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We review the latest gloss from tarte

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss Collectionphotos: we heart this

“Um, mara-what? Am I going to get arrested for trying this? And why is it in my makeup?”

That’s what the thought bubble above my head was saying when when I first laid eyes on the latest offerings from tarte, the Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss. To be honest, I get a little nervous about things I can’t pronounce, and even more so when I have no idea what they are. Fortunately, the internet has answers!

Maracuja (mare-ah-koo-zha or mer-a-ku-ʒa) is absolutely legal. It’s the Portuguese word for passion fruit, and it’s really fun to say. But the delightful phonetic qualities of maracuja are only the beginning! Pure maracuja oil is becoming popular in the beauty industry because of its soothing qualities and ability to be easily absorbed.

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss Collection

Tarte uses these properties to create yet another amazing product – their new Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss ($21). The wht posse is already in love with tarte as a company; we love their commitment to high quality, eco-friendly and cruelty-free makeup that’s fun and on-trend. And these Divine Shine Lip Glosses are a fabulous addition to the tarte collection.

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss Collectionso pretty, you’ll want to put them in a vase!

The packaging is fun and unique; the floral pattern is adorable, and the click-button dispensing method is something you’ll either love or hate. The soft brush on the other end is just the right size for easily applying the gloss, even without a mirror.

In addition to maracuja oil, they also contain sunflower seed oil, which is rich in vitamins A and E. I find that these ingredients really moisturize my lips for a long time. The sticky texture and sweet minty scent are much different from the previous thin and fruity Tarte glosses, and I love the change. The Divine Shine Lip Gloss leaves my lips feeling full and plump, with a very slight cool tingle to them.

These beauties come in 10 gorgeous shades and the team got a peak at 9 of them:

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss Collection

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss Collection SwatchesDollface, Glisten, Tipsy and Amused

Dollface – light milky pink with sparkle
Glisten – light peachy nude with sparkle
Tipsy – warm apricot/peach with sparkle
Amused – bright bubble gum pink creme

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss Collection

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss Collection SwatchesNatural Beauty, Blissful, Blushing Bride, Flush and Charmed

Natural Beauty – cherry red creme
Blissful – dark coral creme
Blushing Bride – creamy plum rose
Flush – magenta berry with silver and purple shimmer
Charmed – medium pink with subtle shimmer

I was lucky enough to try out two shades, Blissful and Flush. Both of these colors are gorgeous, and although Blissful is a warm coral creme, and Flush is a slightly cool toned berry with a bit of shimmer, both were flattering.

The color is nicely buildable – you can wear it very sheer, or apply a bit more for more color and shine. The sparkle is miniscule and very subtle, so it can easily be worn for work or out for happy hour.

Gorgeous colors can be sheered out or built up
Smells deliciously minty
Paraben and Phthalate free
Click-pen style is fun

Price per ounce is on the higher end
Packaging about 2x larger than the amount of product

I feel like these glosses are fairly unique and quite impressive. I love it when a product can surprise me, and tarte has done just that.

we heartsters – have tarte’s Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses refueled your lip product addition?

Marilyn is a makeup maniac and slow but stubborn runner. She loves color coding her day planner, reading celebrity gossip and drinking good wine. Marilyn blogs about makeup and fitness over at her blog, Lipgloss and Spandex.

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  1. I tried Blushing Bride and love the color. It is a pinky nude on my lip– but dark enough so it doesn’t disappear on my face. The product is thick enough to last long for a gloss, yet stops short at being gloppy. The scent is on the neutral side of sweet, certainly not bothersome. I’ve never been a big fan of click pen glosses, but it’s one works well so I won’t complain about that. My only disappointment was in the plastic packaging. The tube is cuteish, but looks kind of cheap; this is further felt in the plastic box that the plastic tube is housed in. Even if they use all recycled products for this (do they?) it doesn’t seem so. In fact, it seems a lot like over-packaged drugstore products.
    Product=5 stars Presentation=2 1/2 stars (posies pretty, plastic not). Final score=4 stars

  2. I think I like that Blissful color…I’m trying to be a little more daring with my lip color these days!

    I was just thinking this morning that I should go to heaven (Sephora) this weekend. I must check these out!

  3. Thanks for the Maracuja lesson, @lipglossandspandex !
    I tested Tipsy, the warm apricot/peach gloss with sparkle. I love the color– a warm glow on my lips that lasts a surprisingly long time. The sparkle is extremely subtle, and I love the minty taste/smell. As for the click applicator, this was the first one I ever used that went off without a hitch. The brush is precise and the flowers on the tube are pretty. Yes, the packaging is excessive for the amount of product inside, but I’m not upset enough about this to deduct a star. So…5 stars for Maracuja.

