The French Beauty Solution by Caudalie

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Fashion, food, wine… the French know how to do it all with powerful simplicity. There is no better living example of this than the lovely Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie, a skincare line known for natural anti-aging remedies.

Thomas’ new book, The French Beauty Solution (Time-Tested Secrets to Look and Feel Beautiful Inside and Out) is a treasure trove of beauty knowledge, hundreds of interesting tips and stories that I could spend hours telling you about. But you’re busy American women, and I know you don’t have all day.

The French Beauty Solution by Caudalie

Mathilde Thomas knows this, too. When she first moved to the US to expand her brand, she was struck by how differently American and French women approach the idea and practice of beauty. French women approach life—and skincare—from a pleasure-centered perspective. American women say things like, “No gain without pain.” We could all relax a little and take a few hints from The French Beauty Solution.

3 things we should learn from the French for beautiful skin

1. Unlike American women’s “quick fix” approach to beauty, French women tend to see their skincare routines as an integral part of their day. This lifetime commitment to routine is the opposite of our search for that instantly effective product or procedure.

Eau de Beaute Beauty Elixir and Make-up Remover Micellar Cleansing Water

I tested a Caudalie product that illustrates this “integral” philosophy. The Eau de Beaute Beauty Elixir (1oz travel-sized bottle: $18) is a toner/serum mist of refreshing essential oils and plant active ingredients. Just a little spritz over foundation and under powder sets makeup for the day; a touchup spray or two gives skin an energized tingle (a byproduct of what Caudalie calls “microcirculation”). Oily-skinned girls, don’t be scared by the essential oils—the ingredients are disinfecting, and help calm acne-prone skin. The Beauty Elixer is a product I could (and will) use many times during the day.

2. Simple is better when it comes to a skincare routine; American women think skin care should be complicated—the more steps, the better. The French know simplicity is key. The next product I tested, Make-up Remover Micellar Cleansing Water (3.38oz $14) is simplicity in a bottle. Just a drop of this soap-free micellar water on a cotton pad is all it takes to zip off dirt, oil, and makeup. Even waterproof mascara comes off easily, and no rinsing is required. It has a minty fragrance thanks to orange and lemon blossom, watermelon, and mint leaves. No burning or irritation, just a simple effectiveness I really appreciate.

The French Beauty Solution by CaudalieA cleanse we can get behind!

3. An easy 3-day grape cleanse can transform the quality of your skin. Mathilde Thomas’ parents own famed Bordeaux winery Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte, and the skincare/grape connection she writes about is especially interesting to me. Resveratrol, found abundantly in red wine, has anti-aging properties, and so do grapes—to the extent that eating nothing but grapes for three days reportedly has healing properties inside and out.

European aristocrats have used this detox for hundreds of years, and Thomas does a 3-day “cure” every fall. Her description of her skin’s post-cleanse “soft texture and glow” is something to think about!

Here’s how strongly the French believe in the beauty-centric way of life Thomas writes about: her book won’t be published in France at all, because everyone already knows these things! And now, thanks to The French Beauty Solution, so can we.

we heartsters – what Caudalie product makes you say J’adore ça?

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  1. Great review @Melissa! It’s so easy to believe that skincare needs to be rigorous and complicated since there are so many products out there. I’ve been meaning to rethink my routines and really hone in what’s necessary for ages. I’m definitely curious about the Beauty Elixir too – setting and calming? Sounds like a match made in heaven.

  2. As an American, I asked myself why do I want something complicated when I do not have the time. It has been awhile since I have used any Caudalie products. I think it is time for me to get reacquainted!

  3. Wine, did someone say wine? And healed inside and out.. sign me up! Caudalie products are so well made and structured, I believe they can’t make a product that would disappointed me! I love the mentality of keeping it simple, must be a bit French too! Great review @turboterp!

  4. I have consistantly kept the Beauty Elixir in my repertoir ever since I grabbed a small size bottle standing in line at Sephora many years ago. Seriously, it’s in my locker at work for a soothing yet invigorating and cooling freshen-up. It’s also great to set makeup. I used to take it on the plane when I traveled to keep hydrated so I didn’t become an oily beast. If only they made plane size travel buddies! It’s brilliant stuff.

  5. Thanks for the heads up and awesome article @turboterp! I am NOT even kidding you (in fact I wish I had a website so I could post a picture. Well, I cud use Instagram I suppose, right? I’ll try it.), but as I was saying, I’m not even joking that I have an empty bottle (tube actually) of the Caudalie Vinosource (shud I stop there?! Lol) S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum! And it’s sitting by the door to remind me to buy another one (some ppl keep lists, I put items like that directly next to my door handle. It’s THAT important. The SOS Thirst Quencher Serum is A-MAZING!!! I have oily combo skin & have always been nervous @ using serums and oils for fear of making it worse, but I got a trial size of the Vinosource & figured trying it once couldn’t hurt and I’m being totally honest when I say that my skin (t-zone/forehead spec.) STOPPED being oily when I used it! I think I figured out that my oily skin was a result of skin being too dry! I read that’s really a thing. Anyhoo, for anyone with oily skin that needs a moist./serum to keep age away, this is the ticket. As is red wine. In fact I’m going out for ALL of the above right now. Love ? all things Caudalie. And ur article. Thanks again!!!

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