Tan in 60 seconds? Diana B. brings you a miracle!

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60 Second Instant Miracle Tan review, plus Sugar Scrubs and more

Diana B.’s 60 Second Miracle Tan review

There’s no denying it now, Fall is just around the corner. And although there are tons of things I’m going to miss about summer (sandals and not having to get stuck behind a school bus, to name two) the thing I will miss the most is sun-kissed skin (safely achieved, of course). Luckily with Diana B.’s 60 Second Miracle Tan ($60) I don’t have to say good bye!

Maybe I’m skeptical, or perhaps I’ve just been turned orange too many times, but I proceeded with caution while testing for the first time. Even from a brand like Diana B., who I know and love. Because tan skin; not only without a hint of orange or the lingering smell of most self tanners, but in 60 seconds? I found it hard to believe.

But, that’s exactly what happened. 60 Second Miracle Tan uses DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) along with the some top secret technology that mixes to produces a water-activated sugar protein based foam that smells amazing. And when I say amazing, I don’t mean “amazing for a self tanner”. I mean a truly delicious smelling chocolate almond foam.

Here’s where it gets good though…you put on gloves and get in the shower. After applying 10 pumps to 4 different parts of your body (40 pumps total), you count to 60 as you rub the foam into your skin.

Diana B.’s 60 Second Miracle Tan swatch (here it is in action)

Don’t be scared, it does look dark. After about 10 seconds I was considering rinsing it off (but didn’t). When I did rinse (both me and my shower walls, be careful-it will stain curtains!) and stepped out of the shower I was greeted with a lovely sight; a light and natural looking tan. I did notice my feet were a bit splotchy (as they were standing in the tanner as it washed off), but after a quick scrub with a pumice stone-good as new!

You can use it daily to build on your color, but I liked using it once a week to keep a consistent sunny, yet sun-free look. Hands down, this is the best self tanner I have ever used. I only wish it were a bit less expensive ($40 would be a no brainer purchase for me, $60 causes me to pause.)

Tanning not your thing? Diana B. offers a whole range of products to keep your skin looking fab, in 4 signature scents (with powerhouse ingredients) that can be mixed and layered to develop your own signature scent:

Maple Sugar Lychee Nut – healing minerals found in Maple syrup work wonders on sun damage, hyper pigmentation and acne scarring.

Green Tea Desert Grapefruit – green tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps to aging. Grapefruit helps to heal surface impurities with its high concentration of Vitamin C.

Black Fig – the skin of the fig is high in both Vitamin C and natural fruit enzymes, to help restore elasticity, circulation and vitality to tired skin.

Peach Frangipani Flower – peach is soothing and gentle to sensitive skin. Frangipani Flower extracts lift and tone skin. Together, of course, they smell delicious.

Please check the comments to see the wht review team’s thoughts on their light and creamy Body Lotion ($20), delicately scented Candle ($25) and the product that was my introduction to the line oh-so many years ago; Sugar Scrub ($45), which uses cane sugar syrup from England and is both oil and chemical free.

In the meantime, I’ll be gazing at my chocolate scented, non orange tan, and thanking Diana B. for yet another winning product!

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  1. Tan in 60 Seconds?! The headline of your post made me stop in my tracks, @stef! Even my favorite self-tanners involve hours and hours of waiting to finally rinse them off. I can’t even imagine the joy of tanning while I shower! If you say this is the best self tanner you’ve ever used, and it really does work that fast, $60 will be money well spent.

    I tested Diana B.’s wonderful Sugar Scrub in both Green Tea Desert Grapefruit and Peach Frangipani Flower. The scents are both light and delicious, and there’s no way I can choose between them! I think I need both. The scrub itself is incredibly nice because it contains no oil and is therefore the perfect prep for a self tan. After scrubbing, my skin was so soft and clean. Really impressive scrub. I can’t wait to read what the other testers think.

    5 stars for Diana B.

  2. It’s really true, you’re tan in 60 seconds. And actually tan, not some sort of weird bronzey-orange. And other than my feet, I didn’t have any odd splotches or extra dark areas (like knees or elbows). I loved the scent (it reminded me of pudding) but I think what I loved even more was that once you washed the foam off, the scent was gone. Right after that oompa loompa glow, linger tanner smell is my biggest pet peeve. That chemically scent that sticks around for the next 6 hours. Bleuch. None of that with this!

    This would be a 5 star product in a second if only it were a little less money. I know, I gave 5 stars to a $275 serum yesterday, and now I’m being frugal? I think all beauty addicts will agree, there are some things that you’ll splurge on in a second, and some that cause pause. Skincare is my weakness, and I see that as necessary. Tanner, nice to have, but not necessary. In my head, this makes total sense…

    So 4 stars from me, it would go straight to 5 with a slightly lower price. And let me reiterate: best tanner I’ve ever used!

  3. How many applications do you think you could get out of that self-tanner, @stef? It sounds like a good gift for my best friend, but not if it’d be gone in a week…

    Also, those scents sound AMAZING. I’d be all over that Maple Sugar Lychee Nut candle. What a strange and fun combination….

  4. @lyssachelle – It depends how much you use it. With my once weekly use, I probably have enough for 3 months…

  5. I loooveesss me some scrubs. I think they are totally my favorite type of product for body. And I loved the sweet smelling Peach Frangipani scrub. It was great for scrubbing underarms and bikini areas and legs before shaving. Soft and smooth and not dried out when I was done. Three stars!

