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We’re just days away from the most important event in award season; the Oscars. So please excuse us, but we’re a bit red carpet giddy. How can we not be? The we heart this headquarters is mere blocks away from it!

Sadly, we have yet to walk the red carpet (if there’s ever a category for 90s game show appearances, we’re a shoe-in!) But that doesn’t mean we can’t partake in a bit of red carpet beauty. Enter the latest edition of the Glam Beauty Board.

Here are some of the product that got me red carpet ready…

Whether you’re a Kardashian fan or not, there’s no denying these gals are always ready for their close up. I think the secret lies in their lashes; their huge come-hither lashes. The kind of look you can only achieve with falsies like the Khroma Beauty Side Long Glance Lashes ($10.49).

These have a base of fine lashes, then thicker lashes are placed in a criss cross pattern throughout, making for one fabulous pair of fauxs. The bonus is the two shades of shimmery brown eye shadow included; one bronze, one milk chocolate; that accent the lashes nicely. I added the bronze to the inner corners of a smoky eye for a bit of pop.

You’re going to be doing a lot of smiling on the red carpet. But if your smile isn’t bright you’re never going to shine. Rembrandt has a trio of products to help with that.

To get you bright, there’s the Deeply White + Peroxide 2 Hour Whitening Kit icon($22.99). This kit is designed to whiten your teeth in two hours through its active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide.

The process works by the applying the whitening gel to upper and lower trays (which you first form to your teeth by soaking in hot water). The trays are worn for 20 minutes, you take a 10 minute break, then add additional gel and repeated the process three more times (it takes a total of two hours.)

Obviously you’ve got to commit some time for full results. But it’s an easy enough thing to do while doing something else at home. Like most bleaching, I did feel a bit of sensitivity afterwards. But it dissipates quickly and was nothing I couldn’t handle for the noticeable whitening it created.

To keep you bright, Rembrandt also offers two products in Fresh Mint flavor; Deeply White + Peroxide Whitening Toothpasteicon and Deeply White + Peroxide Mouthwash (both $7.29), also with Hydrogen Peroxide. While the toothpaste is great, it’s the mouthwash I really love. The minty rinse slightly bubbles, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and looking bright. Rather than seeing the extra step as a chore (which I normally feel with ordinary mouthwash), it’s actually pleasurable and instantly rewarding!

For my look, I needed something to play up my freshly whitened smile, but needed to keep it simple with my smoky eyes. Enter Bite Beauty Cinnamon Plumping lip oil
icon ($22). That’s right, oil! Imagine a liquefied Red Hot and you’ve got it. Spicy cinnamon bark with French olive oil, pure jojoba, castor seed oil and argan oil give lips a tingling plump and slight flush that’s perfect with a bold eye.

I must be a tingle-addict because I am slightly obsessed with face products that produce them too. The best face tingle comes from a peel, so I was delighted to see the new AHA Brazilian Peel with Advanced Renewal Serum icon ($89) in my package. This is their classic peel; four professional-strength peel applications; packaged with a serum that feels more like a lotion, going to work on your freshly done face to seal in moisture and help repair existing skin damage.

So, how can you do a professional strength, 30 percent glycolic acid peel at home, you ask? (I did!) It’s dual chamber applicator holds the glycolic peel on one side and an auto-stop neutralizer on the other. You mix them together in your hand (where you can feel the product warming), apply and the action is automatically stopped in 10 minutes. Genius!

Peels can do pretty amazing things: firm and tone skin, and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and uneven skintone. I’m only one application in, but the smoothness this gave me with just one use was very impressive (even if the tingle was minimal, which may be good news to most!)

Everyone knows you need some bling on the red carpet. The R.J. Graziano “Star Attraction” Large Stone Medallion Drop Earrings ($39.95) provide about as much bling one can find in a diamond-less accessory! A gold toned circular base with hematite looking stones, these earrings catch the light in magical ways and could work with casual outfits or designer gowns.

Having just cut my hair, I didn’t have quite as much hair to work with the Remington Waving Wand ($24.99) as I would have liked. But the clampless ceramic wand heated up super quick and did create some subtle waves, even on my short hair.

No one’s going to ask “who are you wearing?” if all they see is a big ol’ flaw (from shirt gaps to falling bra straps). Mask them with Hollywood Fashion Tape ($8.89), the kind of product that once you have you’ll never want to be without again!

Finally, whether it’s a long day at an award show or just a long day at the office, let’s face it – sometimes you’re just too lazy to wash your face (guilty). A good removal cloth on the bedside stand is a skin godsend! I LOVE these Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes ($12). Not only because they smell delicious (thanks to cucumber, argan and grapefruit oils) but because a portion of all sales go to the NRDC’s Polar Bear SOS initiative to help save them for becoming extinct.

Tell us we heartsters, are there any red carpet must haves on this list for you?

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  1. @Stef – WOW! Those are some amazing pictures.
    Your blue eyes leap off my screen with those Kardashian lashes. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of the Hollywood fashion tape. It has helped me fix hems and other fashion mishaps. I most want to try Josie Moran makeup wipes. I am a sucker for a good animal charity.

    1. Thanks @hao9703! I was pleasantly surprised by the lashes. And promptly pulled out the shadows and added them to my Z palette!

    1. Excellent brow tips on your blog! I’ve been searching for a natural solution to thinning brows.

  2. I agree with @hao9703 — wow! Your eyes are super-stunning, @stef ! I love home versions of clinical products, so both the peel and the whitening kit are very interesting to me. And the R.J. Graziano earrings are stunning, and at such an affordable price! One question: are they heavy?

    1. Thanks @turboterp! The earrings aren’t light by any means, but not so heavy that they bothered me. I did notice my lobes pull a bit with them on though.

  3. LOVE the earrings, you look amazing @stef ! I would also like to know how heavy the earrings are?

  4. Before I read a word about the products, I said to my husband in a mild (okay, not so mild) huff of jealousy: “Would you look at her eyes? Who has eyes like that?!” You’re absolutely stunning! All of the items are useful; I am particularly drawn to the teeth whitening system. My mom took an antibiotic when pregnant with me and thus there is very little enamel on my teeth. I work like crazy to keep them looking nearly normal; peroxide has been a go-to product for me since the age of ten.

  5. @stef you really look like you walked straight off the red carpet! Foxy mama!! Your eyes are especially enchanting!

  6. so jelly of your looot! and you are looking mighty fine!

    That waving wand looks pretty awesome! I might have to look into that because I love a bit of wave to my hair. That’s hard to achieve though, because my hair is so straight!

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