tarte Rainforest Glow review, plus a Park Avenue Princess revamp with Bronze & Glow

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Speed your way to a tropical bronze glow with tarte

tarte rainforest glow 

I love a good fake glow. The power to whisk away winter whiteness with just a few dabs of color never fails to astound me. But faux-tanning has a dark side, too… or, should I say an orange side. There’s nothing sadder than thinking I look believably “tan” before going out in the sunshine and realizing I’m more tangerine than bronze. With tarte Rainforest Glow and Park Ave. Princess, there’s no need to worry your glow will be anything less than realistic – and the results are temporary for maximum versatility.

Before we get to their latest, let me say that one of the many reasons tarte is a longtime favorite of we heart this is the company’s commitment to providing top notch products in an eco-and-animal-friendly fashion. You can count on anything tarte offers to be formulated without parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances.

tarte rainforest glow

The Rainforest Glow Instant Matte Waterproof Body Perfector ($34) is billed as a “nourishing body perfector,” and is housed in a big flat tube for easy application. Rainforest Glow uses tarte’s renowned maracuja oil – a pure source of rich vitamin C and essential fatty acids – to help hydrate and brighten the skin.

tarte rainforest glow

To me, the moisturizing properties are significant but secondary. What Rainforest Glow does best is bronze the skin in a 100% realistic way, masking uneven skin tone and imperfections as a bonus. Rainforest Glow is a non-streaky, extremely soothing lotion that dries quickly to a natural-looking matte bronze glow.

tarte rainforest glow swatchRainforest Glow swatch

Although the color is waterproof, it will rub off on light-colored fabrics, so be careful what you wear (or where you sit). But for me, the gorgeous glow is worth the risk! When you’ve had enough faux-glow, Rainforest Glow does wash off with a quick scrub of soap and water.

tarte Bronze and Glow

Park Ave. Princess Bronze & Glow Matte Bronzer & Cheek Tint ($32) is a two-in-one duo of matte facial bronzer and cheek tint. The bronzer is a slightly altered cream version of tarte’s infamous powder of the same name. This product is a marvel of a duo, with a small tube of bronzer topped with a rounded solid cheek tint. The bronzer is an easily blendable lotion, and the matching cheek tint is a crayon-style, soft solid.

tarte Bronze and Glow

Park Ave. Princess is the most beautiful bronzer I’ve ever used. Without a bit of shimmer or shine, its weightless, matte finish looks just like a natural tan, and it works equally well over foundation or bare skin.

tarte bronze and glow swatchtarte Bronze and Glow swatch

tarte bronze and glow

Meanwhile, the coordinated “natural flush” cheek color is a sheer, peachy-pink with a slight shimmer that adds the perfect highlight to “tan” cheeks. Used in combination, your face will have that sun-kissed glow without exposing yourself to any harmful rays.

tarte bronze and glow swatchBronze and Glow bronzer and blush, Rainforest Glow

tarte bronze and glow swatchA close up of that beautiful blush

Both products give natural, sunkissed color
Glow stays put until you’re ready to wash it off
Even after removing products, skin feels soft and nourished
Bronzers don’t contain unnatural shimmer or glitter, just believable bronze color
tarte is a eco-friendly, cruelty-free line

Although Rainforest Glow is water resistant, it will rub off on light-colored fabrics if you’re not careful. Dress and sit accordingly.

Overall, tarte’s Rainforest Glow and Park Ave. Princess are the only products you’ll need for a natural-looking, temporary tan – without a hint of tangerine.

we heartsters – have you tried bronzing-on-demand with the latest from tarte?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC 25/30 skintone

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  1. I’m impressed with tarte’s Rainforest Glow! Wow wee! I love how natural it appears on your arm. Park Ave. Princess Bronze & Glow Matte Bronzer & Cheek Tint is so nice.. I’m going to the tarte station at Sephora this week to see in person! The “natural flush” cheek color also looks fresh next to the bronzer. It’s so sheer, and the shimmer really adds the perfect highlight to “tan” cheeks! Great review @turboterp!

  2. Park Ave Princess is a staple in my make up bag so I am anxious to try the cream version! I also love that cheek tint… what a pretty shimmer. Tarte is always at the top for me as far as make up brands go. There isn’t a product I’ve tried from them that I don’t like.

  3. These both look great–I just got the Tarte Tinted BB treatment, which I love, and now I am seriously eyeing up the Park Avenue Princess Bronze and Glow!

  4. Oooo! The Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronze and Glow sounds exactly like what I have been looking for! Since I am scared to tan my face these days, I try to ‘fake’ it with bronzer, but I prefer a cream or gel. I also love the fact that this formula is matte. Being an oily girl, shine is the enemy in this Baltimore heat and humidity! Great post!

  5. I’m already a disaster when it comes to light colored clothes. I swear that I wear them ONCE and then ruin them. I just bought a white dress, and a white tank top, and both of them got stained the very first time I wore them. So this tarte self-tanner is a no-go for me. I do loooove tarte, and if I were less prone to ruining my lighter colored clothing, Id’ consider it.

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