Sonya Dakar Ultraluxe collection - review

Sonya Dakar Ultraluxe collection – review

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I was a teenage sun goddess. The lengths to which I’d go to catch a few rays were legendary– skipping school to lay out on metal bleachers in the football stadium in my bra and panties comes to mind. I think my goth years, during which I cultivated a healthy “pale,” might have saved me from even worse damage, but honestly, my sun abuse took its toll: dark spots, uneven skin tone, freckles. I wish I could go back in time and slap some sunscreen on my perfect young skin, but the damage is done and there’s no going back.

Or so I thought until I got to test a bag full of potential miracles: samples of the Sonya Dakar Ultraluxe Age-Control line. According to their literature, Sonya Dakar Skin Care believes that caring for your skin requires hard work and commitment. The SD line includes over 60 products created from a combination of botanical and scientifically-created ingredients. I was especially excited to try these products because a wht review of her Drying Potion, got a perfect 5 star rating.

I got to try sample sizes of the following Ultraluxe products…

Age Control Active Mask ($75) – This weekly treatment mask promises to make skin appear immediately plumper, younger and smoother, and it actually did! My parched winter skin was much softer and smoother after a fifteen-minute treatment, and it seemed less dry for days. The mask was lightly scented and very soothing.

Neck & Décolleté Treatment ($97) – This product is designed to improve and protect the skin of the neck & décolleté, as well as smooth the skin tone. The product isn’t greasy or heavy, and I did notice my skin tone appeared more even after I applied it. I love that SPF 30 is added to prevent further sun damage, too.

Hand Treatment ($78) – Possibly my favorite product of the line. The cream is light and sinks right in. My hands immediately looked brighter, smoother, younger! I could see myself using this product every day. Plus, an SPF of 30 really makes sense. Hands are constantly exposed to sun, but rarely protected.

Ultraluxe 9 Lotion ($185) – Now here’s where things get really interesting (and unfortunately, really expensive…~wht). Ultraluxe 9 is formulated from a patented blend of nine of potent anti-aging ingredients, including Syn-Ake, synthetic snake venom. This ingredient is supposed to have a topical Botox-like effect of paralyzing the facial muscles, eventually resulting in less-noticeable wrinkles. The product comes in two formulations for 2 skin types; normal to dry and oily. I would use the oil control version in the summer, when my skin tends to get a little oily. For winter, the regular Ultralux 9 is the perfect moisturizing consistency. My skin felt smooth and looked bright and healthy. As for the “Botox-like effect,” my face did feel a little tingly and tight, but not in an unpleasant way at all.

I can’t attest to the long-term benefits of any of the Ultraluxe products (as we only got to test sample size versions), but even from a few days use, I’m seriously intrigued. I’m curious to see what kind of improvements I could get through regular use. Who knows, maybe Sonya Dakar Skin Care can offer forgiveness for my teenage skincare sins.

Don’t forget to check the comments for the we heart this review team’s thoughts and experiences with the products listed above.

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13 thoughts on “Sonya Dakar Ultraluxe collection – review”

  1. Melissa-
    Thank you for the great review of Sonya Dakar’s Ultraluxe line.
    I have been reading about her products for many years, but due to the price tag, I was only brave enough to purchase the Drying Potion.
    I am quite curious about the snake venom product! Yikes! I may start with the handcream for now!

  2. Oh, these sound wonderful! I also have only tried the drying potion, but have had excellent results with that. The customer service at that company is incredible…I can’t believe how often my “skin care specialist” calls to see if I need to order anything else! Things like that just don’t happen anymore, it seems like.

    i also am quite curious about the snake venom product – would love to hear from someone that’s been using it awhile to see if this synthetic venom works as good as the real thing!

  3. Melissa comment about hitting the bleachers for her rays struck my funny bone. I think we have you beat..we’d go on the scalding hot rooftops which were nothing but disgusting black sun absorbing tar slicks with our tinfoil and baby oil with iodine.. nice red burn on my ¾ Irish skin.. I’m only ¼ Italian, so after a day I’d peal than get a little tan! HA!

    Anyway, I’m 46 years old now and am a totally different place. After I turned 18, I doubt I ever put my face into the sun on purpose! I encourage every young and old reader to do the same. You will thank me years from now.

    Over the years, I have developed a great admiration for good skincare- Also, I’ve had several product from her line and have been pleased over the years. I am already a fan of Sonya Dakar. My favorite from this allotment is Ultraluxe 9. It is creaming and affective in treating aging skin. It is touted to be the “most potent anti-aging complexes known to science” I’m here to say she’s not jiving! I love this product and wish I had more of it! I also wish I had lots of money! It is indeed a steep price but worth the splurge- just have to get past the thought of it’s price tag. If it works well and you like it, it’s most likely worth it in the long run. I say to myself, just make a few cutbacks elsewhere Pamela Irene! Granted, I would not be able to afford this on an ongoing basis, sniff. But will have it as I can and enjoy it’s benefits. Yes, I would bathe in it! I also love her new Hand Spot Lightening and Firming Treatment (Intensive). This stuff is incredible. I love the way it goes on and STAYS on.. I usually apply this after my shower and they are noticeably smoother and I can tell, this product is serious; it stays there for quite some time. I don’t care to have old looking hands.. it’s always a sure age giveaway. Take care of your hands! I also like how it smells. It has a delightful lemon scent. Reminds me of some to the products I get from Fresh.

