The Makeup Show Los Angeles Haul, part 1

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A high end haul from an epic makeup get together

Last month I was able to get a press pass to visit The Makeup Show in Los Angeles for the first time. A big fan of IMATS, I was excited to check out this pro-only event. I went in with high hopes, which were instantly exceeded. The show has a much more intimate vibe than IMATS, smaller and definitely more curated for makeup artists. If IMATS is the kid sister; hyper and full of glitter, The Makeup Show is the older, hip cousin who will show you how to pluck your eyebrows and make you feel cooler just being around. She’ll probably give you your first drink too.

I made a plan of attack, squirreled away a budget and hit the show. Here’s what I bought, (with the exception of two items). And stay tuned for post part 2, which will be the gift bag details. That’s the beast shown above!

(Please note, show prices were lower than the retail prices noted here.)

One of the things I was most excited about for The Makeup Show was seeing Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. A long time fan of the brand, I was disappointed when their line at IMATS wrapped around their booth (but excited for them as well). Hooray for me, I was able to walk straight up to the cute blue-lipped boy and ask for Grandma Nail Lacquericon ($10)! I’ve now got a match for my favorite uber-coral Lip Tar.

I had to really control myself at MAKE UP FOR EVER. I think I may have controlled myself a bit too much because I can’t believe this is all I got! First booth restraint, I believe. I picked up Rouge Artist Intenseicon($19) in 46; a matte and extremely pigmented berry red. I LOVE the old school lipstick smell of these.

And because I’m been a bit Aqua Eyesicon($18) obsessed lately, I picked up 1L; a shimmery charcoal.

MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #46, Aqua Eyes 1L

I love the products I picked up from Kevyn Aucoin.

The Expert Lip Coloricon ($34) in Faith is divine; an ultra light and sheer nude with golden shimmer. And OMG, the lipstick snaps shut with such an incredible satisfying magnetic “click”!

The Eye Shadow Duoicon ($42) in #204 is beautiful inside and out as well; a taupe and burgundy shimmer in their signature ombre metal case.

I had a really amazing booth experience at Youngblood. The makeup artists were REALLY helpful. We dished about colors, formulas and skincare, and I walked away with Luminous Creme Blush in Taffeta; an oil-free poppy pink that melts into your skin, then sets and doesn’t budge. I was also gifted Mighty Shiny Lip Gel in Revealed for just liking them on Facebook (which ! already did!) The golden pink with flecks of gold shimmer looks insanely pretty over nude liner.

Youngblood Mighty Shiny Lip Gel in Revealed and Luminous Creme Blush in Tafetta

I bought more at the Cult Nails booth than any other. I never fail to let out an “oooh!” every time I see a fellow blogger reviewing a shade. So much so that I went straight to Phyrra to ask what her must have shades were! Maria, the owner, is really sweet and it was a blast to browse. I can’t wait to show you these on my nails. Here’s what I ended up with (all bottles $12).

Manipulative is a robin’s egg blue with micro fine silver and teal shimmer.

Alter Ego is one of their color shifting top coat from a line called Deceptive. In the bottle it looks like a peachy gold shimmer, but applied over polish (especially black) it’s creates an antiqued golden green glow.

Captivated was a no brainer for me and the first one I grabbed. It’s a coral jelly with chunky coral and gold glitter. It’s breathtakingly sparkly, isn’t it?

Mind Control was gifted to me (thank you Maria!) and it’s a dark purple with holographic glitter that shifts from green/gold to pink/purple.

Oh Ellis Faas, how I love you. Any day I get to play with this line is a good day. And it was a VERY good day because I got to pick up their Skin Veilicon, a product that’s a touch more than a tinted moisturizer but not quite a foundation. Oh people, this stuff is so pretty! I picked up S103 in the click pen and brush applicator. It’s a splurge for sure (you get two 7ml cartridges for $65 or a .17 oz bottle for $90) but a worthy one. It’s SPF15 formula diffuses light, softening wrinkles and making you look downright glowy.

Look how red my arm is from a day of swatching…

…only to be covered by a light coat of Skin Veil!

That’s my purchase haul! Check back next week to see the items that came in the press gift bag (the biggest bag I ever got, ya’ll!)

The Makeup Show New York is happening in May (in fact, tickets just went on sale). I highly recommend a visit!

photos: we heart this

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  1. That’s quite a catch, @stef! I have to keep cleaning the computer keyboard with alcohol from the saliva leaving my mouth . . . I don’t own MUFE lipsticks and would buy this simply for the smell which would bring back lovely memories. I’m in love with the Kevin Aucoin shadows and think the Youngblood “Luminous Cream Blush” would be most becoming on you (and me). “Cult Nails” are incredible, and I would purchase the Ellis Faas “Skin Veil” because of its many uses and the quality of their products, despite the price. Don’t underestimate how much I pay attention to your advice; I had never tried OCC “Lip Tars,” but I bought a set at Sephora after reading that you are obsessed. What colors, what wear! What did I do before them? Thanks for the very informative, enticing break-down of products. You made superb choices!

