Terra Dolce, naturally good body products

Terra Dolce, naturally good body products

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In recent years, I have made a conscious effort to research and use beauty brands that are eco- minded. As I learn more about the practices of green brands, I have been very impressed. Terra Dolce is such a brand.

This company began when Alison Cripps, a board-certified skincare specialist began looking into natural products to use on her clients’ skin. Working in one of the world’s leading spas, Alison started making homemade bars of soap and testing them on her co-workers. The products were so popular among the spa and resort’s workers that eventually the spa began selling her sweet smelling bars.

As her spontaneous business blossomed, so did the product line and scents. The line uses only the freshest ingredients from Florida’s farms and orchards. The products are 100% natural and come in adorable eco-packaging, as seen below!

I was fortunate enough to test the Midnight Champagne Body Scrub ($25 for 16 oz.) Cripps stealthily includes aromatherapy in the line to relax or boost energy, depending on the need. I immediately smelled lavender in the scrub, my go-to natural scent. The scrub also includes warm vanilla, floral scents and lavender for relaxation. The key moisturizing ingredients are Chardonnay grapeseed oil and Shea butter.

This sugar scrub is unlike your usual sugar scrub because it does not immediately melt into the skin. I loved it because I was able to scrub each area much longer than with other sugar scrubs. The skin is left smooth and moisturized. The scrub did leave the skin oily, so I would prefer it for a spa-at-home night where one could just slip into pjs. I would fear sliding out of my sandals on a big night out.

My household has an obsession with bar soap, so I was very happy to receive one of Terra Dolce’s signature soaps in Orange Clove ($6). The adorable packaging is sustainable and made from recycled banana seed paper with the cutest cutouts!

The clove smell was strong, but lovely. All of Terra Dolce’s beautiful marbled bar soaps are entirely free of synthetic dyes or perfumes. The soaps are hydrating and come packed with aromatherapy; sweet orange is an anti depressant, clove bud is an antiseptic, wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E and pomegranate oil improves skin elasticity. The soap washes very clean and foams up nicely.

I very much enjoyed the Terra Dolce products and even more so because of its eco-consciousness. The scrub and soap were as effective as any non-green brand on the market (always the fear with green brands) and knowing I am using all natural products made them even better!

we heartsters, have you tried Terra Dolce’s naturally good products?

Stephanie was born in France and travels there every year to visit her mom and relatives. She now lives Stateside with her fiancee, Bubba and their two kitties, Winston and Shirley. Makeup is her passion (she worked as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier), she also loves to cook, do artsy stuff and garden.

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10 thoughts on “Terra Dolce, naturally good body products”

  1. I love sugar scrubs but hate the way they melt so quickly, so Terra Dolce’s scrub sounds fab. And I LOVE anything orange-scented, so the orange clove soap is another must-have. Can I buy these locally, @glamazon56 , or just online ?

  2. I love the smell of cloves.. I know I’ve seen this around.. The soaps look and sound great too- I always make sure by what goes into this products-and they sound amazing! Great post Stephanie!

  3. I haven’t tried this scrub but it sounds great. I hate using a scrub that melts too fast and I have to apply more. The remaining oil would be good for me with dry skin in the winter.

    1. Thanks Marilyn! The spoon is so cute! I hope to be able to recycle the jar and spoon by putting in some bath salts, or something as decoration in my bathroom!

  4. Thank you so much for your kindness Stephanie! We love that your enjoyed experiencing a bit of the sweet earth with Terra Dolce :)

  5. Ooh, that scrub looks good enough to eat! I think it’s the spoon and the bell jar that does it for me, haha. And I’m with you on sugar scrubs. One with a little more scrubbing power sounds fantastic! I’m going to keep my eyes open for this one.

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