The Ever So Grateful Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipe

The Ever So Grateful Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipe

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Are you as excited for all of the Thanksgiving food as we are? Bring on the turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes! (Sure, and a vegetable…if we have to.)

Thanksgiving is full of so much delicious butter-laden food, and that food deserves to be washed down with something equally delightful. Yes, wine is a safe go-to, but how about impressing your fellow diners with a cocktail? We know that mixing family that doesn’t always see each other with copious amounts of booze isn’t always the best idea, so we have the perfect solution – a Campari-based Thanksgiving cocktail recipe that helps cut the richness of Thanksgiving dishes while naturally lending itself to sipping rather than tossing back.


If you’re a Negroni fan, this autumn-themed spin with Campari will be a refreshing twist on the standards. Campari’s bitter bite isn’t for everyone, the herbal apertif can be intense if you’re not expecting it. Apertifs were traditionally consumed to help stimulate the appetite. While you may not need much help in that department on Thanksgiving, the crispness of this drink does make a great palate cleanser.

Thanksgiving is on the heels of apple season, so we used fresh apple juice as a base. It also helps to take off the bitter edge of the Campari. Since sage is typically one of the herbs called for in a side dish or two, this cocktail is a great way to use up your extra leaves instead of letting them hang out in the fridge for a couple of weeks before they shrivel up and you throw them away. Not to mention, sage and apple make great friends, as proven by many sausages and stuffing recipes.


We also know Thanksgiving is all about sticking to the timeline. So don’t worry, we have you covered with timing instructions. Don’t forget to have plenty of ice on hand. Pro tip: ice is the perfect request for that guest that doesn’t really cook or is coming last minute.



The Ever So Grateful Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipe

Makes approximately 8 cocktails

Total Ingredients

  • 8 oz Gin
  • ¾ oz container of fresh sage
  • 1 c sugar
  • 1 c water
  • 8 oz Campari
  • 24 oz apple juice
  • 1 orange, sliced into 8 thin wheels
  • Ice


Sage-Infused Gin – Make this 24 hours in advance

Makes 16 oz (1 pint)


  • 15 large fresh sage leaves
  • 8 oz gin
  • 16 oz Mason jar

1. Rinse off the sage.

2. Grab as many leaves by one end as you can securely hold between your thumb and forefinger. Slap the leaves against the palm of your opposite hand 3-5 times to activate their natural oils.

3. Put the leaves in the pint Mason jar and add the gin. Close securely with lid. Steep in the jar for 24 hours.

4. After 24 hours, strain out the sage leaves.




Sage Simple Syrup – Make this 30 minutes in advance

Makes 8 oz


  • 1 c sugar
  • 1 c water
  • 20 fresh sage leaves

1. Combine sugar and water in a small saucepan.

2. Rinse the sage leaves and slap them against your opposite palm. Add to the sugar and water.

3. Whisk over high heat until the sugar has dissolved (approximately 1 minute).

4. Remove the pan from the heat and set aside. Cool for 20 minutes.

5. Strain out sage leaves.

*If making more than 30 minutes in advance, transfer the syrup to a glass jar with a lid. The simple syrup will keep in the refrigerator for approximately 1 week.

The Main Event: The Cocktail!

Makes approximately 8 cocktails


  • 24 oz apple juice
  • 8 oz sage-infused gin
  • 8 oz Campari
  • 8 oz sage simple syrup
  • Orange wheels for garnish
  • Fresh sage leaves for garnish

1. Combine apple juice, sage-infused gin, Campari, and sage simple syrup in a pitcher and stir well to ensure all ingredients are mixed.

2. Serve over ice in lowball glasses.

3. Garnish each cocktail with an orange wedge and leftover sage leaves.



Making your booze stretch while also preventing your uncle from being hammered by the pie course – now that’s truly something to be thankful for!

we heartsters – what’s everyone pouring this Thanksgiving? Share in the comments below.

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