tarte eyeQuatic Summer Essentials set review

tarte eyeQuatic Summer Essentials set review

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I don’t know about where you live, but summertime is in full swing in my state. Temperatures have been hitting the triple digit mark every day for weeks on end. It’s unbearably hot outside and the only relief I can get is by staying cool in some form of water. I’ve been to the lake, traveled to the beach, and most of my afternoons are spent hauling the kids to the pool. Of course, I still want to look my best while braving the heat and participating in all these water activities. And I don’t want my makeup to melt off the minute I walk outside. Enter tarte

You can imagine how happy I was when I received the eyeQuatic Waterproof Summer Essentials Set limited edition set to test. This kit contains three mermaid hued, gemstone inspired Lock & Roll shadows in turquoise, citrine, and tanzanite, a travel size Lights, Camera, Splashes! waterproof mascara and a huge mod-chic scarf in complimentary colors. This set couldn’t have come at a better time for me. The weekend after it arrived I was invited on a trip to the lake. I put the waterproof claims to test right away and I have to say I was so pleasantly pleased with the results.

The Lights, Camera, Splashes! waterproof mascara stayed put all day and still looked great that evening. The Lock & Roll shadows really do have some nice staying power and come in the perfect summer inspired colors; a shimmery gold, a light and bright lavender, and a bold turquoise. These cute little shadows are double ended, with a Vitamin E enriched cream shadow and brush on one end and a loose roll-on powder on the other. They are the perfect size to slip into your travel bag and are super easy to apply on the go with the built in brush and roller. As an added bonus, the cute scarf makes a wonderful summertime accessory. Tie it to a purse, use it as a head wrap, it’s large enough that you might even be able to use it as a halter top or a belt. This set contains everything you need for creating beautiful waterproof eyes in one cute little package.

tarte eyeQuatic Summer Essentials set Hi Chicks, Stef here. Sorry to bust in on Tiffany’s post but I wanted to share with you how I’ve been using these Lock & Roll shadows. The instructions say to apply a sheer wash on the lids, then add the loose powder on top to set the color and create a waterproof seal. Used like this, these really vivid colors end up much more subtle. Pretty, but I wanted to keep them bright. So instead, I’ve been concentrating the cream as an eyeliner, then applying the matching powder in the outer corners of my eye and crease. Used an eyeliner, the color stays just as vibrant as it is in the tube, making it perfect for punchy summer color!

Did the tarte eyeQuatic set make a splash with you? Let us know!

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  1. Love your idea Stef. Never thought of using them as eyeliners. These do go on very sheer, but I really love the look of them. For me, sheer is good. I’m not one for bold color on my eyes, so I was actually happy they weren’t as bright as the color in the tube. I’ve already got my eye on other colors these come in. I also really liked the mascara. I can’t tell you how many times I got splashed in the face the day I wore it to the lake, but it didn’t budge one bit. I usually don’t buy waterproof mascara, but I would consider buying this one.

  2. This kit is really working for me this summer! I like to take my makeup up a notch this time of the year and wear things that match the season; bright eye shadows, hot pink lipstick, etc. So the Lock & Roll’s are perfect for this! I’m especially happy with the lavender one. I am forever searching for a purple I can wear that doesn’t make me look sickly and they’re never right with my skin tone. This one is perfect. They’re on the small side, but you need so little loose powder that I’m sure they’ll last for quite awhile. Great mascara too. Super black, non clumpy and a fabulous, full brush. Believe or not, my first waterproof too!

    The scarf is great too, really bright and fun. Of course I have yet to do anything with it, but that’s the case with all the scarves I collect!

    I think this set would be a great gift for a summer birthday too.
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  3. This is a great Summer kit, and the cute scarf is a major bonus too! I agree with Stef this would make a perfect Summer b.day gift. The colors are all great, and I love that you can go either bright of subtle with them. I love your tip Stef, makes it even more functional! And I’ve always been a fan of their Lights Camera Lashes, so the waterproof version was an exciting new thing for me to try. I love this mascara, great staying power, bold black lashes, no clumps…simply fab!

