Take a peek at my IMATS 2013 haul…

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Well, we did it. Another successful IMATS under our belt. Overall, we had an amazing time. I pouted a bit that I couldn’t even get close to OCC because of the line and crowd at their booth. But, it was amazing to see how much the brand has grown. Last time we were there, David (the founder) was working the counter. Now they’re in Sephora and David was a guest speaker! So, good for them. But bad for me, because I spied A LOT of nail lacquers I wanted. But don’t cry for me…I did ok.

Here’s the evidence…

I picked up three brushes from Royal & Langnickel; Silk Pro brow, Silk Pro Super Foundation and a Master Pro Eye fluff. Check out the big ol’ chubby rectangle of bristles on the Super Foundation brush!

There was NO way I could resist this Lime Crime Velvetines lip gloss in Suedeberry, the brightest most gorgeous coral red ever.

How about a little Inglot?

As you may know, Inglot works on so something called the Freedom System. You pick the size of the palette and what colors you want in it. It only gets more fun with each new palette you buy. You kind of freeze a bit when you buy your first one, wanting to make the “right” choice. I watched this happen right before my eyes as it was Tyna’s first purchase!

But just pick and pop them in…you’ll be fine!

Top left is my new palette, joining my previous palettes in what is becoming an obsession. I heart Inglot!

And my tip to you if you’re new to the System? Write the names of the shadows on the back of your palette! It will be a lot easier to have a list of the shadows you already own when it’s time to make another purchase…because you will be making another purchase. They pop out, but not without some work (and some gouges if you’re not careful, see my 5-pan).

My very first Z Palette which I picked up from Nigel’s. This model will magnetically hold nine MAC size pans, I hardly know what to depot first!

Also hauled from Nigel’s was Beautyblender blendercleanser; a solid cleanser (aka soap.) First chance I get, ALL of my brushes are getting a good cleaning. Am I weirdo that I think that sounds like fun?

Lastly from Nigel’s was a metal palette and spatula, something that I always envy when makeup artists pull out! $8 later and I have my own.

New to me and an absolute must visit was BFTE Cosmetics (especially to finally meet Phyrra in person, who was with them). They’re known for their vibrant mineral makeup and I can see why! I picked up Shopaholic, a shimmery bright yellow that makes me long for spring.

At the last IMATS I attended, I picked up the Naked Cosmetics 6-piece Ebony collection of mica pigments, but convinced myself I didn’t need their shadow base. This wrong has been righted!

Hooray, I finally own Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè, their 24-Hour Miracle Cream with a cult following. Well, pass me a robe and a tambourine; this stuff is amazing!

Not only did I pick up Gleam Body Radiance in Rose Gold, I met the founder of the line Melanie Mills, who couldn’t have been sweeter and more enthusiastic.

We spent some time with an old favorite we haven’t see in awhile Make-Up Designory (or MUD). My arm ended up looking like a spring painting by the time we left their booth. I took a Color Creme in Tulip and the Lip Glaze in Cupid home with me.

I went to Youngblood for mineral foundation, and ended up leaving with two lip products! How could I resist Debalicious Lipstick (from their new spring line) and Marrakech Lip Gloss (will you look at that gold shimmer?!)

Of course being a baller…er, blogger, has its benefits. We received an amazing goodie bag filled with some of the brands that could be found in the hall – as well as a gift or two here and there.

I got fitted with lashes from Eylure. Not from the Katy Perry line shown, but their Nautralites line. So pretty! And indeed natural.

I think Tyna and I may have been most impressed by ORG Skincare, an organic line based on Korean bathing rituals. The Face Peel is phenom. Seriously, I can’t remember being so excited by a product! Complete review coming soon.

And check out their GAMI soap, it’s hand poured with a pumice stone at the top for some satisfying scrubbing! Crafted in five incredible scents, that bit of awesome above is Sweet Ginger.

This is what was in the press gift bags. Highlights included a ZÜCA makeup bag, an Intense Mehron eye shadow…

…and a Sketch A Brow from Senna with the cutest lil’ comb you ever saw!

Last but certainly not least, we got a slew of the latest lashes from Ardell (this is like, a 16th of them!), enough for the whole team to give these pretties a try. We’ll have a complete review soon.

Check out Color Imapct, which work with your eye color to enhance it. So pretty!

we heartsters, if you went to IMATS, what did you get? If you didn’t, what do you want?

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  1. WOW Mrs. Haul! @stef is like a kid in a candy store at the IMATS! I love the Z Palette and those lashes look like a whole lot of fun! Can’t wait to sport those babies!
    I’m glad you finally got your very OWN metal palette and spatula!
    Stef and Tyna really were blown away by the The Face Peel -ORG Skincare – Stef put this on the back of my hand so I could see it work its magic in seconds… far out stuff! Wow, is right!