    Next, I’m onto The MASK, WOW WEE! Is an understatement. This is another humdinger. I am just crackers for a good mask. My 46 yr. old skin really likes this rich and nourishing UltraLuxe Active Mask. It smells great and works well in a few short minutes.. I applied a thin layer on my clean face and sat in my message chair for 15 minutes…got up and rinsed with lukewarm water. My skin felt refreshed and looked awesome! Finally, I used the neck and décolleté firming and spot lighting treatment. This is also dynamic in its ability to help smooth my skin and firm up some loose skin. Don’t get me started on the loose chicken neck skin! I so hate that this is happening to me! This works to lessens some of the fine lines and wrinkles. I want this too! I know I can’t have it all.. But will be picking one at a time.. Just keep saying to myself that this will help my skin stay as youthful as possible.. I gladly give all of the products five stars!

    1. Irene, I am just starting with Sonya Dakars Ultraluxe 9 I am wondering do I use a moisturizer first before putting on? Or just the Ultraluxe alone? Or Moisturizer on top.

  4. I will admit I was a little wary of putting snake venom, synthetic or otherwise, on my face, but in the interest of science, I sucked up my skittishness and gave it a try. I really wonder what regular use would do for my skin, but $185 is a gamble I’m not willing to take. If anyone here is a regular user of Ultraluxe 9 Lotion, I’d love to hear your review!

    irene, you have indeed topped me in the sun worshipping department!

  5. I am totally with you, Melissa, that good skincare has to start young. I consider myself lucky to have learned it young (and at 24, I won’t complaing of being that old) but I really hope that my skin is still looking fresh and bright compared to some of my tanning-bed worshipping, and altogether orange generational peers!

    That said, you DO need sun for Vitamin D. And a teensy tan, I don’t think will kill you. You can still get a bronze WITH your applied and faithfully reapplied SPF 30. However, if you prefer a tan from a bottle, you’ll probably be better off than me, I’m an outdoors girl from April – October!

    HOORAY for SPF 30!

  6. Synthetic snake venom!! Wow, I’m quite intrigued. I must say, “Botox” like effect without the needles may be something I need to try! I haven’t tried the drying potion either, and with the five star rating, that’s another product I want to look into…

  7. I’m intrigued too! I have yet to try her products and have always wanted to.
    I may start with the Drying potion.. but synthetic snake, sounds like it does some magic!

    Great write up Melissa :) My Sonya Dakar curiosity is now in full effect!

  8. I got to try samples of all products and enjoyed them, even if my face wouldn’t cooperate! The Neck & Décolleté Treatment was silky and lovely, as was the Ultraluxe 9 Lotion, but I’m afraid I only used them for two days because one (or both) make me break out in a slight rash!
    Now I know this probably isn’t due to the actual product, my skin is randomly cranky and prone to massive wig-outs with no apparent reasoning. I suspect it may be due to the Neck & Décolleté Treatment; I’ve also had this same problem with sunscreen, even PABA-free sensitive skin sunscreen, so it may be the culprit. I was SUPER bummed because fake snake venom? KIND OF AWESOME, bring it on! (Just not on my face apparently. *sigh*)

    BUT, the Hand Treatment is great; smooth and creamy application without feeling greasy or gross. I’m 30 so I can’t speak about its lightening or firming aspects, but as a regular hand lotion it feels lovely and smells nummy, like springtime and freshly peeled oranges. (I know, I know, it’s pomegranate and green tea in it, but that’s what it reminds me of!) It’s price tag would keep me from getting it just for that, but since Irene can speak for its smoothing properties, it’s worth it if that’s a problem area for you!

    And let me say I also loved the fabulous packing of the samples; the twist off top fit right back into the tube, allowing you to keep what you have left clean, air-tight and sanitary! Kudos on that; most are little tear-open packets that leak or dry out before you can finish your sample!

    I gave these Four Stars just based off my impressions of their texture and packaging. I can’t weigh in on the mask as I was too scared to try it after the mishap with the other two treatments. I think these are great products, maybe just not if you have skin that randomly decides to be sensitive. Sorry ladies!

  9. Oh, why did the Age Control Active Mask have to be $75? As it promised, my skin did feel younger, smoother and plumper. After I washed off the mask, I didn’t even have the need to put a moisturizer on it but I did out of habit (and for SPF). I stared at my cheeks for several minutes after using because I couldn’t believe how wonderful and younger my skin looked. If you splurge on one thing, get the mask.

  10. These products sound amazing. I’ve heard wonderful things about Sonya Dakar. I do have to say that that the Ultraluxe 9 Lotion sounds very intriguing. Would also love to hear from someone that’s used this regularly.

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