    The roller ball isn’t the easiest to use in my opinion.
    I ended up taking it off of one of the three which made it a little more messy, but easier to use with a brush. I love the cream though and it does also have great staying power. I’m just not a fan of roller balls for eyes, but beyond that the colors, and results along with the packaging make this a very worth while purchase.

    Great post by the way Tiffany :)& Stef Gorgeous eye lid girl ;)

  4. I see in your eye that is was a nice day in Yucca Valley! Your eye is just beautiful Stef! Great job on the liner idea too! I’ll have to check out Tarte eyeQuatic at Sephora!

  5. I agree with everyone above about it being a perfect summer birthday gift. The scarf is stunning on its own! I’ve never seen a roller eye shadow before. As i’ve mentioned before i’m not the biggest makeup user so i’m not that good at applying. But i have to say with the roller, which i used as a liner, went on smooth and very neat, and best of all fast. The creme i wasn’t as successful at using but i think i can master it after a few practice runs. I did what Stef, recommended above with the Citrine. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be too goldy and bright. Because awhile back i dropped some bucks on Cargo’s Eye Bronzer and it was just way too shimmery (remind me stef to pass it along to you next time, you’d love it)for my look. The tarte gave a nice shimmer and the loose is perfect to give it more of a pop. Once i master it better it will be my go to with some brown liner under it. I didn’t realize the mascara was water proof. that works for me. it went on great, no clumps, nice deep black. I like this one way better then Tarte’e Lights Camera Lashes which kind of burned my eyes, if i got teared up even the slightest. The brush and the rollar shadow i would recommend to someone like me that isn’t that handy with a pencil and liquid liner.

  6. Oooh, I am GREEN with envy. Two of those Lock’n’Roll shades are exclusive to this kit. I love Tarte’s lock’n’roll shadows. They stay ON! And are WATERPROOF! I loooove them!!!!

  7. This one’s another crowd pleaser from Tarte. Love them! Stef–Thanks for the tip about using the cream side as an eye liner and then the powder as a sheer wash of color. I was trying to figure out how to make the turquoise shade a little less Dame Edna on me and that sounds like that will give me better results. The one thing I loved about the Lock and Roll shadows is that when you put the powder on top of the cream shadow, they do not budge. I didn’t even have creasing after being out all day in the heat, which is mighty impressive. I don’t know if anybody had this problem, but my makeup wipes didn’t really want to take off the turquoise shade, that’s how little these budge :) The waterproof mascara is a must for summer days-it makes lashes look fuller without any clumping and after I showered, it was still mostly there, so that was kinda cool. I am in love with the scarf that came with this set—it’s too big to use as a piratey head scarf, but I was thinking this could be nice to drape on a table or dresser, or even drape over a curtain rod like a valance—that sucker is HUGE!

  8. I get to hear all of Stef’s great makeup tips as soon as she busts open the review packages, so I knew from the start I wanted to use my Lock’n’Roll colors as an eyeliner. I love bright blues and purples on my eyes, but sometimes covering the whole lid can overwhelm my eye color (a lighter blue then Stef’s pretty aqua baby blues). A careful swipe of the cream along the lash line followed with the powder over top and more powder smudged in the crease. And I was ready to add mascara and go! You have a bit of time to work with it all and then, boom, the color is locked onto your lids – water proof, sweat proof, rub proof – the Tarte colors never budges.
    I also love that both bright colors were so wearable – you totally notice the pop of color but it isn’t too much. Plus, if you want a softer look, you can use a sheer layer for subtle color. I shared my kit with Bronwen – keeping the bright turquoise and purple for some summer pop. Seeing her excitement over the whole kit underscored what a fabulous gift this would make for any friends with a summer birthday -or any other reason gift giving occasion).
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