  2. Can you tell me what a metal palette and spatula are for? Clearly I need to get out of the house more!

    1. @rachelshay – It keeps things hygienic when you do makeup on someone. When you have a stick foundation, you don’t simply slather the stick on that person if your a makeup artist, you take the spatula and take some off. It’s also used to mix custom foundation/concealer colors, lipgloss and lipstick colors, latex application, et cetera. If you want these for yourself, it’s honestly to keep the back of your hands clean or help mix colors more easily. I don’t know about you, but the back of my hands get very dirty when I apply my makeup!

      It’s not for nail polish art as the stainless steel will start to corrode from acetone or even non-acetone nail polish remover. You use hard plastic artist palettes and things you can throw away like toothpicks!

  3. @rachelshay, makeup artists will often use a metal mixing palette for blending all your foundations, lipsticks and concealers. It is a MUST HAVE for them and the layman too that loves to play with makeup!
    They help to keep your products clean and sanitary. The spatula is also used for easy and convenient removal of product for tubes, jars and bottles.

  4. @stef , as always, I had my face two inches from the monitor, looking at every detail of your IMATS haul. I love everything you got! The Super Foundation brush is especially gorgeous, and Debalicious Lipstick is sending me on a search as soon as I’m done writing this comment!
    @glamazon56 brought me a tube of Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè from one of her yearly trips to France and it’s amazing stuff, truly deserving of its cult following. And a tube seems to last forever.
    Thanks for letting us live vicariously!

  5. Lovely purchases! I went to IMATs last year, skipped it this year (I knew I would spend too much!), but I’ll go again next year — hopefully with a press pass, even!

  6. So jealous, I’d love to go to IMATS! That Inglot palette looks so interesting, I think I like the series going in one horizontal line. I have seen the Z Palettes before and love how versatile they are. And the beautyblender cleanser looks great. Some good products overall, especially excited to try the lashes!

  7. I’m with Lucy – I’m loving your Inglot palette and the beautyblender cleanser! I would also die for that Youngblood Marrakech gloss and Embryolisse cream. Awesome haul!!

  8. LOVE your haul! Someday, I neeeed to go to IMATS. My bank account will weep but I just have to do it. I love all of your picks. Those Royal & Langnickel brushes look so soft and lush. LOVE their brushes. I haven’t tried LimeCrime yet but that lip color is fab. I have too many eyeshadows, but I want EVERY color Inglot makes, especially since the price is good, the product is FANTASTIC, and I love that they’re just pans. You can put them in MUFE’s freestyle magnetized palette without modifying the pans in any way, and then they’re easy to rearrange :) That GAMI soap is so cool looking! You’re totally a baller.

  9. your IMATs haul is amazing @Stef! I think you have a GREAT eye for purchasing new products and seem to always get great colors and handy products (the beautyblender solid cleanser? genius).

    We have an Inglot in NYC and it’s been a long time since I made a palette (it was a smokey one…I can’t find it and I don’t do smokey eyes anymore so it’s just lost somewhere). I want to make the best neutral palette I can make but I wish I knew which colors were favored more so it can help me slim down a bit :)

    I’ve always wanted to try Embryolisse too! Oh yea, I saw the list of vendors for IMATS NYC and they are good, but aren’t up to par with the LA one. I was definitely considering :)

  10. The GAMI soap would be awesome to have in the guest bath. It’s like an art piece!
    One of these days I’ll make it to IMATS NYC. Until then I’ll just have to satisfy myself with lemming over your haul posts!

  11. @Stef — Holy Cow. The night before IMAT’s must be like the night before Christmas. I just do not know how to stand it. There are so many great companies and a small time from to see everything. I would want to try and ultimately buy so much.

    @tyna — Are you posting your haul next?

  12. This left me with my mouth hanging open and saliva running down my chin. So little time, so many incredible products. I have an addiction to palettes (currently undergoing counseling for it); loved the one you put together. Thanks for displaying colors on skin– much more informative than staring at containers. You introduced me to brands with which I was unfamiliar. Tremendous haul!

  13. I’m kinda jealous of your MUD Color Creme. I’m such a whore for a beautiful cream blush…

  14. I wish I had had press credentials. It’s funny how similar my buys are like yours – I bought Inglot and a Z Palette to put my Inglot in. I bought a lot of Embryollise and a lot of BFTE (because I wanted to play with Phyrra too!!!). I also bought Youngblood and picked up the amazing ORG products like you have. What a great time it was!! Plus meeting you and Tyna again and really having a chance to talk was terrific.

    1. Ooo, a Z-palette for my Inglot…why didn’t I think of that? You’re smart Marcia! They’re nearly impossible to get out of the Inglot palettes.
      It was so great to see you again too. Thanks for stopping by our party, and stopping by here to comment too!

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