The latest from N.Y.C. New York Color

The latest from N.Y.C. New York Color

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It’s official. Today, I hereby declare 2010 The Year of Drugstore Makeup. As a self-professed drugstore makeup junkie, I have never witnessed another year that has provided us with so many high-quality, long-lasting makeup products, all within arms reach at our nearest drugstore. And the best part? These products retail for a fraction of the cost of their high-end counterparts (even less if you have coupons and/or encounter a sale).

New York Color (N.Y.C. for short) is a drugstore makeup brand that has always been known not only for its affordability, but for its fantastic colors. There are blogs upon blogs that often compare N.Y.C. lipstick shades to high-end products and sometimes you really can’t tell the difference between the high-end brand and the N.Y.C. product. For just $1.99 per tube, N.Y.C. makes some lip colors that even your inner makeup snob might find hard to resist. (I still contend that N.Y.C. Retro Red is the most perfect red lipstick you will ever find at the drugstore).

So when wht sent me one of the new N.Y.C. IndividualEyes Custom Compacts and Blushable Crème Sticks for review, I wasn’t surprised at all that the colors in both products were absolutely stunning.

For the record, N.Y.C. has released some eye shadows in the past that have not performed well for me. If you have also experienced this, I want to tell you that things have changed, baby! You are going to be blown away by the texture and blendability, not to mention the pigmentation and staying power of the eye shadows in the IndividualEyes Custom Compacts. I received the palette “created for green eyes” called Central Park, which includes four powder eye shadows (two matte browns, a gold shimmer and a champagne shimmer), a cream eye primer (in a drugstore eyeshadow palette!) and a cream highlighter. The shadows in this palette can stand up against the most expensive eye shadows in my collection. And the eye primer? It’s not just for show. It truly works and helps keep my shadow in place for hours. It also performs double-duty, as I’ve been using it to even out the color of my eyelids as well.

There’s already lots of well-deserved buzz in the makeup community about the Limited Edition N.Y.C. Blushable Crème Sticks. I can sum them up in one word: awesome. If you’ve been scared off by drugstore brand cream blushes in the past because of blending issues, texture or pigmentation, I think that these blush sticks might change your mind.

They blend like a dream because of their wonderful cream-to-powder finish, they wear well (I get even more mileage when I wear a face primer), and the colors will rock your world. The shades in the Blushable Crème Stick collection are on-trend, current, and uber-stylish. The color I received for review, Big Apple Blush (center of image), is a warm pink shimmer that gives a very pretty, subtle flush to the cheeks. I bet you’ll find at least one shade that makes you say “Ooooh!” when you see this collection in person.

Please check back soon because the wht team received additional shades of the Blushable Crème Sticks, as well as Metro Quads Palettes (four shadows in trendy but wearable shades to highlight, contour and define eyes. Glamorous is shown in the first picture) and City Duets Eye Shadow Palettes (a duo of generously sized shadows in coordinating shades named after famous NYC neighborhoods), for review. They’ll be posting their thoughts shortly.

In the meantime, what’s your favorite product from N.Y.C.? Have you tried any of these new products yet?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

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23 thoughts on “The latest from N.Y.C. New York Color”

  1. I’m with you, @nouveaucheap… Here’s to the The Year of Drugstore Makeup!

    I have to preface my review with the confession that I have never embraced cream blush. Early attempts left me looking like Pat Benetar on a bad day, and I abandoned the whole category of products. That said, I tested NYC Color’s Blushable Cream Stick in a daunting color called Urban Spice. In the tube, it looked VERY dark, almost copper. On my skin, it started out way too dark, but with some vigorous blending, I ended up with a kind of natural glow! I was shocked by how nice it looked. If I could blend this dark, dark color into a nice glow on my pale skin, I have the feeling the lighter colors would be great for me!

    At just under $4, this might be the buy of the century for you cream blush-loving girls! I can’t think of a single reason to take a star off, so 5 bargain stars for NYC Color!

  2. I feel like I am ahead of the curve because I’ve been rocking N.Y.C. for years–face powder, nail polish, lip stick, lip and eye pencils. My favorite product of theirs was the Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder in translucent. I used it to set my make-up and sop up oil. (I started using it when I couldn’t find Cornsilk anymore.) I also love their limited edition Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Red as a blush.

    I haven’t tested the tube lip gloss or the creme blush but I’ve seen them in the drugstore. They are tempting.