  6. I got to test out Peach Frangipani and Green Tea Desert Grapefruit scrubs and both are unique. The Peach Frangipani was wonderful. I found that I liked this very much, as it has a beautiful aroma, of white peaches and Indian Frangipani flowers. My skin loved this treatment, and the fragrance lingered afterwards. I wanted to eat my arm and my skin turned out to be super soft and had a glow that looked great. It’s a bit ditto regarding, The Green Tea Desert Grapefruit. First off, it is super refreshing! Some grapefruit products are horrible, and since i have a great fondness toward grapefruit when it smells like this- it’s a good thing! My skin felt smooth and really liked the treatment. Four lovely stars from me! ****

  7. I sampled the Peach Frangiapani Flower Sugar Scrub and enjoyed it quite a bit. The scent does linger and leans more toward the Frangipani and less towards the peach, so you gotta like your floral scents to use this one. I had seen “Frangiapani” spelled out on the jar but somehow twirled it around my head until it registered “Marzipan.” I was really anxious about trying out a peach marzipan sugar scrub. Cracking the tub open and realizing that there was no sugary almonds in there kind of disappointed me at first. Aftewards, I came to enjoy the heady floral scent and the incredible job this scrub did making my knees, legs and elbows soft and glow-y.
    Usually, I do prefer salt scrubs to sugar since the salt tends to hold up its end of the scrubbing deal a little better. Also, sugar is sugar and if its all not rinsed properly you get a little sticky. This happened to me once or twice (especially when I got to the end of the jar where most of the sugar had disappeared, leaving a sugary liquid.
    All in all, I really enjoyed this scrub and would really like to try the Grapefruit and the Maple Sugar scrubs. 4 stars.

  8. I’ve discovered that I am a bit of a scrub addict. I just counted and there are 5 sugar or salt scrubs in my shower right now! That’s kind of embarrassing.

    Well, Diana B. happily entered the line up. I got to try the Black Fig one. One word; yum! I love to eat figs and I love products scented like them. This had that kind of sweet, kind of rich fig smell that is just so delicious. And it lingers ALL day. I love the idea of layering this with the Maple Sugar Lychee Nut lotion.

    The sugar scrub itself is really nice, but I agree with @sherrishera, a bit sticky. It kind of felt like I was rubbing a sugar and syrup mixture on me (not that that is a bad thing!) It did leave me feeling very smooth. But maybe I’m weird, I kind of like a bit of oil in my scrubs, for that extra moisturizing.

    I’m going to go 3 stars here. 1 off for stickiness, and 1 for the price. $45-ouch! But it’s a quality scrub with a fabulous scent.

  9. I got to test the Black Fig Body Lotion and it moisturizes really well! It’s creamy and absorbs easily. My skin always feels soft but not greasy when I use it. It’s very light so it’s perfect as a summer lotion. But I have to say, the scent is really what made me love this product. I’ve never used anything fig scented, but it smells delicious! It’s sweet, but not sugary sweet, and has a kind of earthiness to it, perhaps even a bit herby…Either way, it’s awesome! I don’t wear perfume or body sprays when using this lotion simply because the the Black Fig is just strong enough to be noticed, but not obnoxiously so. And as @stef pointed out, the Vitamin C is workin its magic to revitalize the skin. Love Diana B!

    I’m givin this one 5 stars!

  10. Also, I forgot to say, I REALLY want to try the tanner now! I try and avoid actual tanning, but fake tanners always scare me. I’ve seen too many orange faces that I don’t trust most tanners on the market. But this sounds awesome. And it’s only 60 seconds! I may have to splurge on this one the next time I have some extra cash.

  11. oh my, @stef…That first picture makes the product look like quite delicious haha! But back to the purpose of the product…Wow, I kind of want to try this! The scents sound amazing as well. I am always so pale :(

  12. I had the pleasure of testing the peach frangipani flower candle. And I really, really am enjoying it. The packaging is simple and elegant. The scent is not at all overpowering. I am often irritated by heavily scented candles because of allergies. But this was a very clean and pleasant scent. It is slightly sweet and very relaxing. I give it 4 stars only because in my dreams it would be cheaper. Sometimes it is hard for me to buy expensive candles. I feel like I am watching my money melt away.

  13. I tested out the sugar scrub in both Peach Frangipani and Green Tea Desert Grapefruit. I was hesitant about the Peach Frangipani because I don’t really like peach anything but it really was a great mix of scents, not too peachy. My real love is saved for the Green Tea Desert Grapefruit! I love, love, love anything grapefruit, and I even caught my husband taking a sniff and using it on his elbows. Adding the green tea to the grapefruit made it even more refreshing. The sugar scrub melts beautifully on the skin and really feels great. The price is a little steep, I’d like to see it for a little less, but it’s a good indulgence every once in awhile. Four stars!

    Now to get my hands on the self tanner- chocolate scented *and* tan?! I’m there!

  14. Who would not want a tan in 60 seconds? I love sugar scrubs I will add this to my growing list!

  15. I love being tan, and have tried a few different drugstore self tanners. But I’m not a fan of the smell. Jergens Express is my current favorite, because I like to get a lot of color, really quick. Does the Diana B. tanner have a darker variety? Or can you leave it on longer? If so, I would be willing to shell out $60!

  16. I’m definitely interested in trying this one – with the school year fast approaching, I’m looking for a good self-tanner to keep my legs looking skirt-worthy! Although I’ll admit that the price tag initially made me pause, the reality is that to buy a month at a local tanning salon, I’d be paying twice as much, while being unhealthy in the process! I can most certainly rationalize a $60 investment if I were to get three months’ use out of it.

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