tarte for the love of lipgloss 15 piece maracuja lipgloss set – review, photos and swatches

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Santa’s got nothing on you when you’re gifting this incredible set!

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The holidays are certainly upon us. Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your girlfriends that won’t break the bank? I am telling you to look no further than tarte this year. They have done it again with their outstanding Baby It’s Bold Outside Holiday 2012 collection which includes the amazing For The Love of Lipgloss collection. Sadly, this Ulta exclusive is already sold out online, but Tyna spied it at her local Ulta just this weekend. There’s still hope!

I have become a huge fan of tarte’s Maracuja line. It’s genius. This collection is no exception. The set includes an impressive collection of 15 maracuja mini-glosses. The collection comes pre-gift packaged into three packages of five glosses. This means that you can give three sets as gifts without even springing for gift wrap, as their boxes are already adorable.

The colors range anywhere from berries to pinks, beiges, and peaches. It’s a truly impressive range of colors that should flatter anyone. To further illustrate this point, each color is named after a different woman. And I have to say I’m so very happy that tarte named these glosses, as they’ve never named their huge lip gloss holiday sets before.

Coral set: Stacy, Maxine, Shari, Tania, Lane

Stacy – sheerer version of Chris (see below)
Maxine – milky cool pink creme
Shari – sheer pink berry
Tania – bright pink with silver shimmer
Lane – sheer nude pink

I like to think that each represents a great friend of the tarte creative team. These glosses truly are just right for any woman in your life. The finishes are equally diverse, as they range in varying degrees of shimmer, creme, sheer and semi-opaque. Even though these glosses are broken up into a purple, pink and coral set, the colors included in each are not indicative of the color of the box. They each have a range of shades.

Pink Set: Jasmin, Jo, Lynda, Lynh, Mary

Jasmin – yellow pink with gold shimmer
(disclaimer, I am a bad, bad person and stole this one from Kellie ~Stef)
Jo – sheer light pink shimmer (it’s the shimmer version of Jen)
Lynda – blue pink creme
Lynh – bright raspberry pink with gold flakies
Mary – Maxine’s twin

The glosses have a great sponge applicator that makes application easy. The finish is not at all sticky and provides extremely comfortable wear. There is a super fresh minty scent and tingle as well. While I would not consider these glosses a stain or long wearing, they don’t require constant re-application throughout the day.

Purple set: Aline, Sarah, Chris, Sherri, Jen

Aline – bright raspberry creme, nicely pigmented
Sarah – creamy coral
Chris – dusty plum with gold shimmer
Sherri – peachy nude with magenta micro glitter
Jen – sheer light pink

This set is truly awesome and is a great value. It sells for $32 exclusively at Ulta, and has a $120 retail value. It is perfect as a keeper for yourself, although I see its true greatness as a gift.

You could gift the entire set, or break it into the three prepackaged sets. And if you must have some of these glosses, you could very easily pull out your five favorites to keep, and make two sets for two friends. There are a few VERY similar shades within the boxes which makes splitting up the goods very easy.

Just remember to keep an eye on these little treasures if you keep a few for yourself. I have already had 2 “stolen” from me. They are that good! So hurry to your local ULTA to grab this fab gift set, or click here to shop the Baby It’s Bold Outside Holiday 2012 collection.

we heartsters – would you gift this entire set – or swipe a few for your own collection?

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  1. Amazing set! Love the Tarte Maracuja line. Too bad I don’t live near an Ulta anymore! Great deal.

  2. This is an affordable gift that would please absolutely any female on my list! I love everything I’ve tried from tarte’s Maracuja line, and I’m just hoping I can luck out at my local Ulta. I really like the idea of breaking this up into three sets, @kellie76 !

  3. Love my tarte maracuja lip gloss! I have a limited edition shade – peaceful – and the name and minty taste and tingle are soo perfect for the holiday season!

    I know a couple of lip gloss fiends that would freak out for this kit ~ and if I’m lucky enough to find it still on my Hollywood Ulta shelves, I can split it up as stocking stuffers for them – while keeping a few of these cute little glosses for myself. Great idea @kellie76 – it will truly be a merry Christmas for all!

  4. I looooove Tarte’s maracuja glosses! The light-medium pigmentation, the length of wear, the minty fresh scent… The price is so affordable for this set, and I love that you can break it up into three gifts, or gift it all as one.

  5. I am still loving this set in a major way!! I know that I should give some away for Christmas but I just don’t think that I can bring myself to do it!

  6. I spent so much time looking at the pictures at first, that I totally missed that this is a FIFTEEN PIECE SET. I thought that they were priced per box, and even then I thought it might be worth it!

    I’m headed to Ulta on my lunch hour. If they’re unavailable at my store, do not think that I won’t put out a Facebook bulletin for some of my ladies to check their local shops for me. Not even joking….

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