myself out of it, but the brown shade sold me. It’s a grey/brown, which for whatever reason is a hard shade to find. You can create such a smoky eye with this palette and it really makes my eyes pop. Combined w/ the Jet Set palette, you will be unstoppable!!!
    Stef—how much do you love the eye shadow pans? I shouldn’t admit this, but I totally finger paint my eye shadow on and these rounds with the raised, contoured matte circles in the center surrounded by a lower level of shimmer are perfect for this. I’d say if you’re getting the gloss, you may want to pick up the double-ended color in Amaretto as the gloss is a little sheer on its own but it really looks fabulous on top of the Amaretto. Is your left shoulder sore? ‘Cause I’m sitting on it wearing some devil horns :)

  4. Agreed Krista, this is not an inexpensive collection. It’s the kind of purchase that you will think twice about (as you should, really). But let me join Krista in her evil enabling and say you do need this, you really do!

  5. I felt like I was getting ready for a fancy tea when I opened the box of the Doubletake Lip Color in Currant! A very regal box indeed, and then the colors took it to an even higher level of Ooooo ahhhhh! This double pencil is gorgeous. The Liner side is a bit more purpley than it appears on the Sephora swatch, but the lip color side is pretty much spot on.
    They go one with such ease, and stay put. I’ve worn them separate with a nice gloss an together for a nice saucy dramatic tone.
    Hands down, one of the nicest lip “sticks” I have come across, and no surprise as Smashbox has never been anything but fab. in my book.

    I love the elegance of this line, I’m with you Krista about feeling like your getting bang for your buck. If your going to shell out money you want to feel like your getting something special and this line delivers. From the packaging to the gorgeous colors this is well worth every penny.
    5 stars from me. I need the Majesty palette now!! :)

  6. Krista – only girls who aren’t aware of the magic of the JetSet liner would pass that beauty up.

    As for me, I feel like the debut of a new Smashbox collection should be a national holiday! I have the Dual-Sided LipPencil in Amarettoa. I love the concept of a Dual Liner/Lip Color in one piece and in the past, I have loved Smashbox’s take on them. However, the colors on the Amaretto pencil turned SO brown on me…I looked…weird. :( If anyone wants to trade…

  7. The packaging is gorgeous—regal indeed!

    I might try the blush as I’m always on the lookout for a nice peachy shade to suit me (I’m blonde and fair-skinned). I swear the only person on the planet who’s not suited to Orgasm by NARS. Boo!

    Any excuse to buy more makeup, right?

  8. I got to try the lip gloss in Crowned, a light peachy nude. It is beautiful, light with just a hint of shimmer. I’ve been wearing it over a nudish liner (probably really similar to the Amaretto) and it’s really stunning. Perfect with a smokey eye. It reminds me of Orgasm, but so much better. (Lesley, I’m not an Orgasm fan! I think it’s too shimmery.) It’s also very creamy, not at all sticky and wears really well.

    Why are all the best glosses Limited Edition?! I may even pick up a back up of this. I don’t think it will be a happy day when it’s empty.

  9. Well, I found the first palette to make me ache for fall – a little nip in the air, trench coats and boots and of course, make-up that is full of warm, rich colors. I was the lucky (lucky!) tester of the Monarch Palette and I have to say, it is sure to be one of the must have, on-everyones-wishlist item for the Fall. As the ladies have mentioned, Smashbox makes the best, most lust worthy, change my religion and wreck havoc in my kingdom just to have it collections! Being a fan of Tudor history (thanks Mom!) I was immediately swooning over the concept and colors of the regal packaging and luxurious case. It’s one of those items that just feels good in your hands – the mirror is huge and the magnetic snap closure (which I’ve had on other Smashbox palettes) is great – totally secure and never breaks.

    The Monarch palette contains three shades (light gold/ bronze/ taupe) in two versions (matte and shimmer), which is seriously the Best Idea Ever! Hooray for the resurgence of matte shadows – they are so flattering! Each beautiful shade (perfect for making blue and green eyes pop – and wearable for any complexion) has an inner circle with the matte finish and is encircled by the shade with a shimmer finish. Each pan of color is generous in size and as expected from Smashbox the shadows are deeply pigmented and silky smooth and super blendable.

    If you’re looking to get a great new palette to carry you through the fall, this is a fantastic option. It can easily create any look you need – polished office look, shopping & lunch with the girls or big night out. The Monarch Palette is getting the elusive five stars from me!

  10. I thought y’all would like to know that if you go to Sephora’s sale section on their website, this collection is now on sale! The prices are so good, you kinda need everything! The eye shadow palettes are now $29 down from $42 and the lip gloss is now $14, so really, what are you waiting for? Yeah, you just got enabled! :)

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