Terax Crema + Keratin Original Reparative Conditioner – review

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Bellissima boutique Italian hair care

Terax Crema Keratin Original Reparative Conditioner 

Ah, Italy. Home of incredible wine, outstanding films and stunning vistas and of course, incomparable fashion. However, I don’t normally think of “beauty products” when I think of Italy…I guess I’ve always assumed it’s something in the water over there. However, after trying Terax Crema + Keratin Conditioner, I think our fellow Italian ladies have been hiding a few things from us.

Terax Crema Conditioner

Terax Hair Care, an Italian-born boutique hair care line, has been the darling of InStyle with its Crema being named “Best Overall Conditioner” five times and a Hall of Fame product. Crema gets an update with Crema + Keratin Conditioner ($22) featuring SmartKeratin technology; this allows for keratin to be deposited right where you need it; on the most damaged parts of your hair. Formulated for all hair types, it combats breakage, dryness, split ends and static electricity. Che bellissima!

Terax Crema

A little went a long way, a quarter sized dollop was enough for my coarse, dry hair to really soak up Terax’s Crema + Keratin Conditioner; melting under it like olive oil on focaccia. I’m a co-washer; I “wash” my hair with conditioner daily and use shampoo on it once a week, but I had no problems with build up or greasiness with Terax. The scent is subtle and hard to place, vaguely floral with more grassy notes than anything else, but it did not linger once rinsed out.

Keratin Conditioner

I was especially appreciative of Terax’s packaging – a squeeze bottle that opens at the bottom. (You wouldn’t think that would be a selling point until you’re trying to get the last fourth of a thick (and expensive) product out of a bottle!) As a small business, Terax takes care in its products, so there are no sulfates, salts or artificial colors used. However, vegans beware; this product does have Hydrogenated Tallow Glycerides.


Softened and detangled like a dream
Thick product worked well into hair
No static electricity or flyaways

At $24, a bit pricey for some budgets
Scent is meh—not terrible but not amazing either

Overall, Terax’s Crema + Keratin Conditioner is perfetta! I’m a conditioner snob and I would count this among my top ten favorite conditioners. If Terax is typical of Italian hair care products, I think we can definitely count lovely hair as yet another thing Italy does well. Mi piace moltissimo!

we heartsters – have you tried any of Terax’s products? And while we’re on the subject, what is your favorite thing about Italy?


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  1. I’ve been using this conditioner as my primary for weeks and it does really well to help detangle my mess of long hair.

    1. This is really good for the readers, my hair is shoulder length and I know that I use products now that I never used when I had waist-length hair; mostly because my curls seemed be tougher and harder to handle when it was long!

  2. First of all, I want to say thanks to Terax for donating this amazing conditioner to our gift bags for the Beauty for the Beats event last winter! What a nice goodie to find in your bag!

    As for the conditiner itself – love it. I have super fin hair that needs conditioning, but many of the lush ones weigh my hair down. Not terax, This conditioner let sme get out of the shower and be able to run a comb through my normally tangled hair – and seems to keep flyaways on the downlow as well. Best of all, my hair gets thoroughly conditioned without looking limp or greay. I will totally pick up a tube of this when I run out.

    And great point @lyssachelle – the tube makes it easy to get every last drop of this fab conditioner – and I never have to spend time shaking the bottle trying to get the conditioner to come out. Simple, smart packaging is always a plus i my book.

    1. Yay, what an awesome surprise for a good cause!

      The packaging thing is one of those issues that I always just dealt with until I bought my first bottom-opening conditioner and then thought, “Wait, I DON’T have to add water to a bottle to get the last bit out?” Though what is even nicer is the Terax bottle also is flexible and easy to squeeze. I have a bottle of a drugstore brand in my shower now that caps on the bottom but is nearly impossible to squeeze out now that it’s almost gone…

  3. @tyna – I love that Terex contributes generously to animal charities!

    This is a good conditioner and a little goes a long way. I have lots of thick hair and my hair loves this conditioner. Tyna is right it does seem to tame flyaways and help my hair behave.

    1. Us thick haired girls know a good conditioner when we see one! :-)

  4. I’ve used a few different Terax shampoos and love their original Crema conditioner. I can’t use it all the time because my hair gets bored easily, though. I’m thinking I’m going to have to take a gander at this new addition to the Terax family…

    1. I had the same thought about the Creama! Now that I’ve had the Cream + Keratin, I need to see what the OG is like…

  5. I also had the pleasure of trying this after getting it in my charity gift bag, and I love it! I have already recommended it to others and will buy more when it runs out. It helps with the straightening process a lot and I found that I didn’t need a professional keratin treatment, which I used to get, after using Terax!

    1. No need for a keratin treatment?? That’s worth the price of admission right there! :-)

  6. I received this to try and love it! I have virgin long fine hair that can be really BLAH depending on the products I use. This conditioner didn’t make my hair look like that at all. Even though I don’t have colored hair it’s still something I reach for in the shower! I love that there are no sulfates!

  7. I have thick, naturally curly hair. I must always use a good conditioner or my hair looks like a giant frizz ball. I have had the pleasure of using this Terax conditioner for awhile now. It is fantastic!! I try not to use it every day. I see it as a special and luxurious treat for my hair. It is truly restorative, like a great big drink of sparkling water for the desert that is your hair. My hair always looks and feels better when I use it. I highly recommend it-buy it you will get compliments!!

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