    I did test the Metro Quartet Eyeshadow in Glamorous. I simply love it. It glides on so silky smooth, and the color lasts a good amount of time over my primer. I also appreciate the instructions telling me where to put the eye shadow for the dramatic layering.

  3. N.Y.C. makes some amazing products! So good and so cheap! Can’t beat it. I have used several of their glosses over the years and have been very please by their performance. But these eyeshadow quads look gorgeous! I must get my hands on one.

  4. @turboterp: LOL at the Pat Benatar comment!! I know exactly what you mean, and it’s so refreshing to have such wonderful blendability from a drugstore product like this. I’m so glad you like the one you got–definitely check out a lighter shade too. :)

    @brooklynshoebabe knows what’s up with NYC! Yes! I love their loose powder too, and I can’t believe I forgot to mention the awesomeness of NYC nail color. Thanks for the reminder. Oh, and I want to tell you that I really love their new Extreme Lip Glider Lip Glosses too. Geeze, what do I not love from NYC these days, right?

    @kellie76 I’m so glad you’re already an NYC fan too. Yay! :D

    And it probably goes without saying but both products I reviewed get a glowing 5 stars from me.

  5. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become a cosmetics snob in some arenas. I credit Sephora with this…if it’s not there, could it possibly be worthwhile? I am also a lover of fantastic packaging. While other areas of marketing are lost on me, packaging is not.
    That all being said, I cannot leave a Rite Aid without some sort of cosmetic. Impossible. I have found that Neutrogena and NYC are my drugstore cosmetics of choice. And both are really good.
    I didn’t test any products here, but believe that the quality is exceptional for the price. Now, if only drugstore cosmetics lost the cardboard and plastic…not only would it be good for the environment, but they would probably appeal to the shallow among us (myself included).

  6. I reeeeaally want to try the N.Y.C. Blushable Crème Sticks but I have too many blushes as it is.. But these are limited edition with a $5 price tag here in Canada. Would it be the biggest loss of my life if I skipped this??

  7. I’m with you Ashley, I really want to try the blush too. However, blush is the one product I could justify buying – especially for under 5 bucks.

    Did you guys all check out the link to @nouveaucheap‘s post with pics (the orange well-deserved buzz link)on two more Blushable shades – Wild Berry and Pink Flash? Pretty.

    I’m loving the Year of Drugstore Makeup!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..The Official Office Summer Slim Down =-.

  8. I want to try that red! I am a sucker for a good red lipstick, and although I have more than I need already, Im up for adding to my collection :) and for a dollar!!! I’m in! I have some NYC Nail color too and love it.. time to expand and try more!

  9. You have written such a good review I’m a gonner now! I have never been good at buying drugstore cosmetics I’m happy with but now I know I can’t go wrong with these blushes … and maybe the red lipstick…hehe

  10. I have to admit to the same thing @sherrishera did, I’m a makeup snob. I’m not proud of it, but alas-it’s true. But I’m going to work on it. And I think N.Y.C. might be my first step! I have never tried anything from the line, and I know they carry them at my local Ulta. If @nouveaucheap has given them 5 stars (who has tried every drugstore brand known to womankind!) I know it’s good.

    Thanks for the recommendation!
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..Green & Spring – the Brits go natural =-.

  11. I love drugstore beauty! It’s pretty much the only kind of makeup I buy anyway. I own a few NYC polishes and think they are great. Have yet to try their eyeshadows or cream blushes, but will get some soon!

  12. Thank you all so much for the kind words about this review! Honestly, if you are more of a high-end makeup person, NYC is a great place to start your drugstore makeup journey. Give that Retro Red lippie a try and you might become a convert!

    Sherri, I think you might be happy about the lack of packaging on these new NYC products–no cardboard and just the essential safety seals (a must for drugstores to avoid curious fingers!).

    Tyna–thanks for including the link to the LE Creme Sticks. Those are a little bit harder to find but S0 worth it.

    Stef, I am so glad you trust me–you know I would never steer you wrong! And BTW, Target also has an excellent variety of NYC goodies. :)

  13. Ooh, I will have to check out my local Target! I tested the eyeshadow duo in “Eastside Brownstone” and I must admit, while I have gotten spoiled and tend to prefer higher end cosmetics, this eyeshadow was pretty nice for a drugstore brand. While it doesn’t have nearly as much pigment as my beloved MAC shadows, it goes on silky smooth and doesn’t fall off the brush the way some less expensive brands do. The cream color highlighter in this duo was a very pretty and subtle glow of color for below the brow, and I found myself reaching for it a lot, to go with some of my other shadows. All in all, I am pleased with N.Y.C. and I’m anxious to give some of their other products a try!

