Tea: great to drink, GREAT for your hair. Just ask Pai-Shau…

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Which one of these does not belong: Kate Hudson, Kendell Jenner, Cara Delevingne and me?

If you said me, you are wrong! It was a trick question. Just like movie stars and models, I have now experienced the weightless wonder of Pai-Shau, a luxury haircare line that promises to give anyone healthy, shiny, magazine-cover-worthy hair.

Pai-Shau (a name derived from the Brazilian word for passion) was created by Zohar Paz, former CEO of another celebrity favorite, Moroccanoil. Besides Paz’s obvious experience, he is gifted with creative vision; in the case of Pai-Shau, Paz became inspired by an ancient bathing ritual he discovered while visiting a remote village in Vietnam. Part of the ritual involved coating the hair with a blend of steeped tea, which resulted in smoothness and shine.


Pai-Shau’s highly concentrated, yet amazingly light, tea-based formulas are unlike anything else I’ve ever used. The active ingredient is “Signature Exotic Tea Complex,” a compound of tea antioxidants, moisture, vitamins, rice amino acids and oat proteins. This mixture fortifies hair without residue. The products really do feel weightless; all of them wash out easily in a single shampoo. The blend of teas includes:
Black Tea– adds luster, shine and body
Green Tea– stimulates circulation and aids in hair growth
Pu-erh Tea– rejuvenates and smooths
White Tea– protects against environmental factors
African Red Bush Tea (Rooibos)– strengthens hair

Each product is scented with a heady (haha), exotic fragrance that I wasn’t sure about at first, but quickly grew to love. The scent is deliciously androgynous; the men in your life will want to use these products, too.


I got to test the range of Pai-Shau’s 8 “ritual products,” including shampoo, conditioners and styling products. I loved each and every product, and struggled to whittle my list down to a few favorites. You wouldn’t go wrong with any of them.

After much deliberation, my Pai-Shau must-haves…

Pai-Shau-haircare-review-6Check out that infusion floating in there!

Biphasic Infusion ($45)
If you wanted to try one thing from this line, I would recommend starting here. This concentrate contains the highest amount of Pai-Shau’s active ingredient, Signature Exotic Tea Complex. The infusion is like a primer for hair—it coats for protection, yet rinses out easily. “T-Sylk Technology” gives follicles a one-two punch of treatment: first, the hair is penetrated with product, then moisture is locked in. Hair is protected from heat and environmental factors. The infusion has to be shaken very well before use to freshly activate its ingredients. It takes just takes a tiny bit to coat my long hair, which looks instantly healthier, shinier and frizz-free. The infusion is truly weightless and instantly effective.

Design Ritual Style Soufflé ($32)
This styling cream promises soft volume and style memory, and is suitable for straight, wavy or curly styles. I use a tiny dab to finish my hair after blowdrying, and it gives a surprising amount of control for such a light-feeling product.


Hydrating Ritual Replenishing Hair Cleanser ($26)
This rich, creamy, fragrant shampoo cleanses just thoroughly enough, and leaves my hair soft and shiny. It gives my hair so much volume, too. Sulfate free, this shampoo can be used for all hair types.

Although the matching Replenishing Cream Conditioner ($28) is equally lovely for daily weightless conditioning, my other favorite is a heavy hitting deep conditioner…


Supreme Revitalizing Mask ($43)
This deep conditioning mask quenches my dry ends and makes my hair look instantly healthier. Besides the shine and body all of the products offer, this one seems to smooth the cuticle, making my split ends disappear. And it’s weightless! I’ve never before used a deep conditioner that didn’t weigh my hair down. Thanks to the mask’s high-performance polymers, I get more volume instead of added weight. It’s so effective and smells so good!

The entire Pai-Shau line is vegan and cruelty-free; it’s also free of gluten, parabens, sulfates and phosphates. I loved every product I tried, and will not hesitate to purchase my favorites when they’re gone. The price point is what you’d expect for high-end haircare, and the products are well worth their price considering their concentrated formulas and flawless performance.

With its weightless moisture and scrumptious fragrance, I have a passion for Pai-Shau.

we heart this testing team: what did you think of the line? Share your thoughts!

Melissa loves road trips, bargain shopping, drive-in movies, lip gloss and rock ‘n’ roll. She lives in Baltimore with her precious pups Zeus and Bellarina.
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    Melissa loves road trips, bargain shopping, drive-in movies, lip gloss and rock 'n' roll. She lives in Baltimore with her precious pup Bellarina. skin tone: NC20 skin type: dry to normal favorite beauty product: skincare


  1. I was the lucky tester of Design Ritual Style Soufflé and the Sublime Hold HairSpray. I was very impressed with both products. The Design Ritual Style Souffle is amazing. It even successfully helped rescue my hair after I fell asleep with it wet the night before. I consider it a miracle worker.

  2. I tried out the hair mask, mousse, and hair spray and I have to say, not only do you get very large portions but you get very high quality. Everything I used worked really well and the hair mask left my hair feeling really soft. The mousse has been commandeered by my husband, who really likes it, and the scent works great for him. I found the scent in all of these to be a little strong for me, definitely smells more masculine to me, but rest assured the mask smells much more muted after rinsing and drying hair and works so well… I really like it. Love that these are more natural with quality ingredients.

  3. I got to try out the mask and while the fragrance is a little overpowering, the mask itself is incredibly rich and moisturizing. My hair actually felt healthier once it dried and it did have a bit more oomph to it–I mean, not Cindy Crawford 90’s hair kind of oomph, but it was pretty good for me. Very bouncy and shiny and healthy looking. Sometimes a hair mask can weigh down my fine hair and make my scalp feel greasy, but this one didn’t at all–I was pleasantly surprised. I’m really curious about how the entire line would work for me now :)

  4. I tried all of these and was a biggest fan of the Biphasic Infusion. Lightweight is almost the wrong term–water-like is more like it. Yet somehow it manages to make my hair shiny, smooth and extra soft. Really good product.
    I also agree about the style souffle. The cream is light enough to not weigh down hair, but heavy enough to keep shape and add body. Well-balanced.
    The hairspray is quite good, too. I’m a big believer in Elnett hairspray and this worked in much the same way–soft, comb-able hold. The difference was the scent. My husband told me he “loved my perfume.” The scent was a little heavy for me, but still nice.
    The shampoo and conditioner made my hair look great, but my scalp itched incessantly. I have quite a sensitive scalp, though.
    The mousse smelled nice, as well. It provided good hold, but I did prefer the souffle for my hair type.
    The deep conditioner is a little too rich for my super fine hair but I think someone with thick or curly hair would love this!

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