The Best Statement Necklaces for Fall

The Best Statement Necklaces for Fall

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Fall’s here and I am upping my jewelry game. Because when you’re covering yourself up with layer upon layer with only a little flash of skin showing, you better put something with some significance on that skin!

I went through a delicate necklace phase this summer; thin gold strands with a simple single charm. But now, I want sparkly jewels, mixed metals and big chunky shapes…


That’s right folks, it’s statement necklace time.

Luckily, 7 Charming Sisters has me covered with options that look like they’d break the bank, but don’t even come close.

You might remember my previous post singing the praises of 7 Charming Sisters. It’s such a great concept; 7 sisters (related by work, we all have those types of sisters!) who took their different styles and built a concept and jewelry company around it.

You take a quiz to determine what sister you most identify with, then you shop her picks. Of course, you can shop the whole site. But this really does help you hone in on what you’ll like.

The sisters are:
Paula – Executive
Kim – Life of the Party
Jennifer – Fashionista
Donalda – Social Butterfly
Jessica – Sexy Nerd
Kimberly – All American Girl
Sylvia – Super Mom

Add “do-gooders” to the title of all the sisters, too. They make it a point to employ people with disabilities in their studio, many of which handcraft pieces that they earn commissions for. I love when shopping for things that I love can support a good cause!

Which brings me back to necklaces…

The statement necklace options at 7 Charming Sisters is vast, and the prices are extremely reasonable, with the majority being in the $27-$37 range. Pieces often go on sale, usually for $7. And when that happens, move quick! They don’t stick around for long. Best of all, because they always stay up on trends new styles are being added all the time.

I chose two stunning necklaces that will be in heavy rotation this fall.

From Jessica (the sexy nerd) I ordered What’s Your Superpower ($37) is a stunning blue and gold crystal bib statement necklace. It’s layered with gemstones of varying size and shape set in an antique gold base. I love that I can wear it with jeans, but could totally wear it with a gown too. This necklace is absolutely breathtaking.

And form Jennifer (the fashionista) I picked Glam and Go ($37) a gold chain statement necklace consisting of varying layers of gold fringe spiked with rhinestones. This has a real Studio 54 vibe to it, totally over the top and just begging to be worn with a deep v-neck. I have to admit, I feel super sassy when I wear it!

Check out 7 Charming Sisters and see how you can up your jewelry game this fall! And use code WeHeartThis15 for 15% off your order (excluding sale items). Valid through 12/31/17.

3 thoughts on “The Best Statement Necklaces for Fall”

  1. I keep wanting to do a statement necklace, but where I live is SO not fancy. Nobody wears makeup. Or noticeable jewelry. Half the time I see ladies wearing the camo you wear to hunt deer with at the grocery store. Everybody here is so much more into function than form…I think I might need to add a giant sparkling necklace just to shake up the status quo around here… *ponders* It’s gonna be like that movie where Kevin Bacon gave that small town the gift of dance, except with accessories. And not Kevin Bacon. Otherwise, just like it. ;)

  2. That last gold necklace is gorgeous! It must looks amazing with your black and red lip! This is exactly my thought and my style. I try to keep everything minimal and you will hardly see me wearing lots of accessories.

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