Stila Lip Glaze review -Bubble Gum, a new color for Summer!

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Sweeten Up Your Smile with Stila Lip Glazes

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When I think of summer, I think of delicious frozen treats to balance out the hot, sunny rays. That said, I am so excited to see that Stila (a wht favorite!) is on the same wavelength as me with their new Summer 2011 Summer 2011 Lip Glaze collection, featuring an array of mouth watering, sorbet-inspired shades!

For those who are new to this cult classic, their clear tubed click pens are THE click pen gloss that started it all. Stila’s Lip Glazes have a legendary high shine gloss that has been around since way before my beauty product obsession began (that equates to a long period of time, as I’ve been a beauty junkie for quite a while…).

Stila Lip Glaze swatch

But this original gloss isn’t happy to rest on its laurels. In fact, the Lip Glaze pens out now are actually bigger – make that two times bigger – than the original size, meaning more gloss to go around! Plus, Stila continually updates this classic line with the latest must-have shades along with a few “I didn’t even know I needed this” hues.

Bubble Gum Lip Glaze

The Summer 2011 Lip Glazes ($22) are perfect for those hot days when just thinking about being overly made up makes you feel sweaty. The wht review team received one of the six new colors, Bubble Gum, a sheer mauve pink. As you’ll notice, these are classy, simple shades that will complete your look without having to add a whole lot of color.

When deciding on a shade to try, just warning you – it might be a bit hard with hues – and softly scented matching flavors – named Angel Food (a pale creamy peach), Cotton Candy (a pale creamy pink), Amaretto (pinky nude), Honeysuckle (a nude beige) and Mulberry (mauve plum). Your sweet tooth might end up doing all the thinking!

Lip Glaze in Bubble Gum swatch

My eyes immediately liked the hue of the Lip Glaze in Bubble Gum, a sheer, candy pink shade that almost oozes syrupy cuteness. Bubble Gum is not very pigmented and although creamy in the tube, it will sheer out once it’s on the lips.

It smells faintly like the soft and pink gum it is named for, but those who are sensitive to strong smelling cosmetics should not have a problem with this. Formula wise, it’s long lasting due to a slightly sticky (but not too much so) texture.

When I first opened the package I thought I was in for some hardcore clicking to get the gloss to glide into its brush applicator. But hey, guess what? It took only a few seconds of clicking and the gloss appeared on the brush with no excess (something that can happen when you over-click to the point of no return).

I was actually very impressed because to this day I have lost count on the amount of lip gloss pen clicking and shaking I have struggled within order to get my gloss fix. Plus the brush applicators of the Lip Glazes are always my favorite – you can apply this with your eyes closed and get a perfect pout.

Portable, cute packaging.
Easy to use click pen.
Simple colors that aren’t too fussy for one’s personal preference.

$22 can be a bit pricey for a sheer gloss.
Sticky texture which can be a deal breaker for some!

we heartsters and reviewers: Are you ready to dig into the new round of sorbet-inspired Stila Lip Glazes for Summer 2011?

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  1. Even though I already own countless Stila glosses, it’s going to be hard to resist these new shades, @mandabear ! Sounds like they’ve improved the click function, too; my one complaint in the past was over-clicking and wasting gloss. Great post!

  2. @mandabear, I was reading along and saying to myself…”yes i love these glosses, but they need more product in them” and then I learn my fave Stila glosses are bigger! Yay!
    Thanks so much for the info and the new colors look great for summer.

  3. I am NOT a fan of sticky glosses, but I’ve yet to try a Stila gloss! (I KNOW, the horror!) I think I should make Amaretto my first, I do love me some pinky browns/nudes and I’ve heard such great things about Stila that I need to give them a try… Thanks for the review, @mandabear!

  4. This lipgloss makes a perfect purse companion. It will give you the shine and durability for times when you can’t always touch up. I think it’s nice to have a simple gloss option (and I do love pigmented glosses!) handy. I think the stickiness is something I would not normally reach for. Once in a while, wind blown hair and sticky lips can sometimes be a nightmare :) I do think this gloss is extremely pretty on and Stila is a longtime favorite of mine. I give this 4 stars !

  5. I have gone through so many Stila Lip Glaze pens over the years. I love the bigger sized pens because you get more product, but I really love it when they sell the smaller pens at a lower price because it’s fun to try out new shades that way. They offered Amaretto before w/ the Ltd. Ed. Pussycat Dolls collection years ago and I scored it then—it was gorgeous. It was a perfect medium nude pink with the right amount of shimmer—it was dark enough so that I didn’t look washed out and it really worked with a smokey eye. I think I need to pick up a fresh one. I heart Stila.

    1. The smaller ones come out just about every Christmas in a gift set (a certain someone got it for Christmas and was instantly hooked to Stila. Guess who?) I think there’s 8 in the set (I think.) I haven’t seen them do another one since then really (or I’d have my greedy, lipgloss-loving paws on them.)

