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Puffy eyes are the bane of my existence. Pretty much anything can make me puff up, from the avoidable (too much salt, too little sleep) to the inescapable (my period, too many hours staring at the computer screen at work). With all the miracles of modern science at my disposal, this is the one beauty issue I just can’t conquer. Suffice to say, I was the perfect review team member to test an item from a batch of goodies from the internationally known “eye specialists” TALIKA Paris.

Before we get to the review, you should know, I’m not a novice in the battle against puffy eyes. Some things I have tried to treat this unsightly problem:
• Sleeping on extra pillows
• Tea bags
• Chilled masks
• Frozen spoons
• Potato slices
• Every eye gel known to man, from drugstore cheap to $$$ department store versions

What has worked to de-puff me:
• Nothing

So of course I was skeptical when reading about TALIKA Paris and the item I was to test, the Eye Decompress Mask. The more I read, however, the more I was intrigued…This company of over 50 years was born out of the opthalmologic department of the famous Paris hospital Hôpitaux de Paris. Here Doctor Danielle Roches, fresh to the field, created “an anti-bacterial cream with plant extracts to help cure people suffering from face and eye burns due to war casualties. The results of her cream are astonishing: the lashes of her patients regrow quickly and dramatically.” This discovery gave us the world famous lash builder Lipocils, the first of many storied eye products from TALIKA Paris.

I tested the Eye Decompress, which is billed as “the five-minute eyelift,” and comes in a form I’ve never seen before: two separate plastic pods, one containing a bright blue liquid, the other a white capsule that resembles a giant aspirin. This brilliant packaging is space-age: simple, leak-free for traveling, pleasing to the eye and easy to use. Just peel off the silver cover and place the white capsule into the blue liquid. According to TALIKA, the blue solution is rich in anti-oxidant vitamins A and E and contains natural botanical extracts that help to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Each box contains 9 applications and retails for $30, a small price to pay for the power to face the world with brighter eyes.

As instructed, I popped the capsule into the liquid, and voila! I had a cloth mask infused with treatment. I placed the mask over my eyes and breathed in the scent of roses. The instructions advised a 5-10 minute treatment, but I found the scent so relaxing, I wanted to stay put when my time was up. I could feel a slight drawing sensation, so I was hopeful when I peeled the mask off and looked into the mirror.

My results weren’t miraculous, but there was definitely an improvement in the puffiness around my eyes and the entire area felt refreshed. I’ve treated myself to a TALIKA eye mask every couple of days, and this little ritual is relaxing me almost like meditation and continues to calm (but not cure) my puffy eyes. Despite my initial skepticism, I’m now a TALIKA believer.

Stef got to try the Eye Therapy Patch (shown above). Would it be wrong to say this looks worth it for the compact alone (it’s used to hold the patches between uses)? It probably would, so she’ll be along in the comments to give a review of the actual product, a reusable, essential oil packed patch for the eyes “clinically proven to reduce wrinkles after 1 use” and I’m sure a word or two about the pretty compact.

Over the years, TALIKA Paris has continued to work with cutting edge ingredients and botanically-based solutions to expand its line with effective products focusing on the body’s most noticeable areas – the eyes, face, hands and nails. The wht testers were the recipients of other intriguing products like the Instant Manicure, the Lash Conditioning Cleanser and the Instant Beauty Tightening Gel.

Make sure to check the comments for their reviews and ratings of this medically advanced, French line. we heartsters, have you already said “oui, oui” to TALIKA Paris? Which products do adore?

Shop TALIKA Paris at beauty.com:
Eye Decompress $30
Eye Therapy Patch $62
Instant Manicure $33
Instant Beauty Tightening Gel $53

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  1. Great post, Melis!
    I have super sensitive eyes and am leery of most eye products, but now that I know the line began in a hospital, I will give it a go! And yes, I would buy this for the packaging alone! I am such a sucker…

  2. Great post! Even without results, it sounds like your little “me” time ritual is worth the price alone! And that packaging DOES look fancy and sleek, I love it…

    You’ve got me VERY interested in the Instant Manicure from that link to beauty.com. I’m a nail polish junkie, and this sounds like it’d be fabulous for me inbetween applications…

  3. Great review, @turboterp! The packaging of these Talika products makes me swoon. I’ve actually only associated this brand with lash products, so it’s great to hear about their full range. I’m with @lyssachelle–I am intrigued by that manicure product now. :)

  4. Woah! The packaging is awesome! And I love the shade of blue they use! I wasn’t familiar with Talika, but I’m definitely intrigued now.

