The Body Deli – Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub review

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A Coachella Valley, organic treasure

The Body Deli Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub photos: we heart this

This week hundreds of thousands of people descend upon my backyard for three days of fabulous known as Coachellla. And while the music festival may be one of the most popular reasons to head to the California desert, it’s certainly not the only one. Year round beautiful weather, Palm Springs Modernism and a dip in a desert hot spring are all worthy reasons for a visit. Plus, have you ever had a date shake? Oh my yum.

It’s with that last delicious point that I give you my new favorite reason to visit me in the desert – The Body Deli and their amazing new Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub ($32).

The Body Deli is a local treasure, nestled in Palm Desert, California. But it’s not cold cuts and hunks of cheese that you’ll find in their refrigerated cases. It’s natural and organic skincare filled with raw ingredients like yogurt, papaya puree and fresh cucumber juice. So fresh that if you order them online, they actually ship them to you with ice packs (and, at no extra charge!)

But even their items with a longer shelf life are going to make you hungry. Why? Because this is beauty inspired by the science of living foods. Handmade in small batches and “designed to provide nutrition for the skin — inside and out.” Just listen to a few of their aromas: Coconut Cream, Island Ginger, Moroccan Mint – and tell me you’re not a little hungry. Best of all, many of their products include ingredients and local produce from area farms. Which leads us to the Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub…

The Body Deli - Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub

Medjool Dates originate from Egypt and are grown all over the Coachella Valley. They’re also three times higher in antioxidants than other super fruits that have gained popularity like blueberries, pomegranate and acai. Their earthy, yet sweet taste make a delicious shake, but I think an even more fabulous body scrub!

If you look at that label above you’ll notice one more scrumptious word on there – butter (and I think there within lies the key to this scrub’s fabulosity!) Rather than granules sitting in an oily solution like many scrubs, the sugar is in a buttery base thanks to it’s first three ingredients; Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Virgin Coconut Butter. And let me tell you folks, butter is better! This scrub is creamy, luxurious and moisturizing.

Add to the butters Medjool Date Sugar and Brown Sugar, plus things like Grapefruit Seed Extract and Carrot Seed Oil and you get a scrub that is very hard not to want to take a little bite of it!

The Body Deli Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub swatch

• A sugar scrub, versus salt – so you can use it after shaving.
• Fabulous buttery consistency, moisturizing but not oily.
• I don’t need a lotion after I use this in the shower!

• While I love the scent and taste of dates, I think it’s earthiness may not be for everyone (as I witnesses in Tyna’s wrinkled nose).

• 26 ingredients, all of them pronounceable, 11 of them certified organic.
• Check out the A to Z of raw ingredients used in Body Deli products. It’s like a guide to going green.

So, while you may not be going to Coachella this weekend, this is a desert treasure that’s available to everyone.


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  1. Ok, @Stef, so you totally make me want to move to the desert! Not only for the dry heat (hello, Baltimore humidity!) and hot spring dip, but so I can be closer to The Body Deli!
    I was lucky enough to receive their Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub as well and it is divine!
    I enjoyed the smell because although date is an aquired smell, I like that it is subtle and earthy. I love how the scrub is thick and grainy. My complaint with most sugar scrubs is that the product often melts before I can start scrubbing. Like Stef explained, this scrub is in a butter base and hangs there enough for the serious scrubbing to begin.
    Added bonus that this is a natural scrub, and I give it an enthusiastic 5 stars! Body Deli, get my ice packs ready!

  2. So many scrubs promise to be moisturizing but leave you greasy instead. There’s nothing worse that getting out of the shower with oil all over your body. I couldn’t agree with @stef more – butter is better!

    This scrub feels great and leaves my skin soft and moisturized but not a bit oily. And the smell– YUM! My Mediterranean heritage pretty much guarantees that I love everything about dates, and I really do get hungry as soon as I open the jar.

    As with all sugar scrubs, the sugar melts when water hits it, so you have to step out of the spray or work fast. My other scrubs have been sadly neglected ever since Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub arrived on my doorstep. 5 stars.

  3. I loved the smell! It reminds me of Lush Karma sent, which I think is divine. My only thing with the scrub is my same complaint with any scrub – be careful in your shower and make sure to rinse it out of the shower completely. I almost always slip. I love this scrub for it’s moisturizing feel and I love the smell. Definitely a winner in my book.

  4. Just watched California’s TV Host Huell Howser as he captures both the natural and man-made wonders of the city and the entire Coachella Valley– Eqyptian Dates included.. I want this little gem too! I’m glad to hear that this sugar scrubs won’t leave my skin too greasy. It’s in our own backyard.. well, more in Stef’s but really California’s got lots of Gold to share!

    1. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that episode @irene – love me some Huell! Housemate Eric is always threatening to go as Huell for Halloween – I hope he does it some year!

  5. This is a 5 star scrub for me! I don’t know if I’l be able to use anything other than a butter scrub again.

    Can’t wait to try more of the line!

  6. Woah this sounds awesome! I also really want a date shake now!

    1. Gosh, Kari! I want a date shake now too.. I just heard about them! People don’t mind getting in a long line for them! Must be off the hook! :)

  7. Ugh I NEED this now, too! Sounds heavenly. I don’t think I’d go for the date scrub sight unseen, though (or smell, I should say). I’m going to check out one of the other three – either the coconut, mint, or ginger – any of those sound definitely worth the price to me!

  8. Ummm, don’t take this the wrong way, but those photos (combined with the description) are making me want to lick my screen! Om nom nom…

    1. @mandaleem – you cracked me up. I think The Body Deli folks would take that as big compliment!

  9. LOVE sugar scrubs… this Egyptian Date one sounds delicious! :D Points for the natural ingredients as well

  10. This scrub looks simply divine! I must try this soon. Great review!

  11. Ha! I did wrinkle my nose at this – not so much for the earthy scent, but for the true date scent – I’m not a big fan of dates or figs. I am however a big fan of everything else about this scrub and The Body Deli! I tested this at @stef‘s house and love the texture of the scrub, the body butter goodness of it all – so much better than oily scrubs!

    We need to plan a wht field trip to the Body Deli the next time I’m out your way @stef!

  12. Definitely five stars from me! This scrub smells sooo sweet that I did have to taste (well, fresh and sugary and all natural can’t hurt, right?). Yeah, don’t do that. It tastes a little salty and decidedly unlike what it smells of. Can’t blame a girl for trying something that seems like it would taste great on some oatmeal.
    Anyway, this is a great scrub that is not oily in the least, yet is incredibly moisturizing. When I ran out of my facial scrub I used this (something I normally wouldn’t do because of the vast amounts of oil and perfumes in most body scrubs). Lo and behold my sensitive face did not break out, was glowing, soft and def not oily. Great all over. Yes…5 stars for sure.

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