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It’s summer makeup time ladies. And you know what that means; fun! Bright pops of color that you wouldn’t wear other times of the year. Sheer shades that let your sun-kissed skin shine through. And easy application, because who wants to be in front of the mirror when you could be out in the sun! As with our other we heart summer shopping posts this week, I’m going to be bringing you 3 different price ranges for the must-have products of the season.

I love a good palette. Something you can throw in your purse and be set for whatever the day may bring. Summer is the perfect time to choose ones with a bit more color than your go-to browns and greys.

• Bring on the Bargains
Paula Dorf Boogie Down kit icon $19.60 (top left)
Scoop this one up quick! This palette has 2 eye shadows, 2 lip glosses and 1 cheek color in a bright pink range with a smoky green blue accent color. And just in case you don’t know Paula Dorf, you should. The line is one of my favorites.
• Balance that Budget
tarte Miss Fix-It Paletteicon $44.00 (right)
This Exclusive has 4 eyeshadows (including the summer must-have shades of pool blue and grass green), 2 lip glosses and a luminizer (a highlighter to make sure you glow). In my humble beauty junkie opinion, tarte makes some of the best palettes on the planet!
• Busting the Bank
Fresh Victoire Face Paletteicon $65.00 (bottom left)
Oh Fresh, you and your fancy palettes, you slay me! This beauty has a translucent shimmer and a blush, plus 6 gorgeous eye shadows ranging from midnight blue to champagne shimmer.

They’re not for everyone, but if there ever was a time to try a bronzer, it’s now. The trick is finding one that works with your skintone. And for crying out loud, not at all orange. It’s never a good look.

• Bring on the Bargains
e.l.f. blushed/bronzed duo $3.00 (bottom left)
Seriously, what can you buy for 3 bucks these days? I’ll tell you what, this rather Nars looking blush/bronze duo. Who knew beauty could be so reasonable?
• Balance that Budget
Prescriptives Sunsheen Bronzing Trioicon $30.00 (bottom right)
Bronzers that have more than one color in them give you more of a chance of finding a shade that works for you. With this, you can choose to apply more of the shade that’s right for you.
• Busting the Bank
Fresh Here Comes The Sun$45.00 (top right)
Fresh makes one of the most natural bronzers in the business. Add to that a coral blush and a highlighter and you’ve got one genius kit!

• Bonus brightner!
Bronzers just look better with a punch of color over them. My favorite blush for the Summer? Hands down, it’s Benefit CORALista$28.00 (top right)

If you saw my ode to Coral over at Makeup and Beauty Blog a few weeks ago, this will be no surprise to you. I think Coral lip gloss is the single easiest way to summer-ize your makeup.

• Bring on the Bargains
L’Oreal Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lip Gloss Peaches-N-Cremeicon $9.00 (top right)
The least expensive and the most sheer of the bunch, this is pretty peach meets coral. The clean squeeze applicator tube makes this the perfect color for a day on the beach (no sand in your product!)
• Balance that Budget
Smashbox True Color in Beautyicon $19.00 (bottom right)
If I could only wear one lip gloss for the rest of my life, it would be Beauty. If you know me at all, you know what a huge statement this is. It is the single prettiest color known to woman!
• Busting the Bank
Hourglass Extreme Sheen in Imagine $28.00 (top left)
Think it’s a lot to pay for a gloss? You obviously haven’t tried them! Imagine is like a little piece of heaven.
• The must-have lip gloss for summer
MAC Double Dazzleglass in Smile $19.00 (bottom left)
Oh, I don’t think I’ve been so in love with a gloss in quite some time. What looks like it could be glitter overload is a thing of pure beauty on the lips. Do yourself a favor, go get a Dazzleglass right now…


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  1. I am such a sucker for a nice palette – and it seems the best ones come out in summer. I’m totally lusting over the Fresh Victorie Face Palette. I’ll also second that notion that Coralista is the summers best blush – I know I’ve said this elsewhere on wht, but this shade looks great on almost every complexion. Finally, making a mental note to myself to check out “Beauty” the next time I’m at a Smashbox counter – that’s quite a statement from the biggest gloss addict I know.

  2. I’ve had three Fresh Here Comes theh Sun palettes over the last five years. For $45, I think it’s not a bad investment – they last a really long time and that blush color is soo pretty. Three pans for $15 each isn’t really that expensive if you think about it too.

    I was on the other day as well, eying that blush bronzer duo. But them I remembered I have a Nars Orgasm/Laguna duo, somewhere in my stash.

  3. Great post Stef. I swear every time you post about lip gloss it makes me want to run out and go shopping. I’ve been tempted to place an online order at Sephora all evening, but their site has been down. My lips really need that beauty gloss! That Fresh palette looks gorgeous too. I have so many blush/bronzer palettes already and don’t know if I will ever need to buy another again…but oh how I want to!

  4. I always look a little dirty when I wear bronzers – I never thought to add blush over top. I tried it and it totally helps the bronzer look more like a soft tan than a smudged check – thanks!

    My favorite pick here is that Tarte palette – I love the bright blue and green eyeshadows.

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