  14. I love NYC. It’s still one of my go to products when I’m looking for affordability without losing quality.

    And @nouveaucheap, I totally just bought Retro Red tonight at Target because of your review and it’s fantastic!

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  16. I am a makeup snob, like many of the ladies on here have stated, but every so often, I make an exception. I got to test the NYC blush stick in Berry New Yorker, which is a deep, pink nude with a hint of shimmer. I only needed a dot on my cheekbone and once blended, I had a perfectly natural flush that looked like it was coming from within. I love all blushes, especially cream blushes, and this one is cheap enough that I can afford to keep one in all of my purses so I can ward off the corpse-like pale that is my curse. I was really pleasantly surprised by how subtle and lovely this looked and I think I kinda need one in every shade :) Don’t hesitate to add these to your arsenal, ladies—5 stars!
    P.S. Also worth noting: this didn’t cause my sensitive skin to break out, so for the ladies that are scared of cream blush, this one’s safe!

  17. I tested the City Duet eyeshadows in Tribecca Toast. I was pretty impressed with the quality, as well! The highlight color is a really pretty light pink and the countour color a dark plum. Both have a perfect amount of adult shimmer. These actually remind me exactly of some Clinique colors that Erin turned me onto years ago. The pans are extremely thin and I find the tiny sponge applicator useless, so I have to dig my brush in there on an angle to get at the shadow. The other side of the applicator is a cool, thin eyeliner-like brush – it’s a little too soft to apply neatly, but these do go on very nicely with some higher end brushes. I like the quilted design too of the shadows – looks like a Chanel purse! The shadow does collect in my crease by the end of the day, but that is always helped by some primer potion. If it was expensive I’d probably only give it 3 stars, but since it’s so affordable, I bump it up to 4!

  18. omg, i totally want the NYC creme stick. its not available in the UK so im really gutted about that. Anyone interested in doing a swap?

  19. I'd Rather Not Say

    I realize this post is over a year old, but still wanted to comment on it as I have both of these products.

    I too have the exact same NYC palette for green eyes but have to disagree as to its quality. While the dark brown shade IS very pigmented and blends fairly well, it doesn’t have much staying power on its own. One of the lighter powder colors is truly not good at all, either. The powder shadow highlighter itself is ok, but nothing to write home about. I definitely wouldn’t compare this palette to my higher end brand shadows like MAC, Smashbox or NARS. Or even any of my several hundred other shadows. They absolutely MUST be used with a base to get any real good color payoff simply because they don’t cling to the skin very well, but would not recommend the base that comes with the eye shadows in this set. I find it and the highlighter cream to be very oily/greasy feeling compared to any other cream base or highlighter I have tried, low end and high end, which definitely leads to creasing. I really don’t find that this palette does anything special for green eyes, either. I have far nicer neutral shadows than these, which is all these are. Very low-quality, basic, neutral shadows. At least my other neutrals have some depth to their color, which these really do not. They just sit there, kind of like a dowdy cousin. I’m very glad I paid less than $2 for it at a Rite Aid sale while in the US, otherwise I would have been very unhappy. This palette pretty much feels like a throw-away to me.

    That being said, the NYC cream blush sticks ARE really great. Beyond great. Probably the nicest cream blush I have, for the cheapest price possible. These could definitely rival MAC or NARS cream blush pots/blush sticks, which are insanely expensive. Proof that good makeup does NOT have to cost a fortune. I got the pink/peach colored one at Walmart in Canada for under $2 with a coupon – Plaza Pink – and have found it is pretty much an exact match of my NARS Deep Throat powder blush, and very close to my MAC powder blush in DAINTY.

    These cream blushes are super light and easy to blend out to a very natural looking flush, as opposed to my MAC cream blushes which I find very thick and sticky, although they still provide a natural look if used properly. They also don’t leave your pores hugely magnified like other shimmer blushes – either cream or powder/mineral – even though they do have a slight shimmer to them. I dab the NYC blush stick straight on my cheeks from the stick and then blend & buff it in with one of my softer liquid foundation brushes. I then apply a bit of my silk powder over top to remove any of the adhesion it has, and go over the top with Deep Throat or Dainty very lightly to provide some extra dimension, with a bit of Smashbox’s Halo To Go to finish. It looks absolutely phenomenal.

    They are also very nice to use even when not wearing foundation on lazy days, which gives a very natural tone to the face. Best cream blushes ever, I do believe. Especially for this insanely low price.

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