Sprinkles Cupcake Mix review

Sprinkles Cupcake Mix review

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Get a taste of Beverly Hills in your own kitchen!

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Cupcakes are one of those things you see popping up everywhere lately. With numerous cupcake-centered television shows and a huge increase in cupcake centerpieces at weddings and parties (move over shaky multi-tiered cakes), the cupcake is becoming increasingly more popular day by day. As any Hollywood follower knows, this Cupcake Revolution owes a great debt to Sprinkles Cupcakes.

The Beverly Hills bakery, known for their blocks long line of people (mortals and stars alike) waiting patiently for the sweet treats, kick started the ongoing cupcake revival. Celebrated for their dense, rich cupcakes, sweet swirled icing and signature dot toppings, the original 90210 located Sprinkles opened in 2005 and soon sprouted 11 Sprinkles locations across the land, while spawning a host of imitators.

To make a good thing even better, Sprinkles “the world’s first cupcake bakery” offers prepackaged mixes of their signature cupcakes and they are available at WIlliams-Sonoma!

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My first experience with Sprinkles was a few years ago, I flew to Dallas to see a good friend, and she soon led me to Sprinkles Cupcakes. I had heard about this bakery for some time, and was genuinely curious to see what the fuss was about.

Upon walking in the idea of a small town bakery quickly vanished; Sprinkles looked like some sort of modern boutique full of meticulously placed cupcakes with colorful little dots carefully centered in each indicating which flavors were which. It was so different to me, but I was really excited to try a couple of their popular little cupcakes. And now, everyone can try the most famous cupcakes in the world, right down to the cute little dots!

I was thrilled test the Red Velvet Cupcake Mix ($14) and of course, the first great thing I noticed about this mix was the cute packaging. Inside the small, colorful tube was the bagged mix and the famous Sprinkles confectioners dots, as well as instructions for the cupcakes and a recipe for their cream cheese frosting (which you have to make from scratch).

All in all, it’s a good number of ingredients; milk, butter and eggs for the cake mix, plus more butter, sugar, etc for the icing. I immediately got to work on the cake ingredients and they came together very quickly. Before I knew it, I had a dozen cupcakes baking away in the oven!!

While their yummy scent filled the air, I whipped up the the frosting following the enclosed recipe (and may have eaten a few spoonfuls). Their Cream Cheese Frosting recipe is absolutely delicious! After I took the cupcakes out and let them cool, I iced them and placed the signature dots on top. As you can see from the photo, they really look like the real thing!

After tasting a cupcake, I will say that this ends up tasting like your ordinary cake mix cupcake. As a Southerner who loves a good red velvet, I found these a bit bland and they pale when compared to the red velvet cake that I’ve grown to love. The cupcakes were fairly dense, while I prefer a lighter cake. Tyna, tester of the Dark Chocolate mix had a more favorable reaction to the moist, heavy cakes and claims they’re the perfect consistency for chocolatey goodness!

• Get the specialness of Sprinkles Cupcakes anywhere/anytime.
• Fabulous for a special occasion, party or meal.
• Simple instructions are great for those that do not want to bake from scratch.
• Each mix is made with premium all-natural ingredients and without trans fats and artificial flavors.
• The cupcakes stays true to their moist, dense recipe.

• The package is not a complete mix – you’ll need eggs, milk, butter, confectioners sugar, etc.
• The $14 cost (for 12 cupcakes) is steep.
• If you’re a fan of light and fluffy cupcakes, these are not for you.

I do love the idea having Sprinkles cupcakes wherever and whenever I like. These cupcakes would be great for any special occasion; birthday parties, bookclubs, baby showers and the like. Plus with the super cute packaging these mixes would make for a fun hostess gift. Some of my fellow review team members tested other flavors of the mixes including Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Pumpkin and Banana – I can’t wait to see their thoughts. Make sure to check the comments for their cupcake experience with the Sprinkles mix!

we heartsters – are you a Sprinkles-holic? Let’s talk cupcakes!

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8 thoughts on “Sprinkles Cupcake Mix review”

  1. I was thrilled when I saw the Sprinkles Banana Cupcake mix in my box to review. I’ve never had a real Sprinkles cupcake, but I have heard plenty of wonderful things about them. I love cupcakes and so do my kids so I knew this mix would be in my oven soon. The mix was very easy to make and before I knew it the delicious smell of banana goodness was engulfing my kitchen. The cupcakes didn’t come with icing, but a recipe for homemade vanilla and chocolate icing was included. I made the vanilla which was really tasty and super simple. My kids loved these and they were a big hit. Would I pay $14 for cupcake mix? Probably not, but these would make a nice gift for someone who loves cupcakes. Overall, I would give this 4 stars simply because homemade cupcakes are pretty easy to make for a lot less money and taste just as yummy. I am glad I finally got to try a Sprinkles cupcake and would definitely like to try the real thing one day.

  2. Mmmm, cupcakes…
    $14 is a bit steep for cupcake mix, but I think it would be a super cute gift for a baking or cupcake fan. I mean, that packaging is way cuter than anything Betty Crocker ever threw into a box!

  3. $14 for cupcake mix? I think I’ll make them from scratch for that (which I do. I’m way too proud to make cupcakes from a box/canister. I admit defeat when it comes to brownies. Give me the darned Pilsbury box for double chocolate brownies!) The packaging may be really cute, but I have flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and all the other ingredients in my house so I’d rather go the free route than the $14 plus tax route (plus, I don’t think Sprinkles pre-packaged mix is sold in the Midwest).

