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Our swatches and review of this fabulous QVC collection

tarte 8th World Wonder kitphotos: we heart this

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about meeting the delightful Maureen Kelly (the heart of tarte!) and getting a sneak peek at a whole slew of upcoming Spring/Summer products. While we oohed and aahed over everything, it reached it’s loudest pitch over the 8th World Wonder kit, the 7 piece (+ bag) QVC exclusive Amazonian Clay collection. We marked our calenders with baited breath for the launch, and the day has come. Get the collection NOW! And we do mean now, something this fabulous will not last.

Starting at Midnight tonight and all day tomorrow, Monday March 14th, Maureen will be on QVC showing millions of viewers this beauty of a collection. Lucky we heartsters, you get a couple of hours heads up to get your wallets ready. For one day, you can get it for $48. After the 14th, the collection will sell for $58 (if there are any left!) and single items won’t be available anywhere other than QVC until 7/31/11. So, just what does this collection contain, the collection that made two hardcore beauty addicts flip their respective lids?

Amazonian clay long-wear eyeshadow palette with four shades

Amazonian clay automatic waterproof eyeliner in Golden Plum left: a closer look at Golden Plum liner, applied heavily

1. Amazonian clay long-wear eyeshadow palette with four shades: Shimmering Cocoa, Shimmering Bronze, Shimmering Sand and Shimmering Plum – oh, what a palette! Housed in a recycled bamboo case, the 4 shades are richly pigmented, with the clay making them velvety smooth as well.

2. Amazonian clay automatic waterproof eyeliner in Golden Plum (0.008 oz.) – finally, a plum that warm toned girls can enjoy as well! This is a dark shimmery plum that can be layered for even more depth. Applied lightly, it almost takes on a brown look, with a slight hint of red (but no gold, despite the name). Applied heavily, it has a blackened burgundy look. Happily for me, neither application leans too much to the cool side. Best of all, the non-budging formula.

Shimmering Cocoa, Shimmering Sand eye shadows swatchesfrom top: Shimmering Cocoa, Shimmering Sand eye shadows

one swipe of Golden Plum liner, Shimmering Plum and Shimmering Bronze eye shadows swatchesfrom top: one swipe of Golden Plum liner, Shimmering Plum and Shimmering Bronze eye shadows

3. Lights, Camera, Lashes! volumizing mascara in Black (0.24 fl oz) – rounding out the eye products is this tarte favorite.

Amazonian clay 12-hour wear powder blush in Glisten

4. Amazonian clay 12-hour wear powder blush in Glisten (0.20 oz) – This peachy-pink shade is packed with golden shimmer. I feared it might be too frosty on, but blended well and applied lightly, it’s very pretty.

Pure Optic moisturizing lip gloss in Golden Pink

5. Pure Optic moisturizing lip gloss in Golden Pink (0.14 fl oz) – A big fan of tarte glosses, I was excited to see a new formula and a new click-brush applicator. Golden Pink is the counterpart to Glisten, a beautiful peachy-pink with large flecks of golden shimmer. Beautiful, and minty too!

Glisten blush, bottom: Golden Pink gloss swatchestop: Glisten blush, bottom: Golden Pink gloss

Deluxe Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush

6. Deluxe Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush – ah, there it is; the item that had Tyna and I most in a tizzy. This massive brush (1.75 inches in diameter) has a chunky recycled bamboo handle and is used to buff foundation into your skin, leaving you with a flawless finish. This amazing brush “works with foundation to help reduce the appearance of pores, discolorations, and imperfections and ensure a flawless complexion.” And you know what, it really does! Plus, if you keep it stored away from dust and dirt, Maureen told us first hand that it only gets better with each use (as the product works it way into the bristles). I LOVE this thing.

Deluxe Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush in actionbrush and foundation (in light) in action!

7. Amazonian clay balancing foundation SPF 15 in Fair, Light, Medium, Tan or Deep (1.7 fl oz) – You know we’re huge fans of Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer (it even made my favorite products of 2010 list). Well, meet it’s harder working counterpart! For times when you need a bit more coverage, this foundation comes to the rescue in a lightweight, oil free formula. The Muse posted swatches of all the shades, if you’re wondering which one is right for you.

a beautiful woven clutch/cosmetic bag in tarte's signature purple

Bonus item: a beautiful woven clutch/cosmetic bag in tarte’s signature purple. I would totally use this for a night out!