  5. Great review @turboterp !

    I received the Talika Instant Manicure and was excited to try it. I’m always ready to try a new way to pamper myself and a nice soak for my nails seemed like a great change from the norm. To test out the whitening powers I used a polish that I *know* stains my nails. Using the soak I saw little change in the actual color of my nails (no whitening and little stain removal) however my nails are notably healthier! I type all day long, play the guitar and piano, and garden so my nails break a lot. Since I’ve started using the Instant Manicure soak my nails are stronger and healthier. Sounds like a win to me!
    Ladies, if you try the Instant Manicure, let me know what you think! Its a great product for quick pampering.

  6. This was my first time trying Talika as well and like @Melissa – I was a skeptic a first. I tested the Instant Tightening Gel. Sadly, not only am I obsessed with my fine lines and wrinkles, I’m also obsessing over droopy feeling skin. So I totally wanted to try a “tightening” gel, even if I went in with doubts.

    The packaging on this gel isn’t quite space age, but it’s pretty and modern – a blue jewel tube encased in clear plastic with a silver pump dispenser.

    The gel can be used alone, under make up (it makes a decent primer) and/or under your daily lotion. The gel is a milky fairly thick gel with a clear, rainlike scent and the best way to describe this gel is that its like a combination of my beloved emerginC cream and a toner! This gel really does help to tighten and plump up my skin – making some of those fine lines fade and like a really good toner, leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I even did a half and half test last night to make sure I wasn’t caught up in the pretty package. Nope, one side was visibly a bit brighter and firmer looking. hooray.

    At $53 a bottle it’s pricey but not outrageous. You only need a pump or two per application and for the pick me up it gives me – may be worth it, especially for big night outs and cranky, period days. Five stars for the gel (but with reservations about excess packaging and cost)
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..8 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Suggestions =-.

  7. I was very excited to try TALIKA. I knew it was a French line (so I automatically associated it with fanciness) and I had long heard rumblings of their lash products being pretty remarkable. As you can see from the shiny beauty of the eye therapy patch compact, resistance was futile, it had to be mine.

    Results were subtle, but there were results. But honestly, the ritual of using this was kind of greater for me. The patches themselves feel like a gel foot pad you put in a pair of heels, squishy and very cool. You apply them, then if you’ve got the time (I made it) lie back for a half hour and relax. When I peeled them off, my under eye area look a bit firmer and more moisturized. I expected to see a glossy sheen like you do when you first apply eye cream. I didn’t, it’s more subtle. The best way for me to sum it up was that I look well rested. I’ll take that!

    The compact holds the patches between uses. You stick the used patch onto an interior sleeve until you’re ready to use it again. You get 3 uses per pad. So, considering you get 36 uses per box, at a rate of 2-3 times weekly; this $62 investment last for a long time. And refills (once you have the compact) are a bit cheaper.

    I give this a solid 4 stars for value, a cute compact and a product with good results. I’d def. like to try more from the line!
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..Ellis Faas Blush Review – we’re officially impressed! =-.

  8. I tried the lash conditioning cleanser. I must confess to not being a “lash cleansing” type. I only use makeup remover at Halloween time when the greasepaint makes an appearance. And makeup remover specifically for my lashes? Well, it’s a first.
    Talika is oil free which is nice considering that one of the reasons I avoid makeup removers is because they tend to be oily and can cause my already-oily skin to break out. What I’ve noticed since using the product is how much mascara I must have been leaving on my lashes all this time! The black slips off as if I were using a cold cream, and the color is removed thoroughly and gently.
    As far as this product conditioning my lashes…well, I can’t notice. Mascara is the one thing I never leave home without, so I rarely see these in their natural state. I will say that I have noticed fewer lashes falling out. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had a stray eyelash. I’ll go ahead and give Talika the credit here.
    Nice product. Gentle. Does what it promises. I’ll give this 4 stars, removing one for its price since I can’t place significant value on an expensive product for my lashes.

  9. I should add that the lash cleanser works on regular and waterproof mascaras…pretty amazing that it does its job so well WITHOUT oil. I also noticed that, although its list price is a rather expensive $24, some online sites (like Amazon) are offering it for $14 and some change. Now THAT’s reasonable!

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