The Body Shop - Love Etc... review

The Body Shop – Love Etc… review

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Love Etc…the latest from The Body Shop hits U.S. stores today!

LoveEtcReview I still remember the moment I first laid eyes on an item from the The Body Shopicon. My Grandma, while not being much of a make up maven, never left the house without an application of lipstick applied right before she walked out the door. One day she returned from a vacation to New England with a trio of lovely tubes of colorful, sheer and creamy (a revelation in the early 90’s) lipsticks from this new, incredible British store called The Body Shop. My animal loving grandma raved on and on about all the cruelty free products and I listened; slack jawed, as my grandma schooled me on a trendy make up movement.

Happily, almost twenty years later, The Body Shop is still at it and has grown and evolved; keeping abreast of the latest in color trends and product formulations, while forging a path as pioneers in high-quality, eco-conscious products and progressive, fair trade business policies. A trip to The Body Shop boutique is always a treat that leaves me feeling good about my purchases.

My all time favorite product from the Body Shop is their White Musk Perfume Oilicon. With all the fab smelling, fun bath items and colorful make up palettes, I think The Body Shop fragrances can be overlooked by some. Don’t let it happen to you!

I’ve found fragrances from The Body Shop are beautifully layered with unique scents that last for ages. I particularly adore how their Perfume Oilsicon distinctly blend with the skins chemistry for lovely, signature scents (my beloved White Musk smells different on me, then anyone else). You will find these fabulous traits in their latest fragrance offering, Love Etc…icon

The exclusive scent was created just for The Body Shop by world-renowned perfumer Dominique Ropion (famous works include scents for Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Burberry and more). It’s bottled in a charming and feminine bottle with a simple gold cap and the packaging is bursting with sweet, multi-hued hearts signaling this uplifting scent.

Main ingredients include Jasmine and Vanilla (sourced from orchids). These feminine notes are mixed with an array of tantalizing flavors, including pear, neroli, bergamot, sandalwood and musk creating a complex, warm and sensuous perfume with the ability to brighten your day. This charming fragrance is sweet but sensuous, bright with a hint of musk and full of heart!

And Love Etc… continues to brighten the days for other as well. Working through the Community Trade organization and directly with farmers in the foothills of the Andes, the alcohol used in Love Etc… is from organically grown sugar-cane, benefiting from the generations of experience of the Ecuadorian farmers (and raising their quality of life in the process!)

Finally, fans of layering scents, rejoice! The Love Etc… fragrance is offered in two sizes of the Eau de Parfumicon, as well as in Body Washicon and Body Lotionicon formulas. And, you have a chance to win all three in with our Love Etc…Three Piece Collection Giveaway!

we heartsters: Do you feel the love in the air? Have you been waiting for the much-anticipated Love Etc…icon?

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  1. I share a love of Body Shop’s White Musk! I haven’t had an opportunity to try out Love Etc, but would love to based on the notes as you describe them. It’s funny I always have one scent I reach for after a shower that I consider just for me, it sounds like this one might become my new after shower ‘it’ scent!

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