  6. I’m loving this color, it looks like it would be a nice natural everyday color. I see it working well with plenty of lipsticks too.

    How sticky is the texture compared to something like MAC lipglass?

    1. I do think this is on the sticky side. but not horrible! It’s has the same texture compared to MAC’s lipglass. It’s the price we often pay for stunning lips! It will leave its mark behind!

    2. I don’t find that these are as sticky as lipglass. But def. on the sticky side.

  7. Boy, oh boy, this lip glaze by Stila, in bubble gum is dynamite stuff- I’ve been wanting them to make the product in a larger click-tube for ever. .and now it is! Thank you! Btw, it’s happening. I’m morphing into a lip gloss fanatic fast.. I’ve always taken care of my lips because I know how important that is and will always have a good balm or lipstick on but I also want lips that look good too. Great products that work well are not always as easy to find as you may think. I want the kind of gloss that makes lips happy, and shine with brilliance to kingdom come.. This latest number from Stila in bubblegum does the trick for me! I have had many friends and co-workers snag this newest shade and they have good reason. I just tell them to go get one of their own.. You should see the other pretty shades other than this one. The scent is not overbearing at all. And as always, stays on for hours! Five stars of course!

  8. I haven’t tried the new Summer 2011 shades, but I do have a few of the older Stila click pen glosses. I do like that they’re sleek, not overly scented, and the brush tip is nice. However, they’re quite sticky (I personally like my glossy to be a little sticky, but these are stickier than MAC Lipglass), there isn’t much product (even though they doubled it, you can get the same amount of product for half the price from other brands), and the pigmentation is pretty low on most colors. And I have a love/hate relationship with click pens–so much of the package is empty, but the brush tips are so handy…

  9. I tested Bubble Gum and I love it! When I first saw it in the tube, it looked like the light pink would be too matte and end up washing me out, but it’s not. It’s more of a sheer pink that just enhances the natural lip color with just a slight matte quality. It’s the perfect complement to bold eyes for me, although I can see wearing it with minimal summer makeup, too.

    I don’t think this is overly sticky and I’m definitely not a fan of the sticky glosses, either. It’s not as bad as some brands I’ve tried.

    I don’t like the click pen – my impatience causes me to always overclick and get too much product, this is no exception – but again, not as bad as some brands.

    I definitely don’t like the price for the amount of product you get. It’s a great product, but I wouldn’t choose it over a less expensive brand just for what I like about it, so I have to deduct a point for that. It’s the same size as another I got two or three years back and I flew through that one.

    I would buy it again in a flash if the pricepoint were more reasonable and it wasn’t actually in a click pen, so 3 stars from me! 3 1/2 if I could do halfs actually, because I don’t have that much of a problem with the click.

  10. I LOVE Stila Lip Glazes. I go through them like weeds so I’m glad they finally increased the size! Passion fruit (I need a new one!), Grapefruit, Raspberry, Cotton Candy and Guava (I think it’s guava. I’d have to check) are my favorites. I love my lip glazes!

    There’s a funny thing about the click though–it sounds like a machine gun or a rifle going off in a quiet room. The first time I went to apply it when I was taking my final exam, it was dead quiet and I could swear a nuclear bomb was going off! I got a few rude looks. I was rather embarrassed and after that left the lipgloss application to BEFORE exams, not during!

  11. Long time Stila fan here! Actually REALLY long time Stila fan (a friend of mine brought me a bag of products way back when and said “my friend is launching a makeup line, check it out!” Her friend = Jeanine Lobell. My friend even had a lipstick named after her; Kris! But I digress…)

    Needless to say, I’ve been wearing lip glaze for quite sometime. And big surprise, I love it! I think Stila has the BEST click pen on the market. And the formula is divine. On the sticky side, which means long wear. A slight scent, but nothing to make this scent sensitive gal upset. And a BIG array of shades.

    Bubble Gum is on the sheer side (it’s a light creme pink) but it leaves lips with a creamy pink, milky tint that works with just about any look.

    And, can I give a big hooray for a shade without any glitter and that looks to me as a nod towards classic Stila. Hooray! This gloss lover gives Bubble Gum 5 stars.

  12. Wow! I really like the improvements that Stila made! It looks great! And I am usually not a fan of over the top pinks but this one looks too be a really nice sheer mauvey pink. Sign me up!

    1. I think you’d love this shade…It’s a very versatile color :)

  13. Stila lip glazes are bigger now?! Eek, I’m so excited! I love Stila but the price can be a little hard to swallow sometimes. I think a celebratory shopping trip is in order, and Bubble Gum (the perfect Barbie pink, I must say) is on my list. Thanks @Mandabear !

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