The Coobie - The most comfortable bra. Ever.

The Coobie – The most comfortable bra. Ever.

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I hate wearing bras. I don’t think I’m alone in this department, right ladies? I mean sure, it’s fun to wear the cute or sexy lingerie when you’re feeling sassy. But for everyday purposes when you’re dealing with hectic schedules of work, or running errands, or chasing after the kids, the last thing you want to think about is how your bra is riding up in places, or poking you with the underwire, or the straps are too tight or too loose.

Well look no further, because I think I may have the solution to your undergarment woes in a little product called the Coobie Bra. Not only does this bra have a cute name, but also it is quite possibly the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn in my entire life! This “one size fits all” bra is available in a number of styles and colors, you can wear these bras through any activity, from morning to night (and even sleep in them).

I got to test the Coobie Scoopneck Bra in Mocha Brown ($18), as well as the Coobie Bandeau in Black – and I love them both. In fact, I’m already planning on buying more styles and colors. Seamless with removal padding and no underwire, or hooks, these bras are all one size fits all and by how flexible and stretchy they are I can totally believe they fit any size from an 32A to a 36D (And they do offer a couple of their styles in full sizes from 38A to 42D-DD.)

I’m a 34B and was thrilled with the fit and comfort level of these bras. These aren’t the type of bras that beg to removed the second you walk in the door of your home. Of course, while fit and comfort are important, ladies with a fuller figure may prefer a bit more support than what the Coobie offers.

The Scoop neck’s design is reminiscent of a sports bra but is way more comfortable and cuter. It hugs my body in the right places, moves with me, offers great support and literally feels like I’m not wearing a bra! Even after wearing it all day I find myself wearing it just to lounge around the house.

If you’re looking for a little support when going strapless, then definitely try the Coobie Strapless Bandeau ($18). I’ve tried other bandeau style bras before and was always doing that obnoxious hiking-up-the-bra maneuver, but not so with the Coobie. The stretchy material and padding offered great support and stayed in place.

But don’t keep that Coobie hidden away. Worn with a low-cut blouse or V-neck top, the Coobie adds a fun touch of color. Need a comfy yoga top? The Scoop neck would be perfect for low impact fitness needs.

A closer look at the removable padding insert

The only thing I was not a big fan of was the amount of padding. It’s about an eighth of an inch thick and while it does help offer significant support, it may feel a bit much for some. Without the pads though it felt a little too thin for my taste and could pose some problems on colder days, if you know what I mean.

That’s said the pros of this bra totally make it worth wearing and it’s still safe to say that The Coobie is my new favorite everyday bra and anyone looking to rid their lives of uncomfortable bras forever should definitely give these a try!

Affordable! Bras range from $18-$22 each.
So comfortable you can wear it literally ALL the time.

The padding may not be for everyone (but can be easily removed).
It’s one size may fit all, but because it lacks support, Coobie works best for those with A and B cups

we heartsters – have you worn a Coobie? Do you agree they’re the most comfortable bra on the planet?

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14 thoughts on “The Coobie – The most comfortable bra. Ever.”

  1. Proud member of the IBTC right here! Once I can ditch the hideous nursing bras (seriously, there is no such thing as a cute and supportive nursing bra!) I plan to treat myself to a new collection of over-the-shoulder-not-quite-a-boulder-holders, and Coobie looks like a perfect addition! The ladies go through a LOT of changes with nursing, and it’s nice to see a bra that looks like it can change with them!

    1. Ha – I’m a member of the IBTC club too @mandaleem – and while I wanted to outgrow my membership when I was younger I learned to love my body over the years.

      You’re right about the Coobie being great for nursing/post nursing moms – they are so flexible and comfy that they will work with your body as it changes over those months. Plus, the cute colors always make me happy! A little pop of color (even when others can’t see it) gives me a little jolt of the happies every morning.

