tarte multiplEYE primer and Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara review

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Those of us at we heart this are huge fans of tarte cosmetics’ quality products, and our Green Monday readers are always thrilled with their eco-friendly philosophy. Not only do tarte products look fantastic on your face, they’re free of parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances.

In addition to having gorgeous packaging, like their signature purple faux croc, an increasing number of tarte’s products have packaging that is made from recycled or recyclable materials.

Tarte is definitely one of those brands that gets me excited every time I try one of their products, so I was especially excited to receive both the latest, tarte’s multiplEYE primer and the greatest, their legendary Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara for review.

Let’s start with one of tarte’s newest products, the clinically proven lash enhancing multiplEYE primer ($22) which is part of their three step system for longer, fuller lashes (in addition to the primer, there is also a multiplEYE serum and a multiplEYE mascara).

The multiplEYE primer claims to give you immediate results by increasing the appearance of lash volume by 739%. The ingredients supposedly contain conditioning nutrients to “stimulate lashes from root to tip.” The brush is a spiral mascara brush, and applies a LOT of product to your lashes – the results can be a tad clumpy.

The formula itself is white, with tiny fibers in it to give you length and volume. As the name suggest, this product is meant to be used under mascara to see more dramatic lashes than mascara alone. The formula wasn’t irritating, and it did seem to keep my lashes in good shape. I didn’t have any problems removing the primer either. I didn’t notice that using this primer permanently changed my lashes, but it does give lashes a boost.

Now onto the classic, Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara ($19). This is not a new product, but an old standby for many tarte-lovers (Carrie Underwood supposedly loves this mascara too). The wht team has previously reviewed and loved the waterproof Lights, Camera, Splashes! mascara, so I was thrilled to test out the famous, non-waterproof version.

This mascara promises that it will not only lengthen and volumize your lashes using rice bran and carnauba waxes and provitamin B5. It also helps curl and conditioneyelashes using synthetic film formers and natural olive esters. Lights, Camera, Lashes! says it’ll give you “bombshell lashes worthy of a freeze frame,” claiming to increase lash volume by 424%. Also, the purple faux crocodile packaging is just fun.

The brush is your standard bristled mascara brush. I personally had to wipe the wand off before using it, to avoid getting clumps of mascara on my lashes. The formula seems to have very small fibers in it that appear to increase the length of your lashes.

I would say that it definitely does all of the things it claims to do (lengthen, volumize, curl and condition) – and without smudging, flaking or irritating my eyes. It’s even sweatproof–it survived a trip to the gym. Loved it. Really, Lights, Camera, Lashes! gives your eyes a very nice dramatic look.

Now, let’s see them in action:

naked lashes

multiplEYE primer only

multiplEYE primer with Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara

Nice, huh? Combined, these two products definitely add a LOT of length and volume to your lashes. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. My grandma even thought I was wearing fake lashes!

Dermatologist tested
Cute packaging on the mascara
No flaking, smudging or irritation
Gives you dramatic lashes!

Cruelty free
Free of a lot of the nasty chemicals typically found in makeup

A little spendy, especially if you buy both.
The primer can leave your lashes looking a little bit spidery.

For ladies who love glamorously long and full lashes, these tarte products will definitely help you get the look!

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  1. Tarte just keeps brings the awesome don’t they? Wow!! I am very intrigued and I am sure that I will give these both a try. Great review Marilyn!!

  2. Great Review Marilyn! As usual, your pictures really illustrate the product. I really want to give this product a test drive.

  3. @lipglossandspandex – my god, your lashes are so beautiful! Even the before. But with the tarte, they’re just amazing.
    Great review, I’m seriously thinking I need the primer.

  4. Wow, the Lights Camera Lashes has been a long term favorite mascara of mine and I use it religiously, but I really want to try the primer with it now because your lashes look amazing! Great review!

  5. Great post @lipglossandspandex!
    I too, love the pictures. Your lashes were already stunning before the transformation, but WOW! I agree with your gma..your lashes look like falsies!

  6. @LipglossandSpandex , your eyelashes are to die for! I’ve used Lights, Cameras, Lashes in the past and liked it, but not quite enough to justify the price. Adding the primer makes all the difference in your photos! Love it!

  7. Thanks everyone! Combined, it’s a bit spendy to get both products, but they are both really wonderful. I still can’t get over how the primer makes my bottom lashes just look fabulous! The price and the slight clump factor are why I’m giving these four stars.

  8. Wow!! Gorgeous pictures – I love it when we can really capture how well a product works with pics and you succeeded superbly! I love tarte’s products too – especially the mascaras. LCL is my all time favorite and I’m still using the multipleye waterproof I reviewed last year for summer wear – I love it so much. I probably wouldn’t spend the extra money on the primer when their regular products get the job done so well anyways, but your pics make me want to consider it at least for special occasions!

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