  4. I got to try Divine Shine Gloss in Charmed and the name definitely fits. The color is really flattering and I think will fit any skintone. The mint is super subtle, I could barely detect it except for a mild tingle. I also didn’t really discern any scent, which is a definite plus! I want my lippies to have either scent AND taste, or nothing at all, and this is the latter! :-) Also, the packaging is adorable, the floral pattern is just so cheery. The clear center is nice also, because it shows you exactly how much product is left. With the click-pen applicator, I don’t think you’ll lose a bit of this product – the plunger makes sure you get your money’s worth.

    BUT, about that click-pen. I am not a fan of them in general. This seems miles better than most, but if you even have the tiniest dislike for click-pens, you won’t love this but you may still like it. The product in general is so good, I think I’ll overlook my click-pen hate for Tipsy or Natural Beauty…those swatches are just too lovely.
    My only other quibble is there is a bit of a slight grit to the gloss that usually only comes with colors that have more shimmer or glitter in them. I may be spoiled because I am so used to my usual completely translucent glosses, but I am curious if anyone else noticed this?

    Overall, I’m giving it 4 stars! I don’t think I’ve ever used a product I didn’t like from tarte and the color and wearability make up for the click-pen application that I don’t care for.

    1. I felt like there was a VERY slight difference in texture between the two I tried (Blissful had no glitter, Flush did). It didn’t bother me personally since I usually have microglitter in my lipgloss.

  5. I got the Peaceful gloss in my Tarte gift set I bought at QVC. The tube is so cute with the flowers, I love carrying it around for spring. The color is very subtle but it’s a nice, thick minty formula that I found very appealing. I have no issues with the pen click on this one because it works great. So far, I’m liking this gloss and haven’t found a product yet, I didn’t like from Tarte!

  6. I got to test Tarte’s Divine Shine Lip Gloss in Dollface. Spring is written all over this little gem! The color is very light. It is appropriately described above as milky pink with sparkle! It’s a really pretty color on but it’s on the sticky side and doesn’t last as long as I would like! What does stay behind is its moisturizing capabilities and that’s a big plus! I’m thinking it’s from the maracuja oil, they also contain sunflower seed oil, which is rich in vitamins A and E. I had to twist more than I’d like to get it to come out and sometimes too much. I do however, really like the minty flavor. I also love the feminine packaging. It is really fun and unique; the floral pattern is eye catching to me.. I hope this lasts for a while for ($21). Four solid stars!

  7. Guys, I can’t get over how much I love this gloss. The price and the price/ounce are drawbacks, and the click pen feature is fun but noisy… and yet even these things won’t stop me from giving this product FIVE STARS!

    The slightly thicker texture, softly minty scent/flavor, the soft brush, the cute patterned tube, the pigmentation, and the moisturizing properties make this one of my favorite glosses ever. Which is saying a lot because I’ve tried a lot of glosses, I’m really picky, and I have only a few true FAVORITES. This is absolutely one of them.

  8. I’m dying to try these–I’ve got my eye on Blissful and Natural Beauty. Okay, maybe Blushing Bride, too. I love the cheek stains with the same name/shade, so I’ll probably LOVE these. I’ll need to check these out in person at my local Sephora…now my only problem is narrowing down what shade I like best :P

  9. Great Review @lipglossandspandex ! I know you have the highest standards for lipgloss. I am going to have to check this out. Some things are worth paying a bit more for.

  10. Wow! That seems to be really cool! And I bet it tastes delicious, too:) I’m a big fan of passion fruit:)

  11. Also–Tarte currently has an awesome promotion going on now thru April 1st! You can get a FREE Maracuja lip gloss in Amused AND free shipping if your purchase from is over $75 and you enter code AMUSED.

  12. The packaging is so adorable and a bit more like Stila packaging than what I’m used to seeing from Tarte. I’m really glad to see that Tarte has been a bit more adventurous lately! :)

  13. I tested out Amused and it’s just as pretty as it looks in the tube! It’s a beautifully soft color, the minty scent/flavor is very refreshing, and I think it would do well across a variety of skin tones.
    While it’s definitely a moisturizing gloss I think it’s best left to be used when your lips are fresh and well hydrated. I had a few flakes on my lips and the thickness of the gloss tended to pull up the flakes making the gloss feel gritty and just kinda ick. (A quick swipe with a dry, soft toothbrush on the morning of wearing the gloss should take care of that in the future.) Also, the click pen is a little tough to use when the tube is cold (the typical “clickclickclickclick BAM too much gloss”) but when warmed up a bit (carried in a pocket, etc) it works beautifully.
    Overall I give tarte Maracuja Divine Shine lip gloss in Amused 4 stars. If I could I would give 3.5 stars (1.5 off for the click applicator and the flake issue, as well as the large tube) but we’ll round up for my utter adoration of all things tarte. Love it!

  14. Laura Hope says:

    Should I get charmed or amused? I have a light Asian skin tone.

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