    1. Ha – you’re funny @gigi – I saw this haul in person when @Stef returned from the show and my mouth was open too! First because Stef does not need any more makeup and was holding quite a bagful and secondly because everything she pulled out of the bag was so awesome I totally understood why she had to purchase it. Loving makeup is never-ending – you always want more, more more!

    2. Thanks @gigi – there’s not a regrettable product in the bunch. That’s when you know you did good!

  2. I love your haul!! I NEED Cult nails in my life, I just haven’t made the purchase yet. However, Mind Control is so gorgeous, it might need to happen sooner than later. And AQUA EYES. The more I try other liners, the more I think that Aqua Eyes is the best eyeliner I’ve every tried. (Does this stop me from buying other eyeliners? No. I have a problem.)

    I can’t wait to see the gift bag!

    1. Checking out Stef’s swag was my first time seeing Cult Nails in person @lyssachelle and I was impressed – such gorgeous unique colors – I especially loved Manipulative, a very spring blue with the nicest of shimmery sheen.

      And just wait to you see the gift bag – it’s pretty darn awesome.

    2. You, especially, NEED Cult Nails in your life! And let’s just go ahead and say it – MUFE Aqua Eyes is the best liner – period

  3. Oooh, all of these beauties make me feel like a magpie/crow: I want all of these shiny, pretty things. The Youngblood stuff in particular is drool-worthy—what soft yet vibrant colors!

    1. @amity – my love for Youngblood is growing by bounds lately. I just keep seeing products that I am absolutely loving. The texture of this creme blush is phenom too, like butter!

  4. I am taken in for skin veil . . . how I would love to try such a lux brand. It sounds like a modern miracle . . . diffuses light and softens fine lines and wrinkles. It’s sounds like a dream product.

    1. @hao9703 – Ellis Faas Skin Veil is pretty darn incredible. I wore it yesterday actually and couldn’t stop looking at my skin! I almost wanted to not like it because it’s so expensive, but there’s no denying how good it is.

  5. Awesome haul! Especially “Mind Control” from Cult Nails–I LOOOOOVE dark and sparkly nail polish. I can’t wait to get a closer look at what was in your gift bag!

    1. If you like dark polish you NEED to check out some of the Cult Nails top coats over black. Just. So. PRETTY! I’ll get swatches of these up asap!

    1. I love Ellis Faas lip products, but I think they REALLY kill it with their face products! What do you think of the concealer?

  6. Everything looks so good @stef! You sure know how to pick ’em! The MUFE lipstick is gorgeous! So bold and yet so lady like! Ellis Faas is always such an innovative line. That skin veil looks insanely good! The Youngblood lip gel and cream blush are just lovely! They look perfect for spring. And Kevyn Aucoin! He was an absolutely genius! His line is exquisite. I am so glad that his line was at the show. Awesome! Wish I lived neared anything this cool! Glad you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I am hella jealous of your MUFE haul! Both of those are right up my alley…I ADORE Kevyn Aucoin–you’re going to love those shadows and I bet that bronzey-burgundy shade makes your blue eyes crazy blue. Methinks I’m going to have to look into the Youngblood’s cream blush because I’m a sucker for cream blush…it’s an addiction…

    1. @krista – Burgundy does make my eyes look super blue. “Village of the Damned Blue” as you rightfully called it! I love it when you sweet talk me.

  8. Oh wow, lots of amazing goodies! I particularly like the Kevyn Aucoin colors and will be putting those, along with Young Blood “Taffeta” on my list, wow what a gorgeous color! Ellis Faas Skin Veil sounds wonderful too… I’m afraid to even try it, because I too know I’ll probably love it and won’t be able to afford it!

    1. Everyone is crushing hard on Tafetta!

  9. You got some really awesome stuff as always @Stef! I love the colors that you picked out at Cult Nails – Mind Control is one that I’ve been wanting to try! I think the product that makes me the most curious is the Youngblood Luminous Creme Blush. What a pretty color. I bet the prices were amazing!!!

  10. Amazing finds! I love the colour on the MakeUp For Ever Lipstick, its beautiful. The Skin Vail looks like a great product as well, I am loving the applicator with it.
    Wish they had some of these shows in my area!

  11. I’m so jealous. I really need to go to The Makeup Show. That’s a goal for me for next year. I’m closed to Chicago so I really hope to make it there.

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