  2. I’m jealous! I’m over endowed (especially since the baby) and I’ve always wanted a comfortable fitting bra that won’t pinch, dig or poke. I’ll keep this in mind to recommend for my A and B cup friends!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, me and my five-hook underwire will be sitting in the corner pouting.

    1. @lyssachelle – LMAO–is there room in the corner for me, too?
      My bras are sturdy constructions that are a testament to engineering. That usually doesn’t involve much comfort.
      *pouts, sucks thumb in the corner, underwire digs in*

  3. I wish I could wear a size A or B! I’m up there in the DDD’s and was once a God forbidden G! Dont’ ask! These look soooo amazing and comfortable and such a great price for bra!

  4. I usually wear an underwire bra, and the first thing I want to do when I get home from work is unhook it and throw it on the floor. No matter how great a regular bra looks, it never feels good by the end of the day. I tested the Coobie Strappy V-Neck Lace Trim Bra in Nude and can hardly believe how comfortable it is. Like you, @kari , I am now a Coobie believer! It’s almost like I’m not wearing a bra at all. The color is a great neutral, and although the Coobie doesn’t give me the same *oomph* as my regular bras, it’s perfect for wearing around the house. This style has removable straps, so it can even be converted into a bandeau. I was so impressed by my test Coobie that I bought a second one (the Scoopneck in Hot Pink). If I could change one thing about the Coobie, it would be the thickness of the removable padding. It’s more than I want, but you’re right, the bra is too thin without it. Just a little less padding would make the Coobie perfect for me. Even so, I’m giving it five stars for comfort and style! And I’m a full B, so don’t rule Coobie out, you more voluptuous girls!

    1. Another walk in the door and remove the bra person here! At leaset when I’m wearing a ‘normal’ bra and not my Coobies. On the days I’m wearing one of my 3 Coobies I’m always a little surprised when I get into my pajamas to find I’m still wearing my bra – heh. But as everyone mentioned, they are super comfortable and I never have that “get off of me” feeling when wearing them.

  5. As @turboterp mentions, it definitely isn’t as “uplifting” as some bras, but it is super comfy! These are great for yoga and easy to wash. I just toss mine into the wash and the dryer, easy peasy! 5 stars from me!

  6. I really wanted to be able to wear these, but my C’s were just NOT having it. I really need underwire to feel comfortable, which is an oxymoron…

    Very jealous of all of you with your comfortable boobies.

  7. Love my Coobie bras! I first discovered them a few years ago while vacationing with my Mom and sisters. We were doing a little bit of shopping when we came across these cute little bras and I HAD to have one! My first purchase was a scoop neck black bra and I loved it – supportive enough for my B cup, super comfy and breathable and a bit of sass. It was everything I wanted in a bra.

    My younger sister was enamored as well (she’s more of a full C) and while she loved the feel of her Coobie, she felt she needed a bit more support. So I ended up inheriting hers by the end of the trip. It was a nude scoop – perfect for wearing under white tees and blouses.

    For this review I tested a light pink V-Neck with Lace Trim Coobie that also has removable straps. Honestly, I almost always wear it with straps, but it’s nice to know I have a good option if I ever wear a strapless top. I really love the color of this one – the pretty pink lace can add a bit of color when wearing a low cut tank (with the lace and straps peeping out of the tank) that looks nice without seeming trashy. And as mentioned (over and over) these bras are just. so. comfortable. If you are a fellow member of the IBTC club I highly recommend the Coobie.

  8. I tend to sleep in comfortable bras anyway (don’t ask–it gives me a secure feeling). This is something I’ll definitely be checking out!

  9. I work in the industry and even I have trouble finding a perfect bra in a sea of bras that I have access to. I love the one size fits all concept. It looks very comfy! Another plus: no underwire means it will be perfect as a post-surgery bra.

  10. A bra that specializes on “one-size-fit-all” is kinda dangerous. I get intimidated when I see that tag line, I’m just afraid to face the fact that it won’t fit me. I’ve read a lot of reviews for these brand and they have good bras. And 90% of the time, the tag line is true. So I’ll give it a shot.

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