Whew! Have we convinced you that you need this kit? Then get the tarte 8th World Wonder kit right NOW!

Anyone take the plunge and purchase? Let us know what you’re most excited for!

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  1. Can you believe that the only tarte product I own is a mini cheek stain set? This kit looks great and the swatches really have me thinking I need to get this. Heading over to QVC right now. =)

  2. Oh my goodness this kit is gorgeous and what a great price. I really want that foundation brush. I just had to throw my old one out and this looks a ton better. Off to QVC!

  3. Hmm… I’m not sure if I would need fair or light for the foundation. I’m very pale but I look better in warm colors, do you guys have any insight?

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! These colors are fantastic!

  5. I’ve been waiting for this ever since your first post about it. Gorgeous swatches!

  6. What foundation shade is shown in the picture?

  7. Oh my-my-my! Gorgeous is an understatement! But what I’m really interested in is the Deluxe Airbrush – Finish Foundation Brush. I’m also interested in the Amazonian clay balancing foundation SPF 15 in medium-I’m guessing. I’m rather fair too like Shaya C.but want coverage. Insight on selecting which one would be helpful!

  8. These are just lovely. And completely wearable for just about everybody, that’s so unusual for a palatte! Yay to tarte for once again taking our expectations and then smashing them to tiny glittery bits!

  9. I can not wait to get my 8th wonder kit!! Yep, when wht received one of these kits for review both Stef and I flipped for the brush and decided to order a second kit immediately so we could both have one. With all the beauty we’ve tested over the years, when we are racing to spend our money for makeup it’s a keeper.

    I can’t wait to try the new Amazonian Foundation (I went with Fair) and get my hands on the BRUSH. It is amazing – soft and fluffy and it really, really helps buff in color to a great finish. I’m on pins and needles waiting for my postman!

  10. I am in love with this collection. I love the colors and it is an amazing value. I can’t wait for it to arrive from QVC.

  11. The shimmer of everything is gorgeous and so is that plum liner! But, I HAVE to try that brush, too!! I like the thought of it getting better with use, too. I always feel like I have to wash my foundation brush after every use or it’ll get cakey, so this low maintenance plan sounds good to me!

  12. This set looks flipping amazing! Tarte just knocks it out of the ball park consistently!! All of the colors look insanely beautiful. And that brush, uhhhh! I want it so badly. Looks like I am off to check out QVC!

  13. So, unnnnh…. Can I borrow $48? LOL I would pay that just for the Amazon Clay blush in Glisten! If this doesn’t give me the added motivation to find a job I don’t know what will!

  14. Thanks @stef! I got your message about the best color to go with. This set is just nuts! I’m loving it soooo much!

  15. The blush and brush seem to be my favorites from this set. It looks simply lovely! and what a deal!

  16. Gorgeous colors! However, I’m not convinced that I need it. The powder would be awfully dark on my light skin!

  17. What an amazing set! I really really want the blush and brush… and the other items look great as well. Sadly, they only have Tan and Deep left on QVC :(

  18. yellowsprings7 says:

    I got mine yesterday and absolutely love playing with all my new makeup. I own a decent amount of Tarte products once I heard about the infusion of amazonian clay and maracuja oil my credit card was maked out in a day. I got 2 sets from sephora, this one from qvc and a couple items i had picked up before this shopping spree, but my point is they are very high quality. Their original eyeshadows can sometimes be too soft and on the chalky side but every other product I have tried has been pretty impressive. and the new formulation of eyeshadows is definitely better quality. Tarte never ceases to amaze me, each year they give me more reasons to continue purchasing their products :)

    1. Welcome to wht @yellowsprings87! We always have room for another tarte lover here.

      I got to sample the maracuja oil but do not have it yet. What do think of it? (I’m always a little leery of putting oil on my skin, but the ladies at tarte have yet to steer me wrong.)

  19. Hi there y’all..
    I’m looking for someone who wants to return their kit, to sell it to me… don’t return it; Please sell me your kit!!! It’s all sold out in Light and Medium! I really want this…. sighhhhhhhh….

    1. Wow – already sold out in Light and Medium? I’m not surprised, it’s one heck of a kit. Good luck @Sitka!

  20. I purchase this set from QVC before they ran out. I love all of it and also I received a sample bottle of oil. I cannot say enough about this makeup. I was a bm girl but not anymore. You will not be sorry you bought this.

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