The 5 Minute Vacation via Pixi Beauty Bronzer and Target

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Plus, the best bronzer tip you’ll EVER get!

A blonde woman wearing The 5 Minute Vacation via Pixi Beauty Bronzer 

You are about to learn in the first minute and a half of this video what it took me YEARS to figure out about bronzer. Take a look…

Did you catch what Pixi founder Petra Strand just shared? You never want to apply a bronzer that is more than one shade deeper than your skin tone. A “more is more” kind of gal, I used to mistakenly think I could just jump straight to “last day of vacation” with my shade selection. And then wondered why my choices never quite worked for me.

A hand holding Pixi's Beauty Bronzer + Kabuki Brush

Had I known that all I needed was Pixi’s Beauty Bronzer + Kabuki Brush ($21) in the gorgeous shade of Subtly Suntouched, I could have saved a lot of money. And a lot of days of looking dirty!

The 5 Minute Vacation via Pixi Beauty Bronzer packaging

As the name applies, the bronzer is packaged with an adorable yet mighty Kabuki Brush with soft, dense bristles.

A pixi kabuki brush

Pixi's Beauty Bronzer + Kabuki Brush

But it’s the bronzer that’s the true star. Finely milled, the subtly shimmered golden nude shade is perfect for fair to ivory skin tones. My old bronzer ways came out of hiding when I first saw it; “that’s too light, that’s not bronzer!” But it’s buildable color gave my skin such a beautiful radiant glow, it was love at first sweep.

Pixi's Beauty Bronzer + Kabuki Brushcheck out that subtle glow!

I set out to recreate the look in the video and it literally took 5 minutes to go from winter blah to summer fab. Want to see how I did it?

A blonde woman without makeup

As mentioned in the photo, I started with just a tinted moisturizer and my eyebrows applied. Petra used oil-free Flawless & Poreless Primer ($29) as a base. But I needed a bit more help than the gorgeous Yasmin le Bon lookalike model.

A blonde woman applying bronzer

I applied Beauty Bronzer to all of the high points of my face; across the forehead, down the bridge of my nose, the apples of my cheeks and cheekbones, and across my jaw and tip of the chin. I applied it sparingly at first, then built up the color and was surprised at how natural it looked.

A blonde woman smiling wearing bronzerdownright glowy!

A close up image of one-eyed woman having a smudge of bronze on the eyes

Petra used the beautiful Lid Last Shadow Pen ($18) in Bronze Brilliance for a bronzey smudge around the eyes. I recreated it with a similar, soft chubby pencil that I blended with a brush up into my crease.

A close up image of a woman's lips having a swipe of golden pink gloss

Petra recommends Tinted Brilliance Balm ($16) in Lucent Glow to top the look. She knows her stuff! Golden pink really pops against bronzed skin.

A quick sweep of mascara and that’s it. Five minutes and I had the glow that I usually only see after a vacation! Amazing what the right bronzer can do, isn’t it?

A blonde woman smiling wearing makeup

we heartsters, do you use bronzer? Why or why not?

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  1. @stef , are you sure you didn’t go on a quick tropical vacation? That is one gorgeous (and natural looking) bronzer!

    Yes, I love bronzers but I’m definitely guilty of going too dark, too soon. I can’t wait to give Pixi bronzer a try. Love the brush, too!

  2. Pretty! I’m an NC42, so I don’t really use bronzer except in a pinch as an eyeshadow. But this has made me curious about Pixi, I think I’ve only tried their lipstick and that was a while ago. I really like that brush, I’ll have to see if they have it sold separately!

  3. Oooh, a bronzer for the paler girls! Pixi has some adorable stuff. Recently I got my hands on the Tinkerbell gloss that changes to a perfect pink on your lips. Such an adorable brand!

  4. I really don’t use a bronzer all that much. I’m pretty pale – so I always want to use one – but I’m like you @stef and always went for shades that were too dark for me. And didn’t like the results, so I stopped trying.
    Now that the sun is coming out to play – I want a bit of that glow! So I can’t wait to test out this theory – I’ve got a Target trip coming any day now, and will be checking out the exact same Pixi Bronzer you used here. Yay for cheap beauty thrills!

  5. Stef, you look so subtly glowy! Usually, my bronzer routine is a half-hearted attempt to brush the powder on in an E shape, but I’m so worried about muddyness that I use too light a hand and the whole thing is pointless. I think I need this Pixi bronzer–the proof is in your photos!

  6. @stef – Thanks for the lesson! I need to take another look at my use of bronzer. I may have to also take a hard look at my existing bronzers. I am pretty sure I have a few in the “Coppertone Tan” hue that need to go bye bye. It makes total sense now way the darker shades do not work.

  7. Very educational, indeed. I will not soon be forgetting the hot tip about one shade darker than your skin tone, for best bronzer results. Oh Stef, you are such a pretty lady with or without makeup!

  8. It took me the longest time to find bronzer that didn’t make my face look dirty, and I think it was because I’m so pale. Bronzer rarely comes in a “one shade darker” from my skin tone! Over the years I’ve managed to make a little stash of bronzer that works for me, but I wish I would have had this tip ages ago- it would have saved me a lot of trial and error!

  9. Beautiful! What Chubby stick (brand and shade please!) ARE you wearing on your eyes?!

    1. Eeek! I wish I remembered. But the shade looks very similar to Stila Golightly (formally Holly Golightly). But alas that’s a pan shadow.

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