  4. I love cupcakes. I make them all the time–they’re just a really fun thing. When the hubby and I go on road trips, I even do a quick search of the area to see if there are any cupcake places along the way. Sometimes, this has gone well (Hello, Cupcake Gourmet outside Philly) and sometimes this has gone bad (Hello nasty cupcake place inside Philly that doesn’t refrigerate their stock in an un-airconditioned store front on a 90 degree day so the frosting melts like pats of butter into your dinner roll-like offerings).
    That being said, I have never tried an actual Sprinkles cupcake. I’ve heard of them–they are the thing of legend–celebrities love them and their creator is on Food Network in a show called “Cupcake Wars” (riveting television, folks). I was super excited to receive the Vanilla flavor of cupcake mix. Some people would be like, “BORING!”, but I find that a basic vanilla cupcake w/ vanilla frosting is the best way to judge a cupcake maker. It’s basic, so if you’re a good place, then your basics should be excellent.
    First impressions: $14 for a mix. Okay. Maybe there’s something magical in the canister??? Huh. No wish-granting genies, jJust some sugar dots for garnish and a pack of mix for the cake batter. What, no papers? Good thing I had a few extra standard cupcake liners laying around (I usually make the larger cupcakes, so I rarely have standard size laying around). A mix like this, that people would give as a gift, REALLY should contain its own paper liners.
    Then I read the canister and the directions kind of annoyed me. It pretty much said you needed a Kitchen Aid mixer to make these without saying “Kitchen Aid”. Fortunately, I have one, but if I gave this to someone who didn’t, they would probably have a hard time making these as the mixing process of the butter into dry ingredients takes several minutes and would probably burn out a hand mixer.
    Okay, so I baked these up and let them cool. Now it’s time to frost. From scratch because there are absolutely no frosting components in this kit. Following their frosting instructions, I ended up with a bowl of powdered sugar spewing everywhere because there was zero moisture according to their recipe. Seriously, it was 3 1/2 c. powdered sugar, 2 sticks butter, 1/2 tsp. vanilla and 1/2 tsp. milk, and salt, but I used salted butter instead of the unsalted, so I skipped adding salt. Anyhoo, I needed to add about a 1/4 c. of milk just to get it to form a frosting. I tried following their instructions and after almost 5 minutes of trying to combine the butter into the powdered sugar, my Kitchen Aid was like, “Yeah, there is not enough moisture in here for me to do anything but launch powdered sugar all over your kitchen.” So, I added the barest amount of milk to get this mixture to come together and even then, this stuff was laughably thick. I can’t imagine if I hadn’t added more milk. I tried frosting the cupcakes and decided I need way more wrist/forearm/upper body strength to accomplish this than I possess (I make cupcakes about once a month, so I am really good at frosting a cupcake, y’all…), so I called in my hubby. He couldn’t do it. He asked if we were frosting with mortar. After some struggling and hysterical laughter, we finally got the dozen cupcakes frosted and the sugar dots in place. The cupcakes resembled boobs–always a crowd pleaser. We decided to have one immediately and the cake was hard on top (it had to be to not crumble under the frosting), very dense, fairly moist, the frosting was ridiculously thick. It was a good cupcake. Not the best ever, but good. I figured that if they sat overnight they’d soften up a little bit and be better in the morning. I was wrong. The cake got denser (if possible) and dry. The flavor just wasn’t as good. This is problematic for me as most cupcakes and cake/bread items improve after sitting for a little while and if I’m making a sweet for company, I do it the night before, not minutes before they arrive. These really had a very short shelf-life in terms of quality.
    Overall, I think $14 is kinda crazy for what this is. I think if it was knocked down to $10 and included cupcake liners, this would be a cute gift for someone.
    Overall, I have to deduct a star for price/lack of liners and for how little is actually contained in this kit. If I could deduct half stars, I would for the shelf life on these–there should really be a mention on the canister that these are best served immediately. 4 stars.

  5. This would make a great gift. I have never baked with a kit of any kind but this seems like a cute idea! I also love red velvet so I’m glad you reviewed that one :)

  6. Ok, I’ve finally had a chance to make my pumpkin cupcakes! Let me start by saying my terrible baking skills are legendary. So much so that when I pulled out the mix and announced that I was making cupcakes, my husband said “oh no!”

    The mix was incredibly dry while mixing. I kept thinking “really, this is going to work?” with every new dry ingredient I added. But finally, with a tiny bit of milk at the end, it resembled cupcake mix. A mix that tasted quite a bit like pumpkin, even unbaked.

    And you know what? They turned out really good! I did burned the edges, but the centers were perfect. And pretty too, a true pumpkin color.

    On to the frosting; cinnamon cream cheese. Yep, it was as good as it sounds. And as @krista said, it’s a dense frosting. As it was mixing, it traveled up the beaters threatening to take over my hand mixer! But man, was it tasty!

    4 of my dots were broken, but I was actually fine with that. Although pretty, I thought they tasted hard and stale.

    The finished product? Really very tasty! I found them a bit on the dry side, but a bit moister of day 2. I expected the opposite, so that was a good outcome.

    I’m actually not that upset at a $14 cupcake mix. I don’t think it’s something you’d buy all the time, but for a special occasion or a gift – that seems reasonable to me. And since a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes costs about $36, $14 seems like a good deal (though honestly, they are not as good as straight from the bakery).

    All in all, I give these 4 stars; easy and tasty!

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