Be a Part of the Head & Shoulders Family – And Sofia Vergara’s too!

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Plus three life lessons gleaned from Sofia!

Recently, I was offered the chance to spend a few moments chatting with the gorgeous star of Modern Family @SofiaVergara about her life, beauty products and her lasting love for of Head & Shoulders.

Sofia and her entire family are proud to be partnering up with the classic American hair care line to offer one lucky fan the chance to win a trip to an upcoming Head & Shoulders ad shoot to meet the whole gang!

In between videotaped talks with entertainment news channels (which is when I snapped the great image above), Sofia made the time to chat with bloggers about the campaign. While we only had about minutes to chat, I learned a few valuable life lessons from the sweet and smart actress.

3 Life Lessons from Sofia Vergara


1. Don’t be afraid to show who you are
Not all women would be confident enough to advertise their love for Head & Shoulders. But Sofia thinks it’s important to be honest about the person she is. And while she adores high-end beauty products, she isn’t afraid to be loud and proud about her regular drugstore favorites, including Covergirl lip glosses and mascara, and yes, Head & Shoulder shampoos. In Sofia’s words “I use them (beauty products) all. And love them!”

2. Find your confidence – and flaunt it
Speaking of being confidence, I asked Sofia her secret to always appearing calm, cool and completely confident. She explained that many Latin women, including Sofia, fall in love with beauty and fashion early. She’s always loved wearing makeup, doing her hair and wearing high heels. And she’s learned what works and doesn’t work for her.

She says “what gives women self-confidence is feeling good about yourself, and sometimes that’s when you look good. Take time to experiment and learn what to do that will make you look in the mirror and say ‘My eyes look good’ or ‘My hair is perfect.’ If a women can find the clothes or makeup or hair styles that make them feel good, they appear confident – and the whole world will think that you look confident and great!”

3. Keep family close even if they are far away
With family across the globe, Sofia keeps in contact with them all via weekly chats and lots of texts. Sofia, her mom, son, cousins, aunts and nieces use their phones to keep up to date on life, loves, gossip, clothes and beauty. And it is these talks that lead to the this Head & Shoulders campaign.

Sofia’s family were excited to hear she was thinking of working with Head & Shoulders. They all started texting her images of Head & Shoulder bottles in their cabinets and showers. Sofia tells us her family has used the shampoo and conditioner “for decades in Columbia and America. It’s just always around and I know it’s a great product.”


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  1. I love that top picture @Tyna – a real inside look! I never used Head & Shoulders myself, but my scalp has been feeling drier the older I’ve gotten (or else, it’s because I live on the surface of the sun!) I really should give it a try.

  2. Gasp! I’ve been known to buy up a Cover Girl lip glosses as well. I stash them in hiding places in my car and work locker for emergency glossing. Who knew I had anything in common with Sofia Vergara?!

  3. Aw. this was great–she seems so likable! It makes me kind of mad that I missed out on the Latin gene, frankly. And if Head & Shoulders can make my hair look remotely like hers, I’m thinking I should pick up a bottle (or five).

  4. So cool @tyna! I love the great advice from a PRO! I thinkg she’s awesome,she makes me laugh out loud when I watch her.. and she reminds me of someone I work close to.. so real and natural too! Head and Shoulders is a product that I’ve used.. I wonder if they will make something without sulfates (sudsing agents that can strip hair) or sodium? Just hoping they will do that!!

  5. I just love how elegant she looks sitting in that wildly uncomfortable-looking chair. That is a talent right there :) That poor guy sitting across from her does